Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I reached Ottawa

Hello Guys,

I am in Ottawa....It is not THAT cold as I thought it would be....

I am having the usual difficulties of damn veggie food.....And to add to this I havent found an apartment...So cooking has not yet started.....

Okay bye,

Dosa and thirst

I had two extremely tasteful dosas in the morning at home at around 8:00 am, drank some water, had my cuppa tea and boarded the office bus. Well this is a routine - I have my breakfast, water (stressing water seperately as I have almost half a litre)and tea and travel to office by bus.

But on the days I have dosa, my mouth becomes parched after an hour or so.
I have never experienced thirst when I have idlis considering that both idlis and dosa are made of the same ingredient - rice and tur dal.

Now, is it cos of the oil applied to dosa or the Aloo palya or the mode of cooking. Well there might be a research paper by some BSc-Home Science graduate on this one.

If the gastronomes have an answer please let me know

Sunday, March 26, 2006

office of profit ..

A lot of ruckus was created over the "office of profit" controversy.
Jaya B was the first victim. And many followed. Sonia was the high profile exit (shes like Sachin tendulkar of indian policits. Any move gets so much media attention). Sonia - the sacrificer, Sonia compared to Mother theresa. Is our nation so obsessed about Gandhis, white skin etc etc.

Some more high profile exits followed, the latest being Anil Ambani. TOI says its a tactful business move by the younger Ambani scion. Well, good move Anil. But, your 22km run for the Mumbai marathon was more impressive ;-).

Now, I do not have an issue with MPs from the Rajya Sabha quitting. Some Tom Dick/Harry will get nominated into the house. The real worry is about Lok Sabha MPs. Are we going to see elections contested again to fill these seats. If so, who will bear the election costs ?? Election commision ? Isnt there any fine imposed on these MPs for? Please please lemme know.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Vrroming to office..

After a long time I travelled to office by bike today. Infact I do not remember when was the last time I raced my bike to office. I had dropped the idea of bike rides on Hosur road considering it unsafe. But today I vouch that it is one the most safest ways of travel on Hosur road. At no point of time you can travel beyond 50kmph on this road, thanks to the traffic. And it is particularly safe for me as my bike doesnt travel beyond 60kmph.

Most of the ride was on the part of the land between the drinage and the actual (call it the dummy shoulder). Infact this tract of land supports the maximum two - wheeler traffic. :-) It just took me < 1 hour to reach office.

I plan to travel back home at arnd 2:00pm and this was the reason for the wonderful BIKING experience. Well it might be a different story now, with the HUMID AIR replacing the cold waves and not to mention the high pollution levels.

However, if the exp is not so badd, I would like to try it a few more times in the coming days

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Black hole sun

After quite sometime, I have tried a "black" script. :)
Do let me know , how this is .


Empty canvas lay on the floor of a house.A MAN has a color palette and his paintbrush ready. The MAN walks outside the WOODEN INTERIORS of his house. An ATTRACTIVE WOMAN sits on a chair as the man walks out.


The HOUSE is in the middle of a thick forest. Very little sunlight penetrates and the crickets chirp loudly. The sounds wane in the volume. Dry leaves on a partially wet forest floor.It is early autumn.

Then, there is complete silence.

The Man wanders into the house.


MAN to the woman
Some time ago, there were two of us in this house. I remember her eyes, her long legs.Her body was my canvas. She was my sole inspiration.
Things were so tangible.Just like my older paintings.

Now, I use a lot of black. And I dabble my brush with patterns.I dont do my theme paintings.

Theme paintings ?

"Theme paintings" are a a series of paintings which are of a common theme.Simplicity and innocence are out.

The Man places his pallete and the brush on the table as he continues....

I havent yet created my masterpiece.I have to finish one last painting, to create my best work of theme painting.

So who was she ? How did you meet her ? If I may ask ?

She was everything to me.

I was a young rascal who denounced the world and selected a self sufficient life. This forest took care of me just like the other animals here.

I think it was a little weird and eccentric choice. Didnt you feel irresponsible and disorderly.

Disorder ? I'm interested in anything about disorder....chaos.
Especially activity that appears to have no meaning. It seems to me to be the road toward freedom.

I met her one day. She was wearing red gown.

A red gown ? In a forest ?

She said that she ran away from a party. I didnt ask her why.....My girl, Wanda, was a very private person.

