Monday, January 31, 2005

some updates

well..yesterday was my last day at i am kinda 'jobless' for next 2 weeks...
now that i am thinking abt this..i did not feel sad/bad abt leaving subex..actually it was
like any other 'senti scenes'..does this imply that i was frustrated to such an extent
or is it that i refrained from getting emotionaly attached to subex..donno..

had been to zeeds place yesterday..and ran into papu and richie..had some good 'harate'..
it was good to see that gd hasnt changed much..except for the fact that his signs of
prosperity have become more prominent ;)

btw .. i was lisetning to 'yaaron sun lo zara..' from rangeela..and was amazed at the extent to
which its applicable to me..esp the lines

Gaadi bangla nahin na sahi na sahi
Bank balance nahin na sahi na sahi
TV video nahin na sahi na sahi
Suiting shirting nahin na sahi na sahi
Inki humko kyon ho fikar
Jee lo jaise mast kalandar


Bombay is an experience; and esp. after living in a hamlet like Bangalore, Bombay hits me each time I venture out of the campus. And this weekend was especially severe. Two friends (Amit Rathore from ThoughtWorks and Akshay from IIM-Lucknow) were visiting, one for the exclusive purpose of "chilling out" and the other had some official work. But the three of us hit the yuppie circuit here, in full blast. And as Amit said before leaving, it was some severe shit. Restaurants, cafes, bars, beaches, local trains, never ending taxi drives, late late night chilly auto rides, malls, and all the other elements which every urban jungle has. But its sheer scale, and the way things are intertwined here; that is the difference. Amidst all our chaotic travelling and induldence, there was a lot of talk on economics, India, Kannada, Bombay, mis-adventures with women, books and so on. Coffeehouse philosophy at its very best; three geeks, what else can you get?!

Among other things, I got my wallet picked during a local train ride. The irony of it was, this was right after an eye-opening RSS meeting/lunch on Republic Day. Done with blocking all my bank-cards, still have to get new ones, get duplicate identity card, driver's licence, etc. But, more significantly, all my other personal belongings in the wallet are gone now, and all of them are beyond replacement. All of them, beyond replacement.

Bombay is a cauldron. Lot of heat, tons of volume. A single wallet?

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Corporate lunch (munch ? munch??)

Everyday during lunch time, I dont feel like having lunch.Blame it on "corporate lunch".Every company has its "canteen committee" who take pains in ensuring that everyone is sufficiently pained by bringing a caterer whose food can simply be described as INedible.

We have a very good foodcourt at our groundfloor with a confused bunch of caterers who can make heavy breakfast (like dosas etc) not the lighter ones.And the lunch....well..I prefer not to talk abt lunch.The best part of the lunch is the "saunf" which is sweet and I look forward for the time I eat the saunf.

Then we take a brisk walk around the building campus like a pradakshina and get back to whatever we've been doing in the morning.

The question I pose to the caterers of today is :-
(we live in a free world, so i am posing this question)

why do caterers complicate lunch with all sorts of specialities and screw up the main essentials like chapathi/rice or the sabji that goes with it?

Eaters like me are overwhelmed by variety and I am not able to single out a defect.
Okay I'll stop the crib :))

So, zeeds is back in bangalore and I spoke to him over the fone a couple of hours ago.
It's been like a year.....

Weekend was okay and I am back here :)
Met suri (the footballer) for a treat and I bumped into Sihi Kahi Chandru yet again.

Sihi Kahi Chandru and the stupid french movies.

btw I watched "The Lady Killers". Tom Hanks is incredible as the professor.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Time changes everything.

It is healer.It is a killer.It is one of the greatest teachers.
It just shows what a big fool you have been or what a great decision you have taken....

Is time merely relational.....Is "time without change" conceptually impossible.....Are the ideas of past, present and future entirely subjective, descriptions only of our deception by the senses?

I asked Mr. J Krishna Murthy from the web and this is what he had to say

Thought is time. Thought is born of experience and knowledge, which are inseparable from time and the past. Time is the psychological enemy of man. Our action is based on knowledge and therefore time, so man is always a slave to the past. Thought is ever-limited and so we live in constant conflict and struggle. There is no psychological evolution.

hmpf jan 27 did no good.

