Sunday, April 20, 2008


Have you seen the latest Vodafone ad ?

The Vodafone Customer Support guys (or rather, the guys who make the ads for Vodafone customer guys) need to pat themselves on their back. They have come up with the above very refreshing ad with a haunting , introspective music (with dollops of inspiration from Taare Zameen par). And the result is an amazing ad, which gives an assurance to a prospective customer of Vodafone Call Support. Don't ask about the reality though.

The famous Hutch "pug" dog is back.But this dog is really lovable...(a statement from a dog-avoider like me is worth considering.).The Hutch ads were good and the brand was pretty established....Some Vodafone ads are very good, but MANY of them are bad....They are really abstract orr some of them are irritating....The "Kabhi Kabhi Mere Dil Mein" ad and the "Pehla Nasha" ad were just screwed up.

But what attracts me to this ad, is the music.....Man!!! It's been quite sometime since I listened to something like this. Simple and lovely...

But something is enigmatic about this ad...Which song is this ? Who is the singer ? I tried all my googling skills to locate the singer or the song, but of no avail....Is it an original composition ? Such a lovely composition for a jingle ? Maybe it may be a song in some other language, which has been adapted into English...

Meanwhile I'll keep on singin' :

Everyday I want to fly, stay by my side,
Everyday I want to dream, stay by my side,
Every morning I wish I could just play,
wish the mornings would just stay.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Gandhi's dream

Almost every woman's dream, a free and safe india for the Fairer sex. Is it too much to ask for ??

Look at the following news from today's TOI. Its truly disgusting.. 12-year old, rape, murder .. can imprint horrifying images in your imagination. After the shameful incident in Goa a more henioius and shameful act. Whats with India, molestations and rapes that even cant spare children.. Sucks big time.

12-yr-old raped, murdered
Bangalore: Enthusiastic about shopping for Monday’s Ugadi festival, she went to the market, never to return. A 12-year-old girl was allegedly raped and brutally murdered in Harohallli police limits in the Ramangaram rural limits on Saturday. The deceased was a student of class five in a government school in Harohalli. Police said the girl had gone to the market in the morning to buy neem for the Ugadi festival and went out again in the afternoon to buy mango leaves. When she didn’t return, her grandmother started searching for her. It was only on the afternoon of the following day that some passersby found her body in an eucalyptus bush, near Hosagabbadi. “The assailants had strangled her to death after raping her. The body has been shifted to Ramanagaram hospital for autopsy. We are questioning locals who had seen her in the afternoon,’’ police said. The girl was staying with her grandmother as her mother was working as a housemaid in Bangalore. Her father had passed away some time ago. Her mother used to visit Harohalli frequently, police added.