Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Plastic smiles suck. Dont smile if you dont feel like smiling.
It's great when a smile spreads into the eyes.

Otherwise it just looks realistic.
Okay that was a cynical statement.

But most of us feel like this :-

Well , it will actually make people laugh :-)

Hehehe....I saw one guy like this, just now.
But I understand there might be 100,000 problems in his head.
But a good smile might make him happy too!

Also, there is no point in being extra happy when you meet someone special.
This is a note exclusively meant for people like me :-)

One word.
It looks stupid..

Friday, January 27, 2006

Jik chik jik chik

Jethro Tull is gonna be in Bangalore.The name sounds more like "Jet Throttle"....
They'll play at the IIMB campus.Tickets at 600/=.

Btw, "Jethro Tull" was a great agriculturist who revolutionized agriculture in Old Victorian England.

A very good band......A maverick frontman with a flute....

This band sufferes from over-productivity.By the time the listeners can appreciate one album of theirs, there are three more albums in the market.Something like Steven Spielberg.....Keep on giving us great movies and experimenting like hell....Scifi , History , Humanitarian , Contemporary , Comedy....

However, I admit the BEST features of any 60s and 70s bands was the sound. The sound was because of touring non-stop and recording TOGETHER. The cameraderie is HEARD when they play together. The sound is so human.

Nowadays there are even playback concerts.....Bah! At the Indian movie scene, Why cant Hindi movies try a orchestrated band sound ? English, Hindi songs , Kannada songs and Tamil songs today are so artificial.....If you have heard Sonu Nigam's "Main Hoon Na" or Shankar Mahadevan's "Breathless" , you damn well know that they are BORINGLY perfect.Each person does his bit and later everything is mixed. Ofcourse you can get the best of everybody, but the "feel" of "joint effort" and simplicity is lost.....We need a change in the sound. Try a joint recording after a lot of practice sessions with all the musicians.....And more importantly keep the MUSIC simple and keep a very few instruments and concentrate on riffs and let each instrument have a definite role and have an impact....Remember the genius of Morricone....It may actually click!

Especially the Kannada Music Director GuruKiran.Although his melodies are hummable, there are so many redundant instruments.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Rang De Basanthi

Rang De Basanthi - Couldnt get the godammn tickets.....All the freaking tickets are booked......
So many theatres...So many shows ...All of them are booked :-(

Anyway I am going to Chronicles of Narnia today.

The reviews look awesome....For Rang De Basanthi.


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Passing thought

I dont know....Nobody knows
Where it comes and where it goes.

--Aerosmith - Dream On

I was talking abt bugs.

We gotta be more defensive.....In software and in life. What say ?

Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Art of Politics - Divide and Conquer

Once upon a time, Donald Knuth was taking a class on Divide and Conquer strategy to a class of Indian politicians who wanted "logic and rationale" , so that they could apply to "politics".

Given an instance of the problem to be solved, split this into several, smaller, sub-instances (of the same problem) independently solve each of the sub-instances and then combine the sub-instance solutions so as to yield a solution for the original instance. This description raises the question:

One of the students HD Devegowda gave a huge laugh.

id en mahaaaa.....This is what I've been doing all the time

He went on to explain Knuth on why he knew this strategy :-

I had a problem : I need the power, my modjo.

I split it into several sub-problems :

1.This time I cannot win the elections ALONE. I need an alliance.

2.Also I cannot trust Congress, as they have supported Siddu , my newest arch rival.If Siddu came to power, I would be finished. He also called me Hitler, when I dumped him.

3.I cannot OPENLY support BJP. I have claimed to be "secular" all my life.I will lose my Muslim votes.


Write, Produce, Direct a script called "Dari Tappida Maga" (The wayward son) and make Kumaraswamy as the Hero.

SPLIT the JD(S) into two parties.

Send Kumaraswamy to exile and play the role of a wailing father and accrue sympathy of valuable voters

Supporting BJP using Kumaraswamy as the mascot from JD(S) will have the following benefits:-
a) keep Siddu out of power.
b) teach a lesson for Congress for dumping me at the Panchayat level.
c) the best compromise obtainable.

After Kumaraswamy and 40 theives (like Alibaba and 40 thieves) join hands with BJP,
issue a statement like this :-

For the interest of the state, we need a stable Government. Since we dont have any other option, we will form the government with BJP. But if they indulge in any nefarious activities like Communalism and Regionalism, we shall be like a watchdog and immediately withdraw the support.

The power hungry BJP have no other option but to admit Blackmailer #1 , Devegowda.
This will be their first time to form a government. Senior people at BJP have waited for long , for this moment in their lives.

The next elections, the alliance led by JD(S) and BJP will get 40 % of votes and Cong and Siddu may get 35 % of votes. The rest of the MLAs will be bought by the BJP and JD(S) alliance and we will again form a government.

