Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I guess the worst ever year in terms of number of terror attacks across India..from the list of terror attacks in india in 2008 in wikipedia, 360 are dead and more than 1450 people are injured!!! and the list is incomplete (does not include malegoan blast and i dont know how many more are missing)..this is what i could extract from the list
  1. Jaipur - 13 may - 9 blasts - 63 dead 216 injured
  2. Bangalore - july 25 2008 - 9 blasts - 2 killed 20 injured
  3. Ahmedabad - july 26, 2008 - 21 blasts - 56 killed 200+ injured
  4. Delhi - sept 13 - 5 blasts - 30 killed 100+ injured
  5. Delhi - sept 27 - 1 blast - 3 dead 23 injured
  6. Agartala - oct - 5 blasts - 4 killed 100 injured
  7. Imphala - oct 21 - 1 blast - 17 killed 30+ injured
  8. Guwahati - oct 30 - 18 blasts - 84 killed 470 injured
  9. mumbai - nov 26 - multiple attacks - 101 dead 287 injured and counting
from that list, 9 different instances of attacks in 8 cities since 13th may (6 months!!) that is like more than one attack per month!! and except for 2, all are instances of multiple synchronized attacks!! and not mention scores of live bombs that were diffused in surati really want to ask this one question to the home minister shivraj patil "Do you feel even an ounce of guilt for what is happening?"


sudeep said...

Look if I were Shivraj Patil , what else would I have done? Beef up the security at the public places and continue with life. Start some kind of investigation (this is already happening) and possibly order shoot at sight or give death punishments....

You cannot point finger on one guy. This is a nation's responsibility...All the citizend have to be watchful and everyone is resonsible for each other's lives. The situation has fucking gone beyond control

sarvagnaani said...

>The situation has gone beyond control.
thats exactly why he should feel guilty..why did this happen in the first place?more than 1 attack per month andre..what kind of protection are you providing to your citizens?agreed, in a country like ours where you cannot put in place such strict checks as in US due to the sheer number of people and lack of infra and many more reasons, one cannot prevent all attacks..but did anything change after the first attack?after the second?third??
also, i agree that its a nation's responsibility and everyone must be careful and all that, but is that sufficient?doesn't the govt have to do anything with this?
coming to investigations, how many people have been arrested in connection with these blasts?and how many of these arrests are non-controversial?

It would be disrespectful to compare shivraj patil and lal bahadur shastri, but just to point out the deplorable status of affairs..shastri had resigned from his post of railway and transport minister accepting "moral responsibility" for a train accident and our home minister was seen in different attires (including changed shoes) when he visited sites of delhi serial blasts..

sudeep said...

mama idu olle opposition party member thara logic haaktaa idya ...seriously mama, you cannot bring in extreme security measures. You never know what is the next target !!!

Many people use buses, trains etc. Suppose you put a security...The terrorist will think of a new destination. The catch is that there are so many points that just governance is not a solution for security.

On whom do you take action ? You can arrest the suspects and produce them to court and get them convicted of the crime and later punish them...

See in airports itself security check means be half an hour before the flight time...There is no comparison between the volume of people using the mumbai local train and people using a measures can be implemented to an extent..."Moral Responsibiltiy " antha heli kelage iliYo kaala alla moms...adhu gandhi jothey ne nirnaama aaythu...

Now it is "irabeku...iddu jayisa beku" philosophy.....