Purloined letter

Nice short story by Poe:
Try to read this when you get time.
Also read a book by 'Amy Tan - Joyluck club'
A very good read, with a fascinating interplay of ideas, words ..

And looking -> to jan 30th :D

Monday, January 24, 2005

human equilibrium

Are there enough people in this world for all the tasks that are around? I mean, is the load distributed properly? are there enough complexity theorists? enough newsreaders? enough teachers? enough sportsmen? enough truck drivers? enough glassblowers?

Is it balanced? or are we fooling ourselves that things are in equilibrium? Lemme tell you why this equilibrium is floating in my head now. I was pondering about the so called "micro" and "macro" level interests of any person. At least me. At a micro level, I am working on web-search, or in a more general sense, concerned about computer science. At a macro level, I feel for India, Indian politics, socialism, economics, historical injustice, hunger, etc. Though my macro level interests are viable career options, I just dont take them for various reasons. Now, I somewhere, deep down, subconsciously, desperately hope that human equilibrium exists and all those areas of work that I am not involved in, but are important to me, are being taken care of; by professionals, by passionate people, by zealots, by selfless volunteers etc. And my working on search engines will somehow help them do their job better. Some theory guy proving approximation lower bounds for some O.R scheduling problem will save some money in some facotry line up which will be given as bonus. Some IAS officer streamlining infrastructure efforts might get me from KanjurMarg to Mulund in time for a movie.

Anyways, as I am writing this, I feel quite stupid, but the equilibrium thought did come to my mind and was quite futile in convincing me that what I am doing currently is worthwhile...

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Benny Hinn

Well , most of us Bangalore folks, went back home early , this saturday because of protests about Benny Hinn's sermon at Jakkur Grounds.Well the situation was pretty bad on Hosur road because of some stone throwing here and there and the traffic line longer than half a kilometer.Personally, I had no idea of what was going on in the morning, but the situation was grimmer in the afternoon and we left home early say about 5 in the evening.Buses from Infosys and Wipro were there at sharp 4 late afternoon.And we got mails from the building security to get our asses out of the place asap.

And then as I went home I could see the Khakhi policewallahs with their helmets and their cooling glasses on the cheetah painted fieros everywhere.I presumed, amidst these protests, the sermon would solely comprise of some organisers and other people.However Benny Hinn drew crowds like a rock star. I mean , better than a rockstar! 5 lakh people on day one was something like a! so many people ...The main complaint of the BJP is conversion from a religion X to a religion Y. I think (personally) conversion is an individual's prerogative and an individual's rationale should help him decide which faith he wants to adopt to.However, the Benny Hinn is also said to be a healer.And his touch caused a woman with a bent spine to jump with joy on the stage.Well I really dont know it's whether the touch of Benny Hinn or just the mood / ambience / belief make people act like that. I saw that on NDTV and I am just confused.

I also heard that all our esteemed secular leaders had visited Benny Hinn's show and prayed for India with Benny Hinn.Nice.
However the conclusion is that :- FAITH is a billion dollar industry.You get to philosophise, touch people's hearts , popularity and earn all at the same time and also say that you are not interested in materialistic pleasures.

Speaking of materialistic pleasures, another article from a Kannada Tabloid claimed that there is a new Live Music Band (like the one in Chandini Bar) has sprung up at Urban Edge. The owner of the place is ...hold your breath....a Stanford Graduate.
Well the guy knew where the money was I guess....haha.

Not an interesting weekend.Two movies and some work at office, some chat with Kummi.....and I am back at my cubicle.....

B2B on Jan 30 11:45 pm ..

hope to catch you all pretty soon .. Monday ratre obbradru sikkri makkla ..
illa andre khoon bhari haath .. aagi hogotte.. ;-)

Friday, January 21, 2005

Ability & Responsibility

I heard someone say that "If you have the ability to do something (good), its your responsibility to do so."

This put me in a quandry of sorts; I have always known that I have had the ability to do a lot of things, and some of these things could've made the world a better place, maybe in a very limited way. But, I have never taken the responsibility for most of these. Mostly, moments of this sort pass by without us realizing that it is indeed our responsibility to do certain things in life. The irony is that there are also times in life when the responsibility is very clear, but the ability is somewhat questionable. Both situations arise in life, and we give them both a raw deal.

