Tuesday, August 31, 2004

hyderabad.. stay super

fun experience in hyd.. watched movie on imax theatre.. spidey 2.. as paapu said funda movie... each person advising the other
about life... the theatres there are simply too good.. watched american pie, the uncut version, pretty good... came back by some pvt travels (national, took 16hr to make the trip from hyd to blore :(
amale in blore, got mail from Pushpa, regd Perl problem.... couldn't debug :), thought i would refer to i.t prof/pro? tejbert.. but he is still
learning technolozy alva..

papanna strikes again

THREAD SCHEDULING was awesome .. :))
anyway .. i made richies life worser .. made richie a PERL guru and provide someone pointers to buggg him .. getting his egos tickled .. i dont know the status though .. dhl - ab express are at logger heads .. and this is fun ..infy is making merry in this tusssle chappar galu ..
well life isnt coool with less money and more work ..
i am trying to get less work ..but damn ..its following me like never before ..

my phone calls are following the x=y scale on weekdays an e^x on weekends ..
well my offshore salary is dedicated to phone calls ..:)) . irli .

kummi will be sending the application by this weekend .. :-)
looks like they will kick me ot offshore ..:))

Sunday, August 29, 2004

We have the ...

concept of THREAD SCHEDULING much before Sun Solaris or any
other godammn POSIX thread based Operating System.

Thread Scheduling can be found in the Vedas
and it is called as Upakarma.

You have to deallocate old thread and allocate a new thread.
Thread scheduling on a yearly basis.

I just took deallocated my old thread and did a
pthread_create two days ago.

Result :- I am having a new thread and pretty amused abt it.
Hope I wont lose it like the previous one :-(

Current mood :-

Saturday, August 28, 2004

everything is a copy of a copy of a copy....

tried sleeping at 4.....couldn't sleep till 6.....and its 7 already........and everything is a copy of a copy of a copy......

and so goes life...... miss you all folks.......

it sometimes amazes me how one's mood influences one's degree of happiness, and how one slips in and out of different moods.......for no tangible reason.......anyways, I think I have a mild fever right now.......and a bad cold for sure......will try to sleep it off, and maybe drown a crocin with some chlorinated water......

bartini.......will try to get some breakfast before giving sleep another shot......else I might have to spend more change on the copier.......

Friday, August 27, 2004

chappar teju..

this is like Sudeepa giving explanations about .. Matrix 2 .. when u and Sumant said it was a classic Mithun da movie ..

well he was sold to Matrix 2 and U r for .. Collateral .. tappe nu illa ..
I am sold to hydrebad blues.. 'dil pe mat le yaar .. haath me le ' hahaha .
hope can follow it 100% .. imagine ..any depressing incident happens and u whack off and release the tension.. lovely concept .. irli ..but time/place/position yella constraints ..
samsara anda mele ...

kummi ..thanks mom .. application bantu ..:-) ..mostly manege kalustini .. alli anda iim b ge kalsi bidu ..

innen makkla .. dotn watch collateral .. :)) .. go for machurian candidate..or bourne supremacy .. but NO NO to collateral .. well Euro Trip nodta idde ninne adhu yen astodnu chennagi illa

barla ..kelsa aithe ..

lkb gd

lkb nan magane.....if you cant see a movie and get the details, just say so......sumne nakhra beda...... onderadu imdb reviews nodu..... the bullet in the "head" is explained.....and the bollywoodesque setting is also talked about.....irli..... as for my being as short as he is, come on maga........... bari short maatrana....... aint I similar in more ways than that......you know what I mean right.......

irli.....samsara........ its all about disconnectivity.........as opined by.......who was that..........

have finished two really horrible deadlines, and after having antagonzied a few TAs of one of the labs here, I am planning to bunk the next class now.......... have 3 more days to the next deadline..........academic load going on full swing....... mid sems approaching.......aiyyo.....akatakata durvidhe.....

richie.....give my regards to sharmila........ if you see her in the eye that is......

kummi...... MAATADU!!!!!!

sudeepa........ life is a game, play it.......with others.......


