Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Arctic Monkeys

Yesterday, on the Radio I heard this song by Arctic Monkeys. The song was called Love Machine. The Arctic Monkeys are kinda unique band, because they are band who have depended on the Internet, for making their mark and showcasing their talent. 100% marketed through internet. Well, this is not something new. They are HUGELY successful in doing that. I am convinced that the web is moving towards interactive and personalised entertainment . I will take it up in a separate post and what may be ints implications....

Well okay....Try The Artic Monkeys version of the "Love Machine". Interestingly the first version of Love Machine is written channel [v] popstars kinda band called Girls Aloud. I somehow preferred the Artic Monkeys version.

If you like it, I recommended "I bet that you look on the dance floor", "when the sun goes down".

Download Love Machine from here.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Guru - Strictly okay.

I watched Guru this weekend. It is not really a good movie.

Abhishek Bachchan is strictly okay. The climax is disappointing. There is absolutely no logic. He shouts and shouts and expects the audience to show sympathy to the character. The first scene where he smiles is really artificial and he's trying hard to act and it shows.

But Mithun Chakraborty was good as the press owner and Madhavan and Vidya Balan have played support roles.

As for Mani Ratnam:The overall dialog rendering was weak. It is a product from an old school of film-direction.I think he makes Tamil movies MUCH better than his Hindi ones.

Aishwarya Rai was good in a few scenes, as an actress.

However, it seems there are interesting parallels in real/reel life.

Abhishek Bachchan -> Dhirubhai Ambani
Aishwarya Rai -> Dhirubhai Ambani's wife
Mithun Chakraborty -> Ramnath Goenka
The Contractor Businessmen -> Nusli Wadia
Madhavan -> Arun Shourie

R.I.P. O.P.Nayyar

I learned from rediff that O.P.Nayyar, the veteran musician of the yesteryears passed away.

The man made waves by publicly issuing a statement, that he will never feature Lata Mangeshkar in any of his songs. He was the person who really brought Asha Bhonsle into limelight.

He is best remembered for his peppy numbers from movies like Kashmir-ki-Kali and those carriage-trotting background music from Naya Daur which was his trademark.

Introduced to his music by my mom, my personal favorite O.P.Nayyar songs include ALL songs from AarPaar and Mr & Mrs. 55.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Kannada Rap

I have been introduced to two Kannada rap artists. Do check one of them out. The first one called "Auto Soori" is hilarious. Kudos to Shreyas Hoskere who has penned the funny lyrics. This is what he has to say about Auto Soori.

Kiran and I decided on the title – “Auto Soori” and bring out the everyday life events of an auto driver. I wrote the lyrics and sang it (it’s entirely my voice) and mixed it using the software called Audacity.

Download Auto Soori here.

Get the lyrics of the song "Auto Soori" here

The second one is called "Mental Manja". Although I have the song in my email, I will try to upload it on any file hosting server.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Kaun Banega Crorepathi

Shahrukh Khan was really good in KBC!Yes, I know, that it is too early to judge, but Shahrukh Khan yesterday was more personal, dry witted, sarcastic and peppy.But seriously, there is a lot of difference between the way Amitabh conducted it and Shahrukh conducts it.

Infact there were two instances when I actually felt like laughing.But sometimes, he overdoes what he is supposed to do. But I guess he'll soon learn it.

But the reality check of SRK as an anchor, on KBC. Shahrukh Khan speaks VERY fast. There is a lot of English , when he talks , but thats okay, unlike Amitabh who preferred to use Hindi with a lot of Sanskrit in it (eg. avashya, parantu, kintu ).

Here is an article describing SRK's tactics.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Blood Diamond

This weekend I managed to catch the movie "Blood Diamond" recommended by Zeeds..T.I.A Zeeds ;-). Good recommendation

Blood Diamond is a very gripping tale set in a third world African country called "Sierra Leone". It deals with the seedier side of Diamond mining in Africa.A civil war is raging in the country of Sierra Leone between the government and a group which calls itself as "R.U.F". The RUF controls quite a few diamond mines and after trading these diamonds, it uses the money to finance its activities like buying ammo, training new recruits etc.

The R.U.F captures one such man, Solomon Vandy as a slave to mine diamonds.As he struggles in the marshy diamond mines, Solomon discovers a large pink diamond. He buries it in a place before getting captured by the government who thinks he is a RUF rebel.