Thats the moral question of the day (for me at least).

Among other things, this January has seen a deluge of holidays for us. A lot of 3-day weekends, some inbetween holidays. And so, on January 26th, I will be at Shivaji Park in Dadar meeting up with the RSS relative of mine during the RSS Republic Day function. I am really surprised (also happy) that he actually took time out of his busy schedule and asked me to join him for some talk that day. Maybe this time, it might be some implementation of some ideal/ideas. I might get to see some logistical aspects of what really goes on at that level. Watch this space for the Republic Day update.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

me and my award


(speech of acceptance)

and this "haward" i would like to dedicate to everybody who have made my life so meaningful and people who been there with me when i down and all the people who took part in the competition.

Sudeep wins; (almost) flawless victory

2/3rd of the average of five numbers I got was 26. Sudeep's answer was 27. So, heres to the winner of a fabulous gift from my side. There is much more to this than just random number generation. I am reading a text on game theory currently, and will update more stuff related to it soon.

For the record, here were the numbers I got: 55, 54, 20, 39 & 27. A few people whom I expected to participate didn't and maybe that did affect the strategies of those who did participate.

I posted the same thread in our dept. newsgroup and got eight responses, and the 2/3 of the average was 30.38 and the closest number to that was 35.

More normal postings in the next post.

Monday, January 17, 2005

I <3 spam !

This spam deserves a standing applause.
Check out the subject line of the spam and the content !

From "Neateye" <>
Subject Gouranga
Date Mon, 17 Jan 2005 04:32:57 -0000

Call out Gouranga be happy!!!
Gouranga Gouranga Gouranga ....
That which brings the highest happiness!!

that was one helluva spam!

another verbal diarrhoea

rip-off by an LJ communtie'

These were the best parts of what i read....

It is a feeling that our emotions, while wonderful, are transpiring in a vacuum, and I think it boils down to the fact that we’re middle class.You see, when you’re middle class, you have to live with the fact that history will ignore you. You have to live with the fact that history can never champion your causes and that history will never feel sorry for you. It is the price that is paid for day-to-day comfort and silence. And because of this price, all happinesses are sterile; all sadnesses go unpitied.And any small moments of intense, flaring beauty such as this morning’s will be utterly forgotten, dissolved by time like a super-8 film left out in the rain, without sound, and quickly replaced by thousands of silently growing trees.

My friends are all either married, boring, and depressed; single, bored, and depressed; or moved out of town to avoid boredom and depression.


People always like to give 'fundas'....Funda is the new f-word.

Another PJ b4 i go amigos, :-))

What did y say to x in the calculus class ?
"f" off x.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Introduction to Game Theory

Mail a number between 0 and 100 (inclusive) to me at tejaswi(at) before 2359 hours, Wednesday, 19th January. The person who comes up with the number which is closest to 2/3-rd the average of all the responses will get a personal gift from me.

We will continue with actual game theory in my subsequent posts, but this will give you an insight into how complex a simple problem will get if there are competing rational agents in a system who can anticipate and double guess others, and normally do. We will also see how this can be formally and thoroughly studied. Please do participate. And don't mail anonymously :)

It will help if the subject of the mail is "game theory". Also, I will consider the last email I get from each of you as your response. So, feel free to change your response; but not too many times :)

Friday, January 14, 2005

What it's like - by everlast

We've all seen the man at the liquor store beggin' for your change
The hair on his face is dirty, dreadlocked and full of mange
He ask the man for what he could spare with shame in his eyes
Get a job you f**kin' slob's all he replied
God forbid you ever had to walk a mile in his shoes
'Cause then you really might know what it's like to sing the blues

Mary got pregnant from a kid named Tom who said he was in love
He said "don't worry about a thing baby doll I'm the man you've
been dreamin' of"
But three months later he said he won't date her or return her call
And she sweared god damn if I find that man I'm cuttin' off his balls
And then she heads for the clinic and she gets some static walkin' through the doors
They call her a killer, and they call her a sinner, and they call her a whore
God forbid you ever had to walk a mile in her shoes
'Cause then you really might know what it's like to have to choose

