Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Arctic Monkeys

Yesterday, on the Radio I heard this song by Arctic Monkeys. The song was called Love Machine. The Arctic Monkeys are kinda unique band, because they are band who have depended on the Internet, for making their mark and showcasing their talent. 100% marketed through internet. Well, this is not something new. They are HUGELY successful in doing that. I am convinced that the web is moving towards interactive and personalised entertainment . I will take it up in a separate post and what may be ints implications....

Well okay....Try The Artic Monkeys version of the "Love Machine". Interestingly the first version of Love Machine is written channel [v] popstars kinda band called Girls Aloud. I somehow preferred the Artic Monkeys version.

If you like it, I recommended "I bet that you look on the dance floor", "when the sun goes down".

Download Love Machine from here.

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