As he is jailed, he is noticed by Leo DiCaprio who is also jailed because he was involved in illegal trade of "Conflict Diamonds" (the diamonds mined in war zones and sold illegally).The two's lives are entangled and they need each other to meet their own personal goals. Thats the plot of the movie.

Apart from the basic plot, Leo DiCaprio dazzles with his acting abilities, effortlessly putting an african accent. Jennifer Connelly plays a reporter convincingly. And thankfully, it is not a hug-kiss relationship. "Djimon Hounsou" plays the part of Solomon Vandy and he steals the show. His love towards his son and family is really hard-hitting.

The script is tight, but the part which lingered in my mind, is the depiction of a third world country like Sierra Leone, the role of the United Nations in such countries, the refugee camps, the uneducated bruteness, the african woman's head dress, the music, the families,the child soldiers with AK47s amidst the untrammelled beauty of the dense equatorial forests, the mountains.

It is a must watch, expecially if you think India is a very poor country.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Is America Ready??

or more aptly, are the Americans ready for a Woman president???
Hilary Clinton has bid for the Democratic president candidate position.
This time the democratic party has a diverese set of candidature .. a black, a hispaniac, a woman .. are the fore-runners.. and probably Al Gore..

whoever is selected, it would be great ..

I really want to c, if the American society is totally liberal .. are they void of sex/color/race biases.. My bet is NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...

Well, time will decide ..

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Di Caprio ..

misses the Gloden Globe awards..
Two nominations .. and no award ..
Two brilliant performances - -- Departed was too good and Blood diamond very good, and still no award

I know he does not have enough history.. but from 'Catch me if you can', he has been producing brilliant performances..

hope he wins an oscar this time ...

Good Luck leonardo !!! You rock dude ..

Monday, January 15, 2007

Tranquility in the center of chaos

The laying of tiles in the basement, (which started when all the guys were in town), is complete.

The Result : My car has started skating around in the basement, after the tile flooring.I have to be a little more careful while taking a reverse.

Meanwhile, my PC has gone for repair after I tried to unsucessfully install the Service Pack-2 of Microsoft windows.Be VERY careful while updating your PC. Sometimes clicking next, next , next will cost you a hard disk.Read the godammn thing.ANd pray that the current doesnt go while you are installing an OS.

From now on, I think I will also start reading "End User License Agreement" FULLY before checking the "I Agree" option.

Things are never easy.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Blood Diamond ..

Just Brilliant ..

Highly recommended ..... Dont miss this one ..

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Apple is bloody different.

Apple introduces the iPhone. Everyone, i know, wants to have it.
Just check this site out and check its features....A phone WITHOUT a keypad....

Steve Jobs, you rock , dude...When the whole world was wondering, why after a product like iPod, there is no phone, you come up with this marvel.

This is my next phone. No doubt about it.Interestingly it covers GSM/EDGE and WiFi technology only. So, CDMA and UMTS is rested. It has several meanings in the Wireless Business.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Types of drivers in Bangalore

(From an email forward!!)

Truck Drivers: You usually don't get to see them directly because they sit
somewhere at an altitude. You can however identify the cabin crew by a
frantically waving hand on the non-driver side. This hand belongs to a
crew-member called 'cleaner' and all scholastic efforts till date have
failed to decipher the symbolic meaning of these waving. It is however Safe
to assume that these waving mean 'stay away'. Fortunately the trucks are
prohibited from the arterial roads. But you can see them racing each other
at 30 kmph and 31 kmph on the ring road. They successfully block the whole
width of the road. It is advised that you take them over from left (yes, the
wrong side) for, they wont let you pass from the right side anyway. The
other advice is to keep away from them.

BMTC Drivers: You can see them from a mile away from the distinguishing
color and driving. It can be very dangerous and frustrating to follow a BMTC
bus. The bus follows Heisenberg's uncertainty principle and at any instance
you can not predict the speed AND the position correctly. One observation
that might help the reader is that they always keep right between bus stops
and move to left (well, almost) at bus stops. This is the apt opportunity
for you to take the bus over and go stuck behind the next one. The drivers
can be seen although mostly through the bus's rear view mirror. If you
happen to see them directly through their window, be prepared to listen to
advice (varies from motherly, fatherly to ultra indecent) for having taken
them over in a dangerous fashion. While a normal bus can easily create a
road block on any given road, there are special capacity joint-buses (called
janti vaahana) which have an uncanny power of blocking up to 3 roads at a
time at a junction.