I've seen a rich man beg
I've seen a good man sin
I've seen a tough man cry
I've seen a loser win
And a sad man grin
I heard an honest man lie
I've seen the good side of bad
And the down side of up
And everything between
I licked the silver spoon
Drank from the golden cup
Smoked the finest green
I stroked daddies dimes at least a couple of times
Before I broke their heart
You know where it ends
Yo, it usually depends on where you start

I knew this kid named Max
He used to get fat stacks out on the corner with drugs
He liked to hang out late at night
Liked to get shit faced
And keep pace with thugs
Until late one night there was a big gun fight
Max lost his head
He pulled out his chrome. 45
Talked some shit
And wound up dead
Now his wife and his kids are caught in the midst of all of his pain
You know it crumbles that way
At least that's what they say when you play the game
God forbid you ever had to wake up to hear the news
'Cause then you really might know what it's like to have to lose

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Joel on S/W

Guess what ???? I had this prescription, but never really bothered to open the mail. Probably, by now, this is being christined as Spam and flushed to 'Bluk' folder.

Obvious doubts - Microeconomics is for Programmers, for lesser mortals like me who wants to be in the industry, and has to know the supply demand for survival. I think Teju u r flirting with this course. Isnt somthing inline with your research ambitions more appropriate here. Or are you BORRED with blah blah blah ..
Anyways have fun.

And guys inspire me to fight with my PM for Jan 28th.
The best news in months. Samba's admission to YALE. Hope he gets some sort of a financial aid.

where r the nerds ?? nerds != bookish .. movie nerds, swimming nerds and oops sorry one boookish bugger.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Finance and Friends

Samba makes it into Yale for a (tentative) $100K+ MBA. Gotta see whether he takes it or not, and if he does, how he is going to do it, and whether he makes it or not; in the long run I mean.

Speaking of finance, Amit Rathore has started his finance blog, after his general blog, theory of everything blog and the somewhat ambitious entrepreneurial blog. But still, his "spirit for a concept" is commendable. He is probably the most prolific of all the bloggers I know in person.

I am crediting the Applied Economics course this semseter, and lets see if economics is indeed as interesting as I think it is. Somewhere, I see the analytical and the social aspects of human thought merging in Economics. Even if it ain't that interesting by itself, Joel Spolsky advices that one ought to learn microeconomics before graduating out of college just to ensure a balance at work.

star and buc

these two idiots are rjs from a radio channel and they have abused a call centre worker from india.

Sounds plain ?

Then download the mp3 from here and just listen to it.

It really angered me.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

chigurida kanasu

As per my resources ( movie geeks) Swadesh is a remake of the award winning movie chigurida kanasu from Karnad ( ante ... I havent verifed it )
yargadru enthu iddre nodi

A brief history of internet time

google has recently released the usenet archives have a look at that!


the internet has come a long way.


I am feeling unusually intoxicated and sleepy rite now! The lunch was the usual thing.But as I type there might be some typing mistakes here and there cos rite now i am struggling to keep my eyes open.Trying to figure out what's wrong in a code in the afternoon with a very very light head is difficult.

With that in mind here are the updates :-
I caught up with 2 french movies which sucked like hell.And I saw Coppola's "Dracula" which is original story and contains characters like Van Helsing etc.Anthony Hopkins plays a solid role as Van Helsing.Boy! the women biting Keanu's Reeves neck were sexy and there was absolutely no horror in the movie.

Do check akshai's blog for swades and Alexander movie reviews.

Monday, January 10, 2005


Got into a music mood today, was talking to a friend here on messenger and we were listening to a few of my favorite songs, and digged up this old song which I used to hear during my second year PU days: Suzanna - Art Company. This is an awesome self-deprecating humor song, with loser-moments that makes me smile at how it used to be back then. Whoa, things have changed so much since second year PU. Almost 10 years now. Shucks, oh Shucks, those were the days of the angsts of the sweetest types. I miss those days right now, I seem to be someone else.

Listening to some of my other favorite songs, Against All Odds - Phil Collins, Cats in the Cradle - Ugly Kid Joe, NIB - Ozzy, Jeremy - Pearl Jam, Drops of Jupiter - Train, Stranger in Moscow - Michael Jackson and so on.......gotta figure out what makes music so sublime. I mean, its truly sublime, it can get into me (whatever "me" is), and change the way I feel, catalyse my moods, take me elsewhere, time-travel and memory-refreshes take over, there is something about music that transcends reason and rationality, it just cannot be discrete notes of tones strung together in some order, it just cannot be.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

nice to know

blore hasnt changed much :-)
What really matters to me .. not certainly in this order

All restuarants should taste the same or better
Temprature should be same or lesser
Lesser traffic .. I am not stupid to expect this ..