Tha Man gives a tense laugh.

Go on. Im listening.Tell me about Wanda.

She was interested in Astronomy.I was interested in painting her. We decided to paint a series which involved the stellar evolution and her moods.The "stars part" was to satisfy her desire.And I wanted her to be in my paintings.She was my biggest inspiration in my paintings.

Do stars have life ?

Wanda thought so.She told me they are just like human beings.They are born, they thrive, they pollute their ownselves, they die .They haunt us as black holes. They maybe reborn.

The MAN takes an old PAINTING and clears the cobwebs.

The PAINTING shows a cloud and a woman's face with blue eyes, gazing at the cloud.The cloud is a bright golden yellow.

You can see the clouds and a beautiful Wanda's face staring at the giant cloud of gas. This is the nascent stage of a star.The cloud is a a beautiful yellow.This was my first impression of Wanda. I loved her blue eyes.I loved her face and I said that to her more than a thousand times.

It's lovely.Looks like you were madly in love with her at that point of time.

The MAN takes the SECOND painting. It shows a green forest and a bright sun and a nude, beautiful woman lying on the forest floor.The SUN is throwing bright white light everywhere in the painting.

Our sun is in this state.Just after its "Young Guns" days , but still shining and full of energy and heat.It is bringing good feel to its entire surroundings , and going really good.

Whats that on her hand, in the painting ?

We zoom into A GOLD RING, which is seen on the painting.

Oh. That is a ring which she loved and wore all the time.

It is such a beauty.I think she loved it a lot.

Time flew by. We realised we were not the ideal couple for each other. She wanted to sell this for money. I wanted to complete the whole series.We painted out next painting.

The NEXT PAINTING shows a Star with a BLUISH tinge and Wanda resting her face on her hands. A teardrop runs on her glowing cheek.

Although, the star is still very hot, it gives out blue light.It's core is disturbed with helium, but at the outset it is still fine.That was her exact state of mind.Wanda was disturbed everyday after our frequent fights.The whole theme of the painting is blue.

I liked the blue mood in this one.

The next one is an absolute genius. You have to see this.

Then the Man brings the NEXT painting.As he brings the painting, there is a sharp shiny glint in his eyes.A glint that can be interpreted as achievement.

My fourth painting depicting the red-giant star. A red-giant is...well....a RED GIANT. I thought of a lot of red while I painted this one.
Wanda said that the core of the red giant is corrupted with Helium.The Red Giant is not a fully dead star. But it is tortured to death....The exterior of the star becomes thinner and thinner and fades away into the infinte space.

The MAN holds the painting towards the woman.

The THIRD PAINTING contains a lot of red. It shows a RED CORE of a star and an exterior RED fading from the core......At the right end of the painting, the exterior red of the star is mixed with intense blood red. At the extreme right corner, Wanda is depicted. Wanda covers her slit throat which is dripping with blood, as she cries in despair.

The Woman gasps.

(slightly tensed)
How did you visualize this painting ? What was Wanda's reaction , to this !!!

I slit her throat.I used the blood.

The Woman smiles.

I think it is a very innovative concept.

The Man starts walking near the door and gazes outside.

You think so? Thanks a lot.
For my last painting, I need an idea.Do you have an idea ?

As the man turns around to see the woman's reaction.....

The WOMAN is disfigured.Her face is blood stained. A ring appears on her hand.The WOMAN is WANDA's ghost.

(cackling voice)
Wilfred, we can finish the final painting together.I will set you on fire, I'll scatter your ashes on the canvas and we will make the "Black Hole" painting. Bring your black oil paint and we will use water colors for this.

As she says this, a ball of fire devours the man. He shrieks in agony.......


Monday, March 20, 2006


Today I planned a different "time pass" for myself enroute office. I started counting the number of cars which had more than 1 passenger, including the driver. Amazingly the count was only one. I might have looked into almost 100 cars today of all makes, colors and most importanly dimensions.

Imagine a single person occupying 5*12 ft of moving space on the road. Compare it with 7.5*40 ft bus which carries around 45 people. Such a waste of space :(. The cars are the main reason for the pathetic traffic situation on Hosur road (infact everywhere). This makes me feel guilty sometimes. TP turning to Frustration???