Cab Drivers: Characterized by red eyes, irritable nature, unkempt facial
hair, constant honking even at stationary object! They always try to go at
80 kmph, assume the urgency of an ambulance and expect everyone else has
less important job. Most of them do not sleep for days together and some of
them are trying to compete with David Blain for stretching human limits. The
author personally knows few cab drivers who do not have a habitat. They just
keep a pair of spare uniform in the cab, eat sleep in the cab and use public
bathrooms. Driving style of these indicates that many of them were auto
rickshaw driver earlier. However, they still seem to carry the self image of
an auto rickshaw and try to squeeze a MUV into the 1 meter gap between any
two objects.

Car Drivers: Characterized by creased foreheads. Having paid through
their noses and fighting to pay the EMI, they are obsessive about their cars
and want to make sure nobody bumps/scratches their car body. This sits on
the mind perpetually and causes those creases on foreheads. Most pitiable
class of drivers having the most to lose from the mistakes of other classes
of drivers.

Auto Rickshaw Drivers: Having stood over years as undisputed symbol for
rash driving, they are unfortunately losing grounds to cab drivers.
(Unfortunate because a rashly driven MUV is more dangerous than a rashly
driven auto rickshaw). Auto rickshaws are the vehicles with most diverse
speed ranges. They travel at speeds approaching zero when they have no
passengers aboard and travel at speed of unto 3x108 m/s when a passenger is
aboard. Analogous to the belief that "a cat can pass through any hole that
is bigger than its skull" auto rickshaws can "pass through any gap that is
wider than the headlight". They defy all laws of Physics. A typical auto
drive sits with a calm and indifferent attitude of a formula-1 driver just
before the race. Based on his age, he is a Rajkumar/Shankarnag/Darshan fan.
He feels strongly towards these actors and towards Karnataka and Kannada. In
a surprising observation, many auto drivers refuse 1.5 times the meter
reading after 10 PM if you are exiting from Ranga Shankara. This is their
humble way of commemorating their favorite star who made films like

Two Wheeler Drives: The class in the most advantageous position. They
consist of a variety of sub-populations like office goers, salesmen, mothers
dropping children to school, college students, neighborhood store owner
transporting about 1 ton weight on a moped, whole families of 4-5 children
going on an outing etc. They usually mind their own business and do not
cause inconvenience to other types of vehicles. They use all possible space
on and around the road, including footpaths, medians, drainages, staircases
etc and thus enhance infrastructure utilization

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Ten days

just flew by and I am back to where I started. Well last week was VERY interesting meeting up with many PESIT friends with Satya getting engaged. Two night-outs in Teju's place, the dinner at the MTR and later meeting up after Kumar takes an entrance into Bangalore, All in all....Last week was like a time machine.....

change of topic

Now, Ive been thinking and also discussed with one of my uncles abt one thing :-

Whom would a company actually need? A Homegrown manager(who knows all the practises of the organization) versus a manager, usually, from some other field.

I asked this question to one of my uncles, as I drove in the morning crowded madness of Bangalore city.

He seems to favor the latter.

Because, with their experience they tend to bring a change which might work out real good, for the company itself.A homegrown manager would have been totally tailored to think in one direction. He gave me some proofs abt how changing the work related responsibilities helped a un-motivated organization to suddenly perform real good.So now, even I am of the belief that having ONLY homegrown managers is not the right thing to do.

Well, even , Nortel had hired a soldier??!!! as the CEO.This was sometime 2 years ago.

Why? This is what they had to say :-

No, aside from convenience, why pick Owens? His public appearances since taking over Nortel in April 2004 may not have wowed the Street, but in military and Pentagon circles--where he has spent most of his life--he is recognized as a superior strategist with a keen intellect, high social IQ and a deep interest in communications technology. He has spent roughly 2,000 days in a submarine, many of them beneath the polar ice cap patrolling for Soviet subs. He commanded one of the U.S. navy's largest fighting fleets and has advised secretaries of defence. He has challenged the military establishment and positioned himself as one of the U.S. military's leading thinkers on the future of war.

But this Bill Owens guy didnt do well as a CEO. Whatever!

So my advice is if you have a Computer Background, you can become the CEO of Lijjat Paapad. You will use your bloody computer brain there, and do a great job there.