Whats really sadddd ..

Teju being in Bombaby ..
Sudepp moving to RR nagar
Well I think I will have Jag and Kummi to walk along ..

Apart from that there would be lotsa action.

another weekend wailed in bowling and tennis.
well tennis is really cool .

matte innen makkla ..

Saturday, January 08, 2005


Bull is not yemme. Yemme is buffalo. Bull has more meanings than I care to lookup and post here.


I have a question to the reader, to the literature cognoscenti. Why is it that there are very few books that cater to the romantically oriented male? The girls have Mills and Boon, Danielle Steele, Barbara Cartland, Georgette Heyer, and a whole load of other writers who can dish out tons of mush, emotional double guessing games, first person narratives of romantic angsts of love-sick women, all in all stuff that somewhat bores men. But this doesn't mean that we men do not want to read romantic stuff at all. I have personally liked Georgette Heyer, and sections of other regular books where there is a male romantic angle; literature where the subtle male romantic nature is shown. Devdas might have been one I think, though I haven't read it myself. But without going to such extreme sad endings, there ought to be other novels that explore the male romantic perspective. Hmmmmm......I will probably write a short story of that sort and post it here sometime. Or maybe a short script.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Movie critique/s anybody

yak, yak; movies and more movies, siskel, ebert and tejbert would be a neat trio I guess. Things have changed here gds, you can draw your conclusions in your one weeks stay, but for starters:
* paapu: is the cool dude ( that's new :D )
* kummi: shifting jobs! ( that's earth shattering news )
* teju: into movies
* self: investing in the stock market ( being bullish, and paapu,bull is english for yemme, or is it something else!).

between, I finished my apping for the initial list of colleges UCSB, Pennstate, tamu and ohio. So have got loads of free time to continue doing what I have been doing in the past: read.

schrodinger's cat

I got this ultra-cool t-shirt as a gift from my sister; take a look (

And now, there is a sudden interest in pop-quantum mechanics in my lab and around. Not bad for a t-shirt. A t-shirt with an attitude reminds me of how Brad Pitt comments "You are a fuckin T-shirt" to John Doe in the movie Se7en. Anyways, I got two other ThinkGeek shirts which are superb too. And also some book on paradoxes and reasoning. All in all, a great birthday/ new year gift from my sister.

Inagurated my return to IIT with more movies: Incredibles, Anna and the King, Se7en, etc. Life is getting back to normal with 4 courses and 1 lab; I have decided to take applied economics.

Sudeep's post brings back great memories. Richie's post just re-affirms his bias.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

The adda

The adda: "The weather in Elbonia is either sunny or rainy. If it is sunny on a given day, there is a probability of 1/5 that it will be sunny the next day. If it is rainy on a given day, there is a probability of 3/5 that it will be rainy the next day. What is the probability that it will rain thirty days from today given that today is sunny?"

The probability that it is sunny seems to converge to 1/3.


GD that was a nice post but there is nothing yippee happening here.
But i guess YOU coming back can make the difference.

There is no tremendous growth here....Thats all bullshit.
Well the way you left was different dude....

there was tejaswi as an owl going to the office at night
the days when richie was talking abt the chinese PERL expert "Lord Keith" and "Amr"
the days when kummi and tayswi were prep-ing for GATE and teju was confused abt the long hrs of mobile phone of kummi.
and I was (as usual) lost in some details which I dunno/too bored to recollect.

The last day I met u was on a thursday morning when you were giving an obscure explanation that traffic jams are peak on thursday mornings.And you were carrying that white mobile phone of yours with the "godfather" ringtone.and i was very much an infoscion who had just finished mugging words like "apothecary" and all that.

that was 2003.
this is 2005.....and we know what we're upto these days :-)

sometimes it feels good to be in the "information age".


