Monday, September 26, 2011


Hangzhou is wet for the past one or two days. The trees and the leaves look very green and beautiful. Had a nice walk to office today - many people are wearing silk with large floral patterns and there are colorful umbrellas everywhere. The weather is pleasant and the environment is reassuring.

However there is a turbulence in my mind.Nonetheless, I have put my career on an autopilot mode and it floats on.

The october season is a national holiday time here and people are busy buying fresh crabs, ducks and lobsters. I am buying time and indulging myself in laziness.

Why is it I find so difficult to concentrate some days ? Let me get back to work. Tired of reading stupid stuff on rediff and answering to useless emails which is taking me nowhere.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Here in Hangzhou the car owners have a great diversity in their taste. I have seen cars from the humble suzuki alto and swift to the high end hummers, land rovers

BMW is like Honda City (compared to Blr here). Very common. However the most common cars are something called as "Buick" (seems it is a General Motors' brand). Also many s/w engineers have skoda fabias and skoda octavias and lauras.But the buick brand is the most common one here. Also there is one more brand called geely and some antique looking car called cooper.

I do not see renault's here.. ALL THE OTHER CARS in India are here and more

Sunday, September 18, 2011


with the wife accompanying me to various 'male oriented' movies, it was time for pay-back. So we decided to watch the "Bridesmaids" this Saturday which captures the travails of a struggling single woman presumably in her thirties, having to undergo the trauma of being the 'maid of honor'. This after a 10K walk/run session in the morning and a heavy south Indian breakfast

For the first time in our HK movie watching history we arrived way too early -20 mins before the show had started. That gave us enuf time to surf for a good sandwich and coffee in the IFC mall, which is not so a great place if you are looking for anything apart from the BRANDED overpriced clothing and accessories.

After 15 mins of loitering we finally settled for a coffee and a sandwich from the multiplex's cafe . My initial discomforts on watching a 'chick flick' were put into rest when around half of the viewers were men or women who sounded like men. The show began with the trailer of "Point Blank". (probably something we will watch, esp it sounded like a Spanish movie) I hate it when there are no or just 1/2 trailers. I usually watch movies for the trailers as well and HK leaves me disappointed in this arena.

Anyway, the movie starts with the lead character having a somewhat humbling sleepover, and goes through her emotional travails with a sense of good humor, as she tries to see the positive side in her best friend's wedding. Agree its no "The Hangover", but it certainly is not one of those Hugh Grant movies, and actually falls into the categories of "Bridget Jones Dairies" movies.

So ladies go watch it for some good fun and guys if you are into a relationship suggest this movie to your better halves and get some brownie points or else wait for its appearance on Netflix, HBO or Star Movies. ( don't sue me pls)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

When you are dealing