Thursday, August 26, 2004

hyd blues 2

well swalpa family oriented .but still tp ..
heard some one saying collateral was good ..in what sense may i enquire..
apart from girls who r crazy abt tom cruise ..havent seen any other soul saying that .. bollywood cries loud ..or probably its reality in US .. still have to figure out ..

hit man cruise is murdering some ppl and cabbie jamie fox is taking him arnd ... the whole of LA .. even after the police come to know abt it .. they cannot find him where in LA he is ... for half the movie .. a cool 4-5 hours .. in real ..
well US police arent effective ..

and cruises stamina . wow amazing ..he can survie a bullet in his head for 15-20 mins.. he can sprint .. like maurice green .. he deserves no gold in spriting ..
thats something alva ..

in future u can c the spams . a bullet fired at mithunda ..comes out taking his tumor away ... nooo not that..
u wud c .. a bullet fired into tomcruise head doesnt find a part to affect him .. finally he dies bcos .. he decides to die ..

teju biased towards .. TOM CRUISE ...buss bidu ...u are only as short as tom cruise ..:p:p .......hey btw u trying to be like him in real life ???

its good to know.. richie is actually going to hyd to catch with oracle friends .. intresting ansolva ?? yaradu kela bahuda richie ??

kummi take it as a trng for ur infy job mann .
intervie call banta ..??

life of a software eng

presentations & meetings & presentations & meetings & presentations & .....
did someone say something abt prog??

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

illa chandrappa....

swalpa feeling ge hode....

i have given up all hopes on mobile technology....
sometimes DISCONNECTIVITY is the buzzword....
my question is ....IF the soliga mud people and other tribals
survive without mobile phones.....even we can.....

another reason is my mobile phone aggrvates depression.
because my mobile phone had become a watch...
i just used to refer time from it....

but hey, i use my computer to check the time....so redundancy....

not that i am totally against mobile phone....
but atleast for sometime....
so i have put it out of my life atleast for sometime


coolo makkalra.. i took a day off yesterday.. to do some reading of morris mano..
then read a bit of mgmt funda.. value delivery/network yella vodide..
planning to make a trip to hyderabad this weekend.. meet some oracle friends..
usual suspects is a good movie imeo ( egostical ) .. kevin spaces rox..

yella ok.....

feeling yaake?

yen papanna, whats happening, I even tried calling your mobile in the evening and it was switched off....anything serious????......

wait wait.....the photo could be of "feeling".......and also could be of .....er.......oo, ah, ouch...... ;-)

So, I also read that you are taking the Esteem to work......and stopping on the way back home, and are reaching home late etc etc....yen kathe.....Anything warm cooking?????.....

irli, samsara andmele, solonu ididde, duettu iddidde....

As for me, I am getting royally screwed here........tons of work, 4 treads seem to be running together always here.......right now its a verifications quiz tomorrow, php assignment (http://www.it.iitb.ac.in/~it619/?id=17) submission tomorrow, algorithms assignment on monday, seminar reading (5 research papers) before tuesday......and as one gets over, the next one will start..........so, am just going along........sleeping at odd hours, catching the odd movie here and there.........

btw, watch Collateral.........its a nice movie........tommy boy has acted well, and he actually plays convincing bad-guy..........its a good mix of hollywood and bollywood, this one........and please dont watch a movie called Mindhunters......never seen anything as sucky............its even got an underwater fight.....a la Top Secret (Val Kilmer spoof).......

Zeedy lkb, I did write that manually, I am not this geek who is gonna churn out computer programs to do what he can do manually...... ;).........and yeah, I desperately need an orgy.......but a single will do too.....

current mood.


Tuesday, August 24, 2004

teju ..produced a s/w hurray

that can write sentences in reverse order..
due if it was a manual effort ..go screwe urself and get an orgy ..
u desperately need one .....

irli ..samsara ..yellare tale lu gobbra ne ..
mamandira .. life rocks ...

kummi dummi as usual late entry ..
aaa suvar richie .. ondu line kinta jasti bariyo chappar ..
even usha is tired of ur one liners .. u still cant get the message .. get outta it .. dude .....u do really ROCK sometimes ..

matte makkla ...any adventures .. keep posting .....

had a business meeting .. introduction was like this
hi .. myself Jim 24 yrs with DHL .. hmmm impressive rite ..
myself warren .. started when rick was at highshooll .. rick had said he had 14 yrs of exp ..
me .. deepak ..from infy with dhl for 2 yrs ..
well but ..these guys dont hvae petty egos .. they ROCK ..
they are open to knowledge abt their busineess abt theri process ..
all they want is imporvement .. amru managers are really goood ..
smooth .. and there were so many femmmies arnd .. ratio was say .. 7:5 (M:W) types ..
and infy .. as usual sucks in this .. can anyone take a guess its damn easy isnt it .. 8:1 .. well no comments ..