I will be back to Blore this month end, and yippee my flight might be on Jan 28th. I dont know how would I feel back home. I am glad about getting back , but will be very different about the Blore now and then.
I want my city to be the way I left it. IMPOSSIBLE rite ??
Too much of expectations from a small city lad. Well even though I dint grow much in the past year, I have heard my city has undergone a tremondous change with a few unfinished flyovers, more vehicles , more buildings and more people.
Hope all the restuarants taste the same, and that Sudeep would not have moved to RR nagar.
I will be there for a week and I will be off to HYD the next week. I have a very remorse feeling about this. I would miss blore for more than one reason now.

Surprisingly my evaluation for the last cycle was good. My PM , whos an ass gave a comment , that my written communciation needs improvement. The reason being "I actually write long sentences which tends to be confusing" .

Apart from that I got a remark as " good at business knowledge and a good team player" which I never have got till now .:))
Its really weird, but am not at all complaining. Theres a little discussion left though.

I want to play as much tennis as possible in the next two weeks and ski for the next two weekends. Yes, I can SKI . I need to pick some finer touches though, so I would be picking a smaller length ski this time.

Sudeepa have u managed to get some paunch ?? U know me and Teju cant really grow thin. I have left that dream.

Will be back and it would GMAT time. Spoke to mega maga, and hes working for AXA as a financial stratergist.

Nairs done his studies. Raghu has clinched a job in Florida, so did Shiva and chakku managed to blow 370$ for an hour. Nothing much from the US of A , apart from some thunderstorms in Phoenix. Weathers really weird.

lkb teju, chat madta illa .
I will take a quick nap.


Wednesday, January 05, 2005

swimming and flying

Visited the pool today. Its a pretty good pool, very good quality, water, lifeguards, showerstalls and all. It is around half the size of the Basavanagudi pool, but has the same depth range (3ft - 16ft). I plan to stick to the 1845-1930 batch. Had to get a medical test done to ensure that I am low-risk. As for the actual swimming, I now realize that I am out of shape, and out of form, and out of energy. Plan to work on each of them with swimming, cycling and a controlled diet. Lets see whether it works. Will test it on innocent Bangalore folks when I visit in May 2005.

Academically, the course merry-go-round is going on, with everyone frantically trying to optimize their courses in terms of load, final year projects, grades, weekly timings etc. I am still debating whether to take Combinatorics or Applied Economics. Other than that, I will be sticking to Hypertext Mining, Data Mining and Approximation Algorithms this semester, coupled with one dud lab, making it a very heavy course indeed. I might also be working with a startup here on some cooL stuff. Will update as things take shape.

Now, for the best part of my post. My flight from Bangalore to Bombay. For a long time now, I had had these expectations, awe, and a feeling of anticipation for flying. It lived upto every bit of my thought and more. Flying is probably as commonplace as driving to many, but for me, it was a new thing, and I haven't felt many new things for sometime now. I loved the initial acceleration, the first few moments of flight, the view of the city fading as we climb, the oh-so-fantastic clouds - in all their myriad shapes and sizes, the tilting of wings, and as we landed, I could recognize a few buildings in Bombay, and we flew so close to a slum, that I could actually make out urchins playing on the gullys, and the feeling of floating as we get close to landing and the sudden feeling of speed as we hit the ground.......overall, a great experience, and I am glad I took the flight this time.

madhuve oota..

...sssssssssss..bai chappariso hage ithu!!!..super!!!
enjoyed a south indian bramhanara madhuve oota after quite some time...and every item from kosambari to mosaranna was good...
eega hotte bhara agidhe..kannu bhara agtha idhe..nidira devi baa kandha yenu can i say no....zzzzzzzz...

Tuesday, January 04, 2005


solution here.

Thats abt a tech post or rather a math post goes.

Office Canteen updates :-))
So, we have a new cafeteria at the ground floor
(we used to have one at the 4th floor....we live in the 3rd floor)
It is almost like a foodcourt of infy in size.

They have adopted a hotel kind of service rather than a buffet kind of service.
The result is total chaos cos' the waiters arent familiar with the tables.

Apart from these updates i have some resolutions :-
600 x 800, 1024 x 4096 etc.

enuff of jokes?

