Wednesday, August 18, 2004


deserted from seattle and into the desert land phx... not all that badd ..just dint have the PC for 2 f'in days .. lotsa queries from clients and offshore .. lotsa action .. midnight oil will start burning any time ..
well gf's are a real treat .. shes busyyyyyyyy :d thats a damn ..
but still manage to talk for an hour atleast on a daily basis :-)

i sit in a cubicle ...which i call the freee way .. everyone has to move across this cubicle .. uhhhhhhhhh....... in short no indiatimes .. pics ..:-(

okay 'ekagrate irali kranti aagli' makkala ..
need to catch some mainframe books and get knowledge ..rite now its god's gift ( analytical ability) which is making me survive in this dirty land ..
i shall be soon kicked if i continue like this ..


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