.one this miss DON'T , Papanna . list my on next is Suspects Usual . later more maybe or , wathing third a and second a it give Will .on out missed had I what understand fully to page FAQ Memento a read to had Even. there from boards message the all course of and, reviews IMDB the up reading time great A (cares who , thursday on deadline assignment an and quiz freakin a having of inspite). experience watching movie of hours two mindblowing absolutely an Had .masterpiece this across came and list server movie IITB the around looking just was I !!!!movie Whatta

Monday, August 23, 2004


swalpa dina dhinda i was finding my inbox with no new mails...i was wondering 'ithna sanatta kyon hai' antha...but illi nodidhre boys yella 'adda' dhali galate madtha idhare..and i was left behind(in life too???..naaahhh)..irli samsara andhmale...

Gd boyy...

Samsara andmele anumana idde iruthte...haagantha mgr jothe jagala yaake?

Chill out maadi sisyankay...cat-ge preparation beku....
eega bandu tale kedskollake aagalla...

araamaagi aamlele baa....ottige 2005 nalli bariyona.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

back to classics.. diellemmaaaaaaaa

the reason for writing it as diellemmma was to avoid showing u that i wasnt sure of the word .. too lazy to look at dictionary.com .. ohhh i need to take cat .. wait i shall look and be back ...shit where did the xtra e come from .. its dilemma ..

i tried reading a management book... hmmm all i can say is that u need lotsa concentration ..damn..tech books are in so simple words .. its really a challenge to understand what those book mean..

coming to subject ...
my sal's gonna reduce due to location transfer .. seattle to phx ..i am losing a whopping .1500$ in gross.. bo boooo boooooo..
i want to confront my PM and ask him to shove me off to offshore .. ( i know he wont agree ) ...the guilty reson for not staying here wud be .. i wud be missing those mgmt exams .. ( well my gf says .. u r smart ... we dont need no education ... lets keep that aside ..) ...

if i stay back ...i can stretch myself ill Jan end ..(miss u guys ..after that i cant miss ur company any more ..;-) ) .. learn mainframes ..be a punter in that ..
forget cat/other exams for an year.. and all the good reasons like visiting ..vegas, LA , SFO, san diego and grand canyon .. and last but not the least ..
i can collect money to buy a maruti car ..

well irli .. y am i so thoroughly confused .. uhhhhhhhh.. i suck ..
sorry if this puts papanna to thots .. i want to take a decision now here ..so that i wont think about it again ....

the most easiest.. wud be to stay bak... that wud help me not confront my bosses ..
laze around make some good trips and some good cash ...

the second option is to rebel .. am sure..i wont be sent back ..
i wud be tarnishing .. my image ..of not being a team player ..well its been time and again indicated to me i am not one .. well i will live upto my fame .. ( i myself cant believe this ..but well yes others find me sooo )
then probably come back to hyderabad for a while .. prepare and give my exams ..
clear atleat one of he IIMs or SJ Mehta .. and gonna lose 160 infy shares in the long run.........

now atlast i am finding some enthu in the work and the responsibility i carry ..
so posponing studies for a year shhudnt be that difficult ..
so .. i shall pull this dreadly year through ..amd i make sure i land on blore soil directly at the end of January.. by then atleat i shud have seen sumanth off to US ..
well sudeepa irtane .. kummi .. aug tanka irtane ..

okay makkla ..its cobol,cics, jcl time .. shall be back ..
watch this space..

highlights of the weekend .. not much .. phone ..chat..phone ..chat.. cobol..mgmt book .. porbably office .. need to buy oakley .. have a driving class ..
am getting into debt . ....
waiting desperately for the salary .. next month i wud be working freeee ...
all idhu yenu anta .. nyaya na ?? :((((((((((((((((( mummmmmmmmmmyyy.. magu alta idhe ..

kannada movie nodale beku ..

Saturday, August 21, 2004


...was a hubba....It is called Nagara panchmi.

Left office early and had sweets at 3 relatives place and
came back late to house.Drove the esteem after a long time.
And I was a sleepy agitated frustrated driver.
Because of Gus-gusay payasa and chakli after a lonnnnng time.

The lorries have started parking in straight lines at 10
in the night near the Mysore Road and 100 ft ring road junction
(I am talking of the stretch after PESIT and Pallavi Dhaaba..)