Here is a bigger interesting joke/choke on

Sign up for a FREE monthly New Year's Resolution Reminder e-mail that will be sent to you throughout the entire year — full of helpful tips and internet links to hopefully encourage you to succeed in meeting your personal goals. Get motivated! Get support! Get a Resolutions Buddy! Send a funny Resolutions Postcard to somone you love!

sunny and rainy

are the only two types of weather ??

1/5 sunny next day indcates 4/5 rainy ?? on rite ??

anyways yenakke tale tinnali .. I wont be solving this problem ..

Monday, January 03, 2005

weather in elbonia

Note :- Tech Post

I was just thinking about the applications of matrix multiplcation.
Here is one complicated probability problem i came across....

The weather in Elbonia is either sunny or rainy. If it is sunny on a given day, there is a probability of 1/5 that it will be sunny the next day. If it is rainy on a given day, there is a probability of 3/5 that it will be rainy the next day. What is the probability that it will rain thirty days from today given that today is sunny?

fyi member finds his lakshya by joining navy

All the best chetan!

~Su Depp

----- Original Message -----
From: Chetan Janardhana
To: Pradeep B S ; Akshai Srinivasan ; sudeep ; Narendra V Joshi ; Rohit Rawal ; Venkatesh S ; Manjunath Bhogananjappa ; Bhanuprakash Mahalingappa ; Vikram Das C. G ; Sudhir Konanur Narasimhamurthy ; Siddharth Rao ; ;
Cc: ravi_arasikere(int)
Sent: Monday, January 03, 2005 4:02 PM
Subject: Getting off the bus


Let me start off with the bottom line: I dont know what is in store for me. And I am also a bit scared of the unknown. Which implies that I am scared now. Well, not really scared in the true sense of the word, but I hope you get the picture.

As far as my work is concerned, I am not exactly proud or satisfied with whatever I have done or achieved ("achieved" is an over-statement!!! Just a sec, is there a word called over-statement ? I thought it is the opposite of understatement ;-) in the past 2 and a half years in Infy. But one thing that I look back at with pride is the set of friends I have made here. I mean, I am proud to have been associated with you ppl. Well, I shouldnt exactly say "have been", cause theres no way I am going to let go of you guys that easily. I really mean that, guys. As far as I am concerned, relationships define one's life and we shouldn't let factors like time and distance affect them. In this regard, I hope to keep my end of the bargain, and hope you all will too.

What the !@#$, man. I wanted to tell you guys a lot more, but words are not as forthcoming as I thought they would be. My mind's blank now. I really am not sure if anything is worth leaving behind all the things that you really love.

Forgive me if anything does not make sense above, I have never been such a prolific writer anyway.

Pls use my id for all further FYI email interaction. May the curse of Allah befall upon anyone who removes my id from any of the mail exchanged within FYI. Pls pls include my id.

That is all I have to say, guys. In this mail atleast.

Ph: 91-80-51167536 (Work)

Sunday, January 02, 2005

wishing you all

a happy 2005!

one week was off...and there was teju...he's leaving for bombay today....
i dont have anything else to say...3days flew past....

NY - New Year and New York ..

It was incredible. Met harsha,chakku,maiya,amit,shiva,haseeb,nandihalli .. super duper hitttttttt.. the chinkis ruled the streets of NY followed by the desis and amrus .. ( goras and kalas ) ...

slept for 5 hours in bet' Thursday and Saturday .. nange nambokke aagta illa .
Won 150$ at a casino ( winning 150$ is an achievement ) .. tsunami relief fund ge hogotte ... I shud try once more and do my bit for the relief fund.

papanna .. chakku gave out your secrets.....


Heres wishing you all a very happy new year.....and years to come.

Anyways, it also happens to be my last evening in Bangalore for a while to come. I am leaving for Bombay tomorrow (Monday, Jan 3rd 2005) by the 1445 Jet Airways flight. Will get back to regular blog updates when I reach IIT and am in front of my machine more regularly than here. It was a great month spent at home. Tons of great filter coffee, home made food, comfortable bed with warm blanket, and a feeling of being at home, teriffic times spent with friends; and now, the vacation ends. .

In retrospect, 2004 was an interesting year. I realized quite a few things about myself; mostly the not-so-good. But knowing the not-so-good things about me gives me a chance to improve, rather than feel cushy about how I am; I hope. And 2005, will also be my full year in Bombay, my first fill year out of home. It's gonna rock!