Sunday, November 30, 2008

BigB the blogger

Is audacious, forthright, frank and patriotic. The way he put forth his arguments and ideas are just phenomenal. He could be better than any of those stupid Ramachandra Guhas and Shashi Tharoors

Friday, November 28, 2008

India should end the tolerant attitude

wtf ... no hostages are alive at Taj it seeems....Using people as human shields,.... Seriously wtf wtf...Look at the confidence they have to come and kill in the i am not feeling in a good mood man....

What if we go to Dubai and indiscriminately start firing in a shopping mall ? Bloody shitheaded jackasses

3 snaps

The snaps show road to office , the other one shows where i stayed at oulu and the third one is me.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I guess the worst ever year in terms of number of terror attacks across India..from the list of terror attacks in india in 2008 in wikipedia, 360 are dead and more than 1450 people are injured!!! and the list is incomplete (does not include malegoan blast and i dont know how many more are missing)..this is what i could extract from the list
  1. Jaipur - 13 may - 9 blasts - 63 dead 216 injured
  2. Bangalore - july 25 2008 - 9 blasts - 2 killed 20 injured
  3. Ahmedabad - july 26, 2008 - 21 blasts - 56 killed 200+ injured
  4. Delhi - sept 13 - 5 blasts - 30 killed 100+ injured
  5. Delhi - sept 27 - 1 blast - 3 dead 23 injured
  6. Agartala - oct - 5 blasts - 4 killed 100 injured
  7. Imphala - oct 21 - 1 blast - 17 killed 30+ injured
  8. Guwahati - oct 30 - 18 blasts - 84 killed 470 injured
  9. mumbai - nov 26 - multiple attacks - 101 dead 287 injured and counting
from that list, 9 different instances of attacks in 8 cities since 13th may (6 months!!) that is like more than one attack per month!! and except for 2, all are instances of multiple synchronized attacks!! and not mention scores of live bombs that were diffused in surati really want to ask this one question to the home minister shivraj patil "Do you feel even an ounce of guilt for what is happening?"
kiththala ,viththala, apajakari, nallikari, kiitos .... the finnish words sound funny. The names sound funnier Pekka, Jari, Juoni , Ville, Ulla , Heli, Jukka on..(difficult to figure out who is male or female by looking at the names).Somehow languages like english,german, french, swedish have words which end in consonants...Here in finnish like dravidian languages, the words end in vowels.

The people are huge and gentle and very reserved. Somebody has told them not to talk. They won´t open their mouth at all.I am currently living in a village called Kajaani (j is pronounced as y : so it is Kayaani). It has only 2 colored people(I think). I am at a client site. The company is called ElektroBit. They do really hifi stuff. Kajaani is somewhere really north of finland. Needless to say it is cold and keeps getting colder...I can walk with a tshirt with a temp of 0 to -1 (ofcourse with thermals) and stay outside like that for ateast 3 minutes...But -8 and -10 are little too much, I tell you.....I have internet connection and that keeps me occupied. I heard the temp goes to below -27 to -30. Really don´t understand why they built an office here.....It is like building an office in Rajasthan Desert or Himalayas..Ask Narayna Murthy whether he will build an office there...He won´t ...It defies common sense...Not many people would love to have their offices in places of extreme temperatures....Yesterday the snow was like talcum powder...Today it is shining (which means another 2 degrees lower)

Life is difficult for Indians here. No doubt abt it. I have a long wait to go home in feb.

I get stares here.One lady actually asked me in the railway station with a guessing look "Indian?" I said yes...Then the lady goes back and tells her friends with a look which I guess means "I was right, he is an Indian".

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Benny Lava !!!

What does a PrabhuDeva song sound to a foreigner ?
The answer is here .

I can't stop laughing...

Saturday, November 22, 2008


I had the opportunity to watch this wonderful movie. I am blown away by the movie...Great movie! Wonderful!!!

What delightful acting! This is one of those rare gems. The movie has a strong message and the narrating voice, mannerisms and the voice of the middle class is simply GREAT!

The movie is about the search of a new swamiji for a mata which is run for the cause of blind children. The old swamiji just gets out of his robes and tucks in his shirt and says goodbye to the mata.

I really loved watching the movie and I am seeing it again. It is rich both philosophically and great acting by everyone....

Kudos to the director. Worth buying the DVD.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Reached Oulu

Okay after an odyssey of a travel I finally reached Oulu, Finland. This place is really cold and day 1 seems to be like just the other day#1s I have seen.

I will miss two marriages and I feel really bad about that.

The place gets dark really quickly and as of today , I don't have anything concrete planned here....Except make Anna + Saaru


Monday, November 17, 2008

The White Tiger

A few days ago, I stopped near the footpath bookseller who seemed to have an interesting collection of books.I decided to buy the book - "The White Tiger " by Arvind Adiga because I read that it had won the Booker Prize this year.I think it is very well written. A short story, but a very angry and a brutal voice telling the story.

The story is about a "social entrepreneur", Balram Halwai, who now has a booming business in Electronics City, Bangalore. The story is written in the form of letters by this person to the Chinese PM. It is not stated whether the protagonist actually posts the letters he had written to the PM.

Every night at about 1.a.m he writes a new letter to the PM. He starts off regarding how he came from one of the darkest, poorest villages of India and got to the position where he is in. As the story unfolds the reader will learn that he is not our conventional "good" person but a very dark, brutal opportunistic person and a classic example of survival of the fittest who can do anything to get to the top.As the story progresses Balram starts off working in a tea stall in his village and then he escapes his village in a truck and learns driving in a driving school and he becomes a driver for a NRI couple in Delhi. There isn't much to the story but it is interesting like hell.

The way the inequalities in the Indian society has been described, the power and sarcasm in Balram's voice, the feeling of hopelessness and the small town, a semi-literate guy's view of the world is amazing! Adiga's describes India's cities like Delhi, Bangalore as "half baked cities full of half baked men". He cleverly observes what works in India and what does not. The way Adiga writes about the
a car driver's psyche and the way he puts down a car driver's stream of thought and conscience is remarkable.

I am not much of an avid book reader. But this book is good enough to make a really engrossing read. Finally it turned out to be an intelligent investment for me ;-).

Read this book if you get a day or two to spare.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Change has come

Barack Obama.

He won because of a good logical campaign and he worked really hard to get the campaign right.

Let's see what this fellow will do about the economic crisis. It;s one hell of tough job to start delivering on Day#1 after so much of promise.