Donald E Knuth was flabergasted. He bowed to Devegowda.

This is my most pessimistic prediction, given the fact , that I hate the scum called Devegowda and many of the other politicians on this planet.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

I read a mindlowing article on the Youthcuryy blog.
These people have got the guts to do it.

IIT-ians Forming a Political Party is the WAY to GO.
Guys, we need to applaud these people.

We want good leaders.

Friday, January 20, 2006

ishtena life-u ?



Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Amitabh Bachchan has landed in trouble for posing with a cigar. Because of the bloody anti tobacco activists.If they are so concerned about tobacco , why dont they educate people in high schools.
They dont. They want money. They want money from law suits.

If it is really a tobacco problem why sue Amitabh ? Sue the marketing people and the people who devised the Ad-Campaign

Poor Amitabh. He actually wrote an apology letter.Ofcourse he does have a social responsibility, but if a role should have an IMPACT, u need the right accessories. For example:-
You cannot have Marlon Brando potraying GodFather "Don Corleone" and drinking Tender Coconut water.

Another really irritating issue is that of Paris Hilton.This is really crap. There are several dogs dying on the road.Nobody is concerend about that. They are concerned about "Tinkerbell".

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton has been severely criticized by many animal rights activists for having dumped her pampered dog Tinkerbell because she grew too big.

Apparently, Paris has left the dog in her mother’s care, as it has grown past its ideal weight of 3.5 pounds (1.6 kilograms), and now she’s pampering a smaller Chihuahua named Bambi.

These animal activists and all the *.* activists are after money of the biggies.There should be a separate law which should restrict the damage claimed by this bufoonic activists.

Monday, January 16, 2006


Sehwag !

Great work Sehwag and Dravid.

Kudos to Dravid for the sheer adjustment of playing opening stand. Ganguly just left a bad taste in my mouth...... I always respected him for his care-a-damn attitude, but this time I dont know what was his problem.....

Kudos to Sehwag for playing like a dream.....

5th day will be a cakewalk for a draw......

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Tinted glass

There is a new rule that all our netas formulated. It went something like this :-

Let there be light entering your cars. We dont want any kind of actions inside the cars and taxis.Becuase terrorists go in cars. Because people get very naughty in cars.

Soon the traffic policemen started to organize free opacity camps, and tested the how transparent you cars are.

Like an alert citizen (which I never was) I removed all the sunscreens of my car, and it is looking like a 1950s car now.

Soon, our dumb netas realised that even their own freaking privacy, and safety will be evaded.

So today I see a new headline saying :-

The tinted windscreen rule is with held under further notice

So, some ullus like me have to get a new tinted glass.


Superhero fest


Cast: Giant Robot + Spiderman + neitivu Clint Eastwood + Wonderwoman + the others

Monday, January 09, 2006


Well , I came to know about the "Future Me" website which enables you to send an email to yourself in the future.

Just imagine that one fine day you open your mailbox and you receive a mail which was sent by you say 5 years ago! What were your expectations then ? How has reality changed them (or is it going on as planned?).....Lots of thought can go into preparing this mail......

I think it is a great idea !

Here is the website .....Go ahead and write yourself a mail!

Meanwhile , I have received a priority 1 request as I check my INBOX NOW!
....and I cannot go on with this post.....

Ugh bad times ahead :-(((((

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Regarding the Permutation problem, there is one solution I found by Yahooing....(and later googling)

If you are interested, check out these two links :-

This contains a C code This was found by Googling.Didnt understand a bit.Very bewildering.

This contains an explanation of the C-code above (in my opinion) This was found by Yahooing.

Anyway , it is a problem for which papers have been written, as Teju has just pointed out. Which means it is a difficult one.

Have to get the time to understand these kinda problems !!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Tough one

I could not solve this problem given to me by an engineering student.Argh!
First of all, it is a difficult problem or an easy problem ?

Write a function long count(String N, int M) which returns the number of permutations which are divisible by M.

Example :-
String N = "2753"
int M = 5

Returns: 6

The permutations of 2753 that are divisible by 5 are 2375, 2735, 3275, 3725, 7235 and 7325.
and M can have values from 1 to 50.

The only method I can think of is :-

1.Generate all permutations for the string N and store it somewhere like a list or an array.

2.For each element of the list or array, divide by M...IF IT IS DIVISIBLE, increment the counter.

3.Return that counter.

Fine. But how do we do step -1

Sunday, January 01, 2006


Happy new year to one and all....
I had a quiet new year eve and I had organized a "family" party at my place...with all the uncles and aunties.....

I am back at office with a firm set of New Year Resolutions in mind.....

Okay , apart from that , did anybody do anything WHACKY ?

My 2005 person of the year is Mr.AJE.Had a pretty big impact in 2005 on me....
Hope we'll meet again dude....