Then I watched a spanish movie called Matador.
I have watched two spanish movies and both of them
by a director called Pedro Almodovar
All I can say about the spanish and turkish movies are that ,
our sense of humor,life and even lifestyle are very different from theirs.
Very odd movies.

Now on a sat, i am at office with some weird news I get on my email everyday :-)
for every action
there is an equal and opposite reaction

Friday, August 20, 2004

Codey's off to USA

Codey's off to the USA for doing MS ....
Boston's the place...

Harsha Kalkoti wrote:


Day has finally arrived for me to say goodbye to infosys.Frankly speaking the moment has not sunk into me ... sometimes things happen so fast and u probably wont know what ur gonna lose. But what
I am very sure of missing is all u wonderful people.

Its been a epic journey for me past two years, lots of downs and few ups ....u guys have all been
there to share my joys and help me in troubled times. U people were probably only people who were
gonna understand the tension, frustration and anxiety I was going through. I just want to THANK u
all !!

I have always beleived in following my dreams and ambitions. But sometimes I am forced to modify them ;-) bcos of factors u guys probably know.

There are few regrets though, as to y the **** we didnt go to bayana beach in goa, y didnt I join
more trips fyi went to.

What I gonna miss is Beautiful manja's .....beautiful thoughts ....beautiful insights about
marriage and sex life ... beautiful mails .... beautiful lunch we would have ....basically gonna
miss beautiful..

Lunch without vikram is not complete ....his succinct poems and his one liners about anythings
for that matter ... were amazing ....and surely going miss them....thinking of witty statements
and intelligent conversion ... and imdb reminds me of sudeep .... his dream of writing a script
better that M N Shamalan and his interest in movies .... and he's all famous distinction of red
pill and blue pill day .... and hez ability to understand my off days ... my frustration and
insanity ... thanks for all the above dude .....

When I think of achivements n go getters I think v wont have to go any further ... we have our
very own GG ... inspirational ..charismatic ...funny ....tall ...dark ..handsome ....( I have
added the last 3 to make it sound good ...GG dont take them seriously) ... we are already missing
u sir!

Shakila is first person I talked to in infy bus .... remember that day ...v had so much fun ...
hard working as if life depends on it .... amazing attitude towards life ..
wil miss ur sexy back ...
(pls note this rhymes :-))

Sid n his amazing kicks n my main reason to increase my appetite ... After seeing him and eating
with him in goa ... I havent looked back ever since ..:-))

I dont have much too say about PP bcos he is yet to pay my dues 140 Rs ....
chetan r u listening !!!!
I will miss the dumb questions .... guy who makes me feel I am intelligent ....guy who has
problems with security for being under age .... guy who can block anything ...guy who cant get
the context ....list goes on n on ...I dont have to mention this guy ... or should I ??

Our fake fyi prez .... who has come with all kinds of rules n regulations ...while v r following
them religiously here .... hez breaking all of them there ....:-)) ...How the **** can I forget
his dumb stupid pjs!!!!!!!!! I have been permentantly brain damaged !!

Mama and Venky the kinky couple of our group .... they have always been to togather and done
things safely ... I am happy for them ... Venky pls mama show dance step I thought u in the Ching
lu bar ......

I know he likes it a lot !!! Probably when u guys r gonna read this ...I am out of here...

And ur dear Narendra ... who has taken the hard job of reviving the fyi ...kudos to u sir !!!
surely gonna miss ur insightful answers and investigational abilities ....

There are loads of things, instances and moments to remember, cherish ..savour ...
Like I promised, I will come up with the book on fyi ... past and our bright furture .....

Sorry for the typos...

I would like to wish success to all of u, in all ur future endeavors ......

Thursday, August 19, 2004

blog pravesham

listening to some 'old english songs' now...

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

yeah rite!

ONLY The paranoid survive....Some wise man said these...
I think that groovy man Andy Groove said this....
he was damn rite...me too slogging it out :-(
mapping Xwindows api to nano-windows api...
some amt of computer graphics is reqd. ellipse,arcs,sin,cos,tan etc...
without google i'd have been dead by now....
bye guys....we gotta meet i dunno that wont be possible for a lonnnng time....


deserted from seattle and into the desert land phx... not all that badd ..just dint have the PC for 2 f'in days .. lotsa queries from clients and offshore .. lotsa action .. midnight oil will start burning any time ..
well gf's are a real treat .. shes busyyyyyyyy :d thats a damn ..
but still manage to talk for an hour atleast on a daily basis :-)

i sit in a cubicle ...which i call the freee way .. everyone has to move across this cubicle .. uhhhhhhhhh....... in short no indiatimes .. pics ..:-(

okay 'ekagrate irali kranti aagli' makkala ..
need to catch some mainframe books and get knowledge ..rite now its god's gift ( analytical ability) which is making me survive in this dirty land ..
i shall be soon kicked if i continue like this ..


