Thursday, April 02, 2015

A lot has happened since I sat and wrote down. December 15th was my last entry. Let me browse through my mobile and write own the events since December 15th.

Firstly Ruchira and Bebo joined me - waited for 6 months for this day.

But let me go fwd chronologically:

1) Well December was in fact a month when bebo's bday happened and she posed like this real obedient girl in front of the cake. I loved the foto

2) I had been to Washington DC with Mayank and really enjoyed a nice walk in the capital. I remember walking a lot and finally going to a restaurant and eating a forgettable lunch and then taking a ride back in the bus.

3) The first snow hit Herndon in the middle of December and I was feeling the pinch of not having a car. I was sensing that it was getting tougher to ask colleagues to stop by my house everyday and ask for a drop. I was just plainly hesitant.

4) January was a month when Ruchira took up her GRE and TOEFL and one week went in filling up her forms and stuff like that. She was insanely busy both at work and at home but she did a good job at GRE and I am proud of her. Whether she is able to go to the Masons or not is a different thing to be addressed. Some days in January were unforgivingly cold and I had to wrap myself in the sheet. The last week of January, I made up my mind to buy a car. One saturday, I called up DCU ad Geico and with DCU I enquired about the loan and with Geico I got the insurance. I made the insurance purchase and then I went to Honda of Chantilly and brought back VED home on Jan31st. With Ved, most of my travel problems were solved. It was a relief to have a car.

5) I remember making a nice pongal and bisibele baaths every now and then and enjoying a nice lunch. My cooking skills improved especially when I started trying exotic stuff like a mexican style  chilly beans.

6) The Valentine's day and the next week after that were HARROWING to say the least. Snowing all day long and then shovelling the next morning to take inches of snow from a new car. Well, I was having the time of my life. But the best part was the workload was light in February. Which enabled me to have a more casual lifestyle rather than panic unnecessarily. As february was getting over Ruch and Bebe went to the showrooms and got themselves some good dresses and then there was Rohit's engagement. I remember amma inviting Rohit's fiancee to our house and then I speaking to her and her folks. The last week of february, I prepared a nice remix for Bebe and Richa to dance at Hyatt.

7) March was about a little more work and then Rohit's engagement and Bebo's dance for the zooby remix and then the birthday season and everyone whatsapping everybody else. I stopped cooking in March and started ordering Flying Curry. I finnaly got my driving license......I was tired to say the least.

Life has been pretty laidback at Herndon. Let's see what happens next....