Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Kaun Banega Crorepathi

Shahrukh Khan was really good in KBC!Yes, I know, that it is too early to judge, but Shahrukh Khan yesterday was more personal, dry witted, sarcastic and peppy.But seriously, there is a lot of difference between the way Amitabh conducted it and Shahrukh conducts it.

Infact there were two instances when I actually felt like laughing.But sometimes, he overdoes what he is supposed to do. But I guess he'll soon learn it.

But the reality check of SRK as an anchor, on KBC. Shahrukh Khan speaks VERY fast. There is a lot of English , when he talks , but thats okay, unlike Amitabh who preferred to use Hindi with a lot of Sanskrit in it (eg. avashya, parantu, kintu ).

Here is an article describing SRK's tactics.


direkishore said...

Now I am sure about something! :)

laksnj said...

First a detailed review on KANK and now on KBC.
Sudeepa, you continue to baffle me!!!

sudeep said...

direkishore :

sure abt what ??Yeno suspense ide illi... :-)

laksnj :

SRK fan antha na? illapa ..actually i am an Amitabh Bachan fan and a Sanjeev Kumar fan...it is all abt me having spare time and hype in the media eega...adikke curiously i followed KBC3...ond sali noda bahudu.:-))

laksnj said...

Sudeep, if you have spare time then watch the quiz show called "Tat antha heli" on DD1- Chandana. It is very informative and is well anchored. The prizes are Kannada books written by eminent literary figures. So, the prizes arent as big as in KBC, but atleast the anchor isnt as annoying as SRK.

sudeep said...

Surely , I will try to catch that one! But I must say that I have not read any Kannada book so far...I read Kannada VERY slowly....nmust improve on that