Out of the 100 odd cars I observed today, I am sure 40 would have found their place in the new MLPL (multi level parking lot) in my office. I feel a rule should be made by my company authorities that they will not allow any car into the campus between 8:00 am and 9:30 am. And no cars will get out between 5:00pm and 9:30 pm.

Will that reduce my travelling ?? An easier solution is to join Mindtree. ;-)

Well the question is should ppl taking car have a different office timings? and will this help decongestion?

Probably ...

in the pre-independence days , the conversation between a moderate and an extremist would have looked like this :-

Pro-War: I'm going to jump out of this third-floor window.

Anti-War: Please do not do that, you will hurt yourself.

Pro-War: No I won't, I will land safely.

Anti-War: You will probably break both your legs.

Pro-War: No I won't, I will float gracefully down and land on a soft bed of flowers.

Anti-War: You will seriously injure yourself, maybe even die.

Pro-War: Why do you hate me?

Anti-War: I don't hate you. Don't jump.

Pro-War: Why do you want me to break my legs?

Anti-War: I don't want you to, I'm just pointing out that that's the likely result.

(Pro-War jumps from the third-floor window, breaking both his legs)

Pro-War: I'm fine, I'm fine!

Anti-War: No, you're not fine, you've broken both your legs. I can see the bone jutting out.

Pro-War: NO, I'M FINE!

Anti-War: You're bleeding, I'm going to call an ambulance, we have to get you to a doctor.

Pro-War: This is all your fault! Your negativity made this happen!
Anti-War: Gravity made that happen—I just warned you.

Pro-War: Traitor!

Anti-War: //sigh.....
If you have played HalfLife, for quite sometime, you dont shoot directly at beasts on the spot. You try to trap them in corners, and if they are standing in front of some containers which contain explosives, you shoot 5 bullets at the containers. The containers explode killing the beast (instead of you directly pumping 500 bullets into the beast).

Okay, that was a passing thought.

To draw a very crude conclusion, thats how, in general, humans learn. They adapt. Thru' out history, they modified / took advantage of the surroundings to screw the other bigger beastier creatures and thereby establishing their supremacy over many other animals.


Guys, if you get a chance to watch this and this documentary on Discovery Channel , then please see this feature!

It is 1 hr of awesome infotainment.Some parts may be pure speculation, but it triggers your imagination (I can guarantee you that much!)

There were several parts which struck me about this feature:-

->The population of Homo ergaster (our ancestors) on this planet was approximately around three thousand!!!! Probably in Bangalore city market (right now!), we will find three thousand people!!

->All humans (of all races) trace their origin to the Mitochondrial Eve.Here is what wikipedia says about "Mitochondrial Eve".
Imagine a family tree of all humans living today. Now imagine a line from each individual to their mother, and continue those lines from each of those mothers to their mothers, and so on. Going back through time the lineages will converge as sisters share the same mother. The further back in time one goes, the fewer lineages there will be until only one lineage is left — this is the common matrilineal ancestor of all the humans alive today, i.e. Mitochondrial Eve.

See WikiPedia

->Adam and Eve Originated in Africa.There is the "out of Africa" migration theory.This is shown at the beggining of the documentary.

->The history of mankind is shown as a big tale. Discovery of uses of Fire , Invention of Fire in this documentary

->The speculative tale Neanderthals reaching Europe.....The tale of the two Neanderthal Heroes is really touching.Europe was "harsher" to Neanderthals because, they were never exposed to cold weather.They killed using spears. Spear is a short range weapon unlike a bow & arrow. (If you have played the Age of Empires, you will appreciate this trivia).So Cro-Magnons finally win the battle because of their bows and arrows,

->I dunno who will replace us ? This thought takes me to the movie "PLANET OF THE APES". A unique movie with a philosophical twist in the end.

->Well this post is just a haphazard collection of thoughts....But do see this documentary if you get a chance.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

March 19th

Happy Birthday to "Palooka" Bruce Willis and "Palooka" me !!

A BIG THANK YOU TO SUMAN for organizing a Surprise Birthday Party !!!

Awww....that was cho chweeeeeeet

I was literally taken over by Surprise...... :-))))

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Well the past few days have been exciting.

