Saturday, October 27, 2007

There are still good people in the world....

The day before yesterday, as I was driving near Chinnaswamy stadium, a car collided at a medium speed to my car's bumper damaging the rear bumper. I stopped my car and I was very angry because, just a week ago in the same place my bumper was damaged by a mammoth sized army truck. I had got it repaired and paid quite a bit for the damage.

Now this time by a Wagon-R !!! As I went to talk to the driver, the driver told that he will call me and took my mobile phone number and drove away. I realized I had not even taken his car registration plate.

Then after 1 hour, he got back to me identified himself as a Software Engineer working for Iflex. He transfered 4000/- from his account within half an hour. (The charges were 6000/= and I told 3500/= would be enough from his side, but he gave me 4 grand)

Kishore ... Thanks pal.
He also thanked me for trusting him in that situation.

Meanwhile my car, sports a grin with a broken tooth .... I will have to leave it to the garage within 10 days after it came out :-(

Bangalore rains suck... Bangalore Traffic sucks harder (especially when it rains) .... It is very difficult for aam-junta to brave a different kind of traffic problem everyday. I hope there is a permanent solution to this ever increasing problem.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lead India

The initiative looks pretty good, but I guess it could become a case in which a leader is chosen by the media.

The leader might become a "media-groomed" leader. Moreover, using internet-print and TV could help them gain recognition and all that but the advertisement claiming to "Do something" doesn't work at the top level especially when we get hung scenario and one guy is desperately ready to get the power at the cost of losing all his morals and principles. To all the intellectuals out there, talking English and education won't help. Street-smartness is required up there. Otherwise we would have had ALL the double-degree and the triple-degree people in all the discipline vying for the top post!!!!!!

I understand the power and importance of Media in democracy, but media actually helping people to select a leader just shows people are ready to believe what the Times Group "informs" them. What if whatever the Times Group is giving to us is a fake ?

I would rather vote for an experienced and betrayed Yediyurappa than someone else.

PS :- Office alli blogger block maad-bittidaare...Olle goLu :-(

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The so many things we've learnt

This Saturday I caught with Tejaswi and we were discussing about "those old and enjoyable college days". We were discussing about some subjects we studied like Instrumentation and Transducers, Karnaugh Maps , some Zener diodes etc. Of course it is a long distant memory (as far as I am concerned), but I missed the feel of sitting on a bench and listening to a professor.

And yesterday I had a dream about learning Calculus (i.e. Maths) in some old thatched roof engineering college in Bhopal. (Bhopal was on my mind for some other reason, of course...haha).

But today before I start my work, I kinda miss subjects like Pure Maths (like Calculus). Are they directly or in-directly affecting my performance. I am intrigued and in a mood of self-retrospection. My skills of Algebra, Calculus, Trigonometry and Arithmetic definitely needs a brush up. I feel you should keep your basics sharp and your mind alert.

I am looking forward for some study program of such sorts. Any pointers on this ? Any active internet group might be good enough.

More importantly, Does anyone feel the necessity of high school Arithmetic, Algebra, Calculus and feel and also "sense" its necessity of application ?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Confusion that never stops
The closing walls and ticking clocks,

-- Coldplay

Thursday, October 04, 2007


The absolute value of a real number is defined as its numerical value without regard for sign. So, for example, abs(2) = abs(-2) = 2. The maximum of two real numbers is defined as the numerically bigger of the two. For example, max(2, -3) = max(2, 2) = 2. Express: (a) abs in terms of max; and (b) max in terms of abs.

I could think of a). Simple.
abs(x) = max(x,-x)

What about b) ?
Can we do without a "flower bracket if{}" ?