Tuesday, August 17, 2004


For my first sem seminar, I will be reading up on pageranking (officially, for 4 credits)......nice start to my MTech....and other than rains, damp air, fungus infected clothes, assignments, projects, seminars, classes, sleepless nights and hostel food, i have nothing else to say.......

Heard that Sholay is a big hit again here in Mumbai where it was re-released to commemorate the 29th anniversary......a few of us will be catching it in a theatre next week(to get one up with all those who smirk about how this generation has never seen it in a theatre).

where has GD disappeared.....

Monday, August 16, 2004


At the devegowda petrol bunk , car got punctured and so
I took my Bajaj chetak for the office for the first time.

You just cant beat a bajaj.

At first , I felt like Dr.Rajkumar in Eradu Kanasu.
I was singing "omme ninna nodalu" from the film eradu kanasu.
PS: ninna refers to my office and nobody else.

My journey was a mixture of pleasant feeling initially and
later the competitive spirit to be first to find the gaps
in the road.

I saw the birds flapping insanely at Banashankari Bus stop,
then the greenery of lush green parthenium plants attacking every
open drain , yet since it was early morning, I enjoyed my ride.

Then came the flyover construction.I couldnt hear my own scooter's noise.
When you cannot hear your own scooter's noise you get confused whether
your scooter is on or off.The competitive spirit took over my
feel good spirit when it became a question of survival on the road.

I cursed everybody on my way (dog,car,lorry,beautiful girls,santros and altos)
and made my way to the office.

Phew...need to wash my face.


I just bought a book recommended by a colleague called QED...by R.P.Feynman.
The book just shows what GREAT TEACHERS are all abt....

It is about keeping things AS SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE.
He was a physics prof. at Caltech....and he hasnt written the
book....They are the lectures at Caltech he'd given!

The book just

kicks ass!

The initial pages are really whacko.....
Hopefully, I am gonna be educated about Quantum Theory soon.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

I ran out of ...

ideas and bought 4 foreign movies in majestic for 170/- on a sunday.
One from turkey, one from spain, one from mexico and another from....I dunno which
language or i dont even care...

I saw the turkish movie.It yucked....I had a tough time searching it on imdb.
But with my googling i was able to locate it.here's a synopsis

As the Ottoman Empire comes to an end, an old servant spins a tale to keep the women in the
Sultan's harem distracted. The story is about Safiye, who first becomes the Sultan's favorite
concubine, and later the official wife. As she gains power and influence, she engages in a tryst
with Nadir, the black eunuch. When the Empire falls, the Sultan escapes to Europe, leaving all the
concubines behind. Safiye fights for their rights under the new order...

I want to see a kashinath movie today.

Friday, August 13, 2004

a laugh

papanna, papanna......you make me laugh.....in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere.....doing nothing.....i open your blog, and can't help but chuckle aloud.....


right now, am supposed to be doing some assignment.....have to generate sitemaps of any URL using perl and nothing else, so help me god......that apart, life is all academics here......all acads and no "play" is making Teja a very dull boy indeed.....

missing masala puri.........in the land where masala puri was born........more so, just missing ashoka pillar......



Ivattu sudeep avaru makefile ittukondu huchcha aagidaare.
Adhu work aagthailla.
Ivarigoskara Mumbai inda Teju , Seattle Inda GD , mathtu P'nagar inda
richie,kummi and sangadigaru ee haadannu dedicate maadidaare.

Thursday, August 12, 2004


All the simple programs have been written.
Thats what i am feeling currently....

I am tired of reading and remembering unix symbols like
$@ $< ....etc


Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Our country India is deeply rooted in spirituality.
If given a chance I would love to uproot it.

We can make everything connect to spirituality.
To give some examples :-

->Sex was spiritual to one guy.

->Breathing is an exercise (i very much agree) but Connecting
spirituality and breathing is once again done by another guy.

