Monday, August 16, 2004


At the devegowda petrol bunk , car got punctured and so
I took my Bajaj chetak for the office for the first time.

You just cant beat a bajaj.

At first , I felt like Dr.Rajkumar in Eradu Kanasu.
I was singing "omme ninna nodalu" from the film eradu kanasu.
PS: ninna refers to my office and nobody else.

My journey was a mixture of pleasant feeling initially and
later the competitive spirit to be first to find the gaps
in the road.

I saw the birds flapping insanely at Banashankari Bus stop,
then the greenery of lush green parthenium plants attacking every
open drain , yet since it was early morning, I enjoyed my ride.

Then came the flyover construction.I couldnt hear my own scooter's noise.
When you cannot hear your own scooter's noise you get confused whether
your scooter is on or off.The competitive spirit took over my
feel good spirit when it became a question of survival on the road.

I cursed everybody on my way (dog,car,lorry,beautiful girls,santros and altos)
and made my way to the office.

Phew...need to wash my face.

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