I met one person (my immediate Paris manager). We had a great presentation. It was a technical presentation. About the challenges they faced in developing a fantastic wrapper around an RTOS (VxWorks).They called it as "VpWorks" because he and the Vice President of Nortel wrote that wrapper and VP stands for Vice President.I googled the VP's name and I saw a dozen IEEE papers on many subjects. This person is around 43+ years old. But the GLINT and the PASSION in the eye when he talked about the challenges he faced , the funny system of 10 Euros per bug and the spirit was awesome.He refers to his software as "my baby". This presentation nearly charged me up like hell.
He said I love technical presentations....They are refreshing!

I played two glorious pranks on my teammates and as a result I am applied with so much Holi color that my new shirt is gone for a toss.

The french managers were also not spared. They are shocked to see this (I think).They are already tomato red because of the heat!!!

Anyone, any news ??

Monday, March 13, 2006

Reading T-shirts .

Message T-shirts suck, when the messages are atrocious
I get to read a few daily in the GYM. Now a days the color of some T-shirts make me start moving in a different direction in GYM (though there is not much space around) trying to avoid ready the lousy message again

One of the better ones is of SP .. it says gold,silver,COOPER (empahasizing on the LEE COOPER brand).

Some suckier ones are like these

1. Sex is like air. You will not realize its importance until you stop having it. Its writter in black on the algae green T-shirt. arghhh
2. I thought your girlfriend the move you like .. phewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww..

Alas there are no good ones to quote in here:( :(

Sunday, March 12, 2006

And yes...

The weekend is over before i I am here sitting at eight in the morning and trying to pin a blog post.

Back from a birthday party for my 2 year old nephew yesterday. I think it has become very common to host parties with magic shows,games etc.Magicians calling people on stage and cracking jokes .... LOL.... In one of the games I participated (or rather forced onto the stage) , I was told to wear a saree and make a rampwalk. To add a little glitz to the rampwalk, I added a little bit of vulgarity.
Whatever! It was good enuff....As usual , another man asked me "in which college am i studying". I replied "PESIT".

There is absolutely no news from my side to tell. If anyone of you have anything to tell, I am all ears.....My french managers descend to my next cubicle, today. One week, I will be like this:-

No monkey tricks near the cubicle!!!...My cubicle will be Chateau de 'If

Friday, March 10, 2006


Happy Birthday Suman

Have a nice day....

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Travel and blog ..

The morning travel (can be called a journey too) to office is quite interesting. I get a plethora of thoughts. I always think I would come and blog over here about the same.

But, as soon as I get down the bus all the thoughts are vanished. ( call it the Infy effect ). There are two solutions to this both of which doesnt seem materialise in the near future..

1. To jot down all my thoughts on a paper and then transalate to e-form. (too lazy for this one)
2. Have a laptop with a wireless connection (too expensive). The latest rumor in office is that we shall be given a laptop for the 25th year celebrations. I personally feel this is crap but hope it comes true ;-)

On a complete different note, we had our project party yday. The plan was two-fold - First watch the movie Crash and then dinner at Sahid Sindh Sultan.
Crash was awesome. I liked the movie a lottt.

The dinner was good too. And I came to know from my DM that our account has been reduced from 1400 to 700 pepole. That's a staggerring loss. Anyways not much I can do about it. I was like, so I am one of those unlucky 700 still to be with this account .. hehehe

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Rose ?

Somebody has kept a rose and a candle in this cubicle....
Romance is in the air , this march.....heheh

if it is a girl
I am really honored. But who are you ?
We will have a candle lit dinner soon....We can use the same candle in the cubicle.
else it is a boy
maadakke bere kelsa illwa ? Sumne biscuit haakodu saaku....I can do superior pranks

And another thing ....Dont forget to wish Kummi on his birthday.

Happy Birthday Kumar

Rose Update :-
Every WOMAN Employee has been delivered a Rose and a Candle in celebration of Woman's day.
Why dont we have a Men's day ?

And my cubicle is registered (in the employee database to some aunty. I wonder who's braindead idea this is......Placing roses in every cubicle.....


Monday, March 06, 2006

NorthEast India

Tourism is big money in India.I heard an ad about "NorthEast India Tourism" today on Radio City.

In the North , we can see the Taj Mahal, the forts of the Moghuls and Delhi, is about QutbMinar and the significant number of buildings and monuments related to Indian Republic and all that.

In the west, we have big cities like Bombay & Pune (I had a great one day tour at Bombay) .And there is Goa. Goa is one major tourist destination.