->Okay another tried and tested spirituality was "touching"....
You touch a forehead of a person and you call it spiritual....
I have seen that moustached man i SS music who touches people
and they faint cos' they are spiritualised.

->Another fakir waved the hand in thin air and used to get ashes which
devotees would apply on their foreheads.

->Cow's urine is spiritual and it has ayurvedic properties.So you can
encircle your mouth to its genitals and have a mouthful of FRESH urine.

->Another fakir used to fertilize wives of big officers and his semen was
considered sacred.This guy was arrested.

->The raelians.These guys believed that UFOS are god.They cloned
humans.Modern scientfic spirituality.Visit www.rael.org for
more information and other strange creations of mankind.

->And the latest and really whacko was this website which I came across
which talks about GAZING the SUN and connecting it to spirituality.

I am not opposing these guys.Probably I might be following one of these
someday becos of frustrations and everything.
But they claim they have SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCES to prove why they breathe/
have sex/gaze at the sun ....etc. which is currently irritating me.

There is a guru who thinks he has it all in him.
Not that he is proud.He may be proud that he is really down-to-earth guy.
He may be really proud that he is really simple and modest.
Those cases are also there.
These gurus are mostly from India.

And about the FOLLOWERS.

These people are not just related to one country....
They are forced to believe that they are actually spiritually inclined,
(till now they never realised it but now there is a BIG CHANGE coming in their life)
and actually they can unleash spirituality.They are forced to believe
that they lead a stressful life and they require healing.
Then these poor souls BELIEVE that they
are spiritual and they PUT their heart and soul into what the guru says.
So they experience the ****spirituality****.

Just see the movie BLAST FROM THE PAST.
You will get what i mean.

I have decided if nothing works I will start spirituality classes.
I will become a guru.
For example I can say that the tip of human fingers have nerves
which can stimulate the brain so i have designed special
keyboard typing classes so that you can be sharp yet PEACEFUL
all the time.The keyboards are not ordinary keyboard.It is made
of wood from coconut trees in ceylon way back in 1952.
And Dr.Kaiser from the German Mental Hospital has
undergone my Keyboard typing course and his life is changed forever.

The best part is that some people MIGHT actually take my words seriously,
and BELIEVE that their lives were changed by taking my keyboard classes.

I am psyched.I will enroll myself to a spirituality class.

hey gd, link andre ee blog linka? :-o
what was the sacred connection ?
I didnt get it!!!

Finally one quiz

I turned out to be a liberal quaker!


ninne .. full josh alli conference nadita ittu ..
naanu , teju , chakku and shiva ...
chakkku hopeless fella ( i dont know y i am using such good words for chakku :d)
one reason being .. this link has been given to so many ppl to view ..
teju ge hidknodu hodiri swalpa .. :D ..
really cant be harsh ..

irli .. now .. y is sex considered 'not sacred' ????????
dont give me the adam and eve bullshit ....

someone having a platonic love on some girl .. is okay ante ..
but having sexual thots is kharab ante ...

(only for arguments sake .. neither i have any thots on anyone .. my every HOT thot .. is abt my application HOT ..which maintains records of every urgent shipments in airborne )

yella okay idhu yaake ?? uppi style alli
yaake .. love compassion ge .. there are so many orphans..hudugi ne aaaga beka ..
both r rite or both or wrong ...

i know i am not being clear over here ..neither am I ...

i want revenge ..
vieing for blood ..
and eye for an eye .. a tooth for a tooth .......
now switching to 'satyam shivam sundaram'
bhuddam sharanam gacchami ..
okay me transformed like 'king ashoka', gandhi, ML King Jr ..
ahimsa parama dharma , let peace prevail, satyameva jayate,

yella harkoli ..
when is the doooms day ..any idea ??? can it be today .. ??


I found two utilities which will save time grepping!
one is called cscope and the other is called ctags.
They are a poor man's code browser..Use them with vim6 or above.
Both are available at sourceforge. Pretty neat and small

Status == Bored.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Yella okayyyy

Can neone of you recognize this lady ?

It is marimuttu from the movie upendra.

Had the immense pleasure of watching
the movie Upendra yesterday.
All my friends had been recommending this movie.
I had great fun seeing this movie.
The first thing which strikes you when you
see this movie NOW is that Uppi has changed.
He has become more "civilized" and "conventional".

Marimuttu is a female don.
She dots her son and refers to him as a "rocket" !
She is wonderfully casted...
some of the dialogs of the movie are too good...
The casting guy has done a great job out of this.