In the East , we have Kolkata. I really dont know , how much of a tourist place Kolkata is, but everybody knows Bengal has a played a big role during the British Raj days. There are a lot of elements of Bong Culture and I think there will be some tourist places there.

If you think of South, you have god's own country "Kerala" boasting lushgreen equatorial , evergreen , hot deciduous forests and small water streams and all that. Karnataka has its share of green mountains , The Ghats and Malnad region.TamilNadu has its awesome share of South Indian Temples.

But one part of India which is largely "unexplored" is the NorthEast India. I am referring to the "semi chingi" region like Tripura, Nagaland, Assam, Manipur,Mizoram, Sikkim and all those states having a sizeable "chingi" population.The state governments of North East India tried their hands at online lottery system (sikkim lottery) etc. to raise revenues.

But tourism is their latest idea, I think it is a good one too!

I hear a lot of Come to North East India, Paradise Unexplored

I just googled up and here are the places to see in the North East :-
Here it is

I heard that visiting the Manas Sarovar is a herculean task. Anybody been there ?Is it in the NorthEast or am I hallucinating ?

I somehow feel that , these states are, kind of, neglected in India as a whole. We dont hear much about them in the news/newspapers/internet and so on....

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sudeep meets Sudeep...

It was my privilege to introduce our won Pseudip to the cine artist Sudeep - alias Kiccha, in the age old, packed to full house, movie hall Uma. It was the first ever Sudeep movie pseudip ( calling sudeep rg pseudip to avoid confusion) was watching. If I remember it correctly pseudip had taken a vow not to watch any of Sudeep's movie, when this able actor's first movie Sparsha had released.

And what a movie pseudip picks up - My Autograph - I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Its a brilliant narration. Sudeep has excelled not only as an actor but as the director too. The narration, is neat (no vulgarity), though a little slow is just awesome. I think the credit goes to the script, the original being in tamil.

Pseudip was impressed by Sudeep's personality too, and we were discussing about his height and Meena shedding down all the flab amongst many other topics. Meena's character is very very impressive. A person who tries to spred happiness inspite being in the abyss of sadness.

Another unique experience was to watch 4 westerners accompanying a group of kids (probably from an NGO or a slum) to the movie hall. Pseudip was quite impressed with this act and was gaga over them. I had to explain him that u just need a sense of touch to achieve this and not to be a super human. I also told him about various friends of ours who are already involved in such an activity - chilli, aks, dhimant, ameya, kaushik, inder, avinash etc etc...

After the movie we went to mitra stores and had badam milk. The only thing that has changed is the price. The badam milk still tastes the way it used to 15 years back the first time when I had it. The weather was awesome, cool breeze with drops of rain. I had to hurry back home as I had to attend a reception. A great evening.

Pseudip lets have some more

Thursday, March 02, 2006

As I write this

piece of shitt, India are struggling at 155/4. Same old story. All eyes are on Sachin and its the same old clash between Sachin disciples and haters on KEC sports.

Other news includes

JP Morgan Chase down grades Infy stocks. The firm says that Infy is facing a middle level management crisis (problem with 3-6 exp people). Well the employees also feel the same. I am suprised how JP Morgan can hit on the nail. No wonder it is one of the leading firms.

Looks like Dhimant has quit Honeywell for his MBA at ISB(updates from Laks's blog). Though I knew of his decision to quit, was not sure of his last date at Honeywell.

I am still pondering whether to travel to Sabarimala with Avi & Chilli or not.
I would certainly said YES if the destination was GOA.

On a random note -

What does a layman like me think about the nuclear deal ?
Well though I am not ecstatic over the whole issue, I was happy.
The reaction from the scientific community says a different story. Scientists are not happy about India's decision to open up the 14 reactors to IAEA scrutiny. They worry that our indigenious technology might be duplicated. On the contrary they are happy that we will be obtaining unlimited enriched Uranium supplies.

My question is by when would the effect of this deal impact the common man ? 2015 ??

Life is cool on Bench

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

29th main

one certainly should travel on this road connecting bannerghatta main road to BTM main road. Its an experience. The residents of this are so frustrated that they have kept huge stones on the road (assuming it and not certain) which make the journey even more cumbersome.

I am proud that the roads in my village in chitradurga is far far better.
My village is also has an Airtel tower :) (outta context ignore)