Monday, August 09, 2004



After a long time i enjoyed the nirvana of being busy.
The best part about being is busy in work is that if you
are occupied you forget other things.

At the end of the day you feel you have accomplished,
even though productivity is low.

They have put "Quality" papers all over the place here.
Mission statements and all that.Inspirational stuff etc..
It wasnt there till today...We have the values and vision
to remind us life-is-so-meaningless.

Some of my favorite values :-
->Customer Focus.
->Customer Delight.
->Leadership by Example.

Vision statements :-

->To be a globally respected corporation delivering
world class business solutions by Leadership
and excellence.

->To be India's technical frontier in Telecom solutions

->To develop a highly skilled human resource which has the ability
to adapt to a rapidly changing environment thru the participative
efforts of management,students and parents (this was from my college).

Huff-man i am so tired.....

Saturday, August 07, 2004


The power of love is Fevicol

Friday, August 06, 2004


well the old friend morry (from 'teusdays with morry) cudnt move me an inch .. and here i am moved by buddy's words ..
seriously what are we on chase for ..
not satisfaction .. but money which we think will buy it ..

irli siva ..naanu adhe angle beda ..
aadare today sudeeps words .. aka from First blood has made me thinking again ..

shh ..the devil mind of gd which is asking for a tag heur .. y the heck u need a 2k $ watch ..tika muchko...

Funda mood today

Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don't need. We're the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No
Great Depression. Our Great War's a spiritual war... our Great Depression is our lives. We've all
been raised on television to believe that one day we'd all be millionaires, and movie gods, and
rock stars. But we won't. And we're slowly learning that fact. And we're very, very pissed off.

From the movie fightclub.

Feeling like an idiot today...
The focus is really missing ....

I think i have wasted the wholeday including
this very moment.....

But the coffee was really good....
The food was good too.

One maintenance guy has left a powerdrill here
and he has gone for coffee...
I thought of drilling a hole into my temple....
I am just switching it OFF and ON and irritating
the people here...
If they think silence is golden , I am here to
challenge them....OFF-ON-OFF-ON....

Today is a friday..Another weekend....
Weekends are coming at the rate of concorde...
Things are really out of control.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

For single women

Some guy has come up with a great design for a pillow.

It is called a Boyfriend arm pillow.And dozens of single
women are buying it!


Alas! the single women didnt contact any of us.
Let them doze,sleep and snore.
They dont know the pillow also farts if punctured.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Even I join the fray

Welcome me.....

A huge shell scripting assignment, have to build a modifyable index on a directory structure using just shell scripting......awesome.....have a week to do it......

finished the algorithms class, and sandwiching that class was a good soak in the rain.....its been insane in Bombay, with rains lashing incessantly for the time I have been here. My umbrella has become my best friend.....replacing the likes of sudeep, gd, kummi, richie and a few more......what crap....

I might sound condescening, but it so happens that there is a complulsory focus here on the industry side of things, and not on research......I mean, I have to, have to learn linux to survive here....well, yeah, tricks of the trade, etc etc, but what if i dont want to learn about electronic computers at all.........am I not into computer science ? it sucks......

so, thats what I am doing.....learning the tricks of the trade.....ugh

The courses on Algorithms and Verifications are intersting as of now, and the library over here kicks major major ass....found a few really interesting books that I could never ever buy......and am trying to schedule some reading time inbetween these boring lab sessions........

What else guys ? I miss you all.....

Wow man....

Question : Do you know what is elephant dung used for ?
Answer : Check this out!

GD nan magane....
you mite be sued!
be careful

suresshh ..

kelsa illa illi ..
so 'yenu madali naa yenu madali.. helamma yen madali' anta ML na kelakku aagolla ..
they will say add some value .. and thats what i am doing ....adding value to my borring life .......

it seems arizona alli driving test togonodu bedavante .. the driving instructor ( banashankari driving school's instructor for instance ) can approve that this guy is able to drive anta .. wah re wah ... 250$ .. of which infy re-imburses 200$ ..
nange lottery hodidastu santosha ....aagta idhe ..

ok barla ..amele sigona with news

moanings at midnight ..

someone cut short my sleep and added frustrations to the plethora existing..
the female opposite to our apt cudnt control her moaning 3am in the morning ..
uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... we despo souls tried to peek in for some relishements ..
all we could c is the guys thighhhhhhhhh....... bugger ..
was humping like a camel .. and the bitch sent out moans ..that wud hit ur groin with such shocking waves .. ( I hate u sudeep and teju :DDDDDDDDDDDDD) .....

mera number kab ayegaaa ???

and pls for god sake dont yell "its not a big deal" .. well it wud be one .. rite richie/kummi .. u with me ..or changed parties ..
:D .. bloreans are way advanced ..

Well I am happy to be remain disciplined ..
butt shaaaaaaa .. manassu mangana taraha aadta iddre ..mayiee yen madolla andre ..
life alli frustration add aagotte ..


Tuesday, August 03, 2004


What the heck is this...
Coming early in the morning on a road with
craters like the moon, and typing a blog.

I feel like crossing the river by jumping from one stone on to the other.
(Kuntebille styles).
That would have been a better idea.

I give up all hope on mankind.They are just too much.

File photo shows that mankind is just too much

shifting houses

mann ..tufff jobb indeed .. shifting houses is such a big pain ..
i pity girls who shift homes ..
beligge yeddi nodu .. all new monsterous faces by you ..
i yell out old roomies names.. "yaar thoda chai bana dena .. "
and i get back deserving stares ...
the sleep's got screwed ...too
the new house is too near to the office ..
that gives me more chance of forgetting the list of official duties to be done..
and keep jogging bet house and office .......

yeah its a house .. when will i be back home ..:((


On the technical side(hahaha),
i am trying to code a testcase for a wap-client and a server.
Am i too good or what? :-))

Both(client and serevr) make grandiose openings....
like printing sexy debug statements....eg.
SERVER: Entering Run Level 3 - [OK] //yeah just like the init process
Then...Both smile wryly....
Then...both agree to crash...

It's a pity we cannot have a CRASH_ACK command.
Because we cannot send anything after we have crashed.
An analogy :- Just like "why dont we have a command so that if we
type "power-up" and press ENTER on the keybrd, the system turns
its switches ON and boots up 'automatically'?"

I am tearing my hair.I might go bald.I am already getting there.

Monday, August 02, 2004

Quizilla dot com

Well it is a tough life out everywhere...
We all know nothing about ourselves....
Especially when we take online quizzes.

Online quizzes are there to show
what character you are (in my case
what character i am not)

I could not even probe into the psyche
of the quiz maker this time.Like
how he made those questions...etc! etc!!

I present this quiz....
I liked the choices he had to his questions.
check them out.

These are my results (please i am
not such an enthu person for anything) :-

Bill Lumbergh

What Office Space character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Palmolive ka jawaab nahin

Hero Hero Hero....Naane Naane Naane


YES !The Men In BLUE LOST the match!
The idiots.

I watched the Srilanka's innings on Double
Road, with many other people seeing thru' the
glass of a TV showroom.I also dented the esteem
car while trying to park like Mr.Smart Guy.
Life sucks.

It was a bowler's day out.
Not a day out for biggie bowlers like Murali...
But dynamically allocated bowlers like any other
bowler in both the sides.

Sehwag and Sachin were able to turn the ball
in the first half.I expected a bloodbath
of indian batsmen by Murali, Murali was very
ordinary yesterday.However Chandana did the blood bath.
Doesnt his name remind you of the ad
"arishina,kumkuma,chandana gida moolikegalu prakruthi..etc"

Marvan Atapattu kashtapattu aadida.So he made runs.
Tendulkar has lost his charm...I hate to say this,
but it actually seems like that.
However the Wall looked really good.He can actually bat!
He was agressive...but then he lost control.
But due to the pitch (where even i could spin the ball
like hell) all the batsmen got out.

I think the whole Indie batsmen suffered.
More details here


Spiderman-2 is a good movie.Along with spiderman cartoon,
i used to watch thistoo.

Monday morning.Maybe GD you can catch up with "the village" by Night Shyamalan.
Here's a synopsis :-

Covington Pennsylvania is a nice quiet town surrounded by a beautiful forest where strange, and unseen creatures live. The people of Covington have a small, yet essential agreement with these creatures. Do not to come to our village, we will not come to your woods. It's as simple as that. But Lucius, one of the townfolk, realizes it's not fair to be completely confined to the town, and goes into the woods for something no one knows about. Not long after, the town is under attack. Red blood slashes are found on the doors all over the village, and pretty soon, the creatures have agreed with Lucius. Why stay in the woods when there's a village to be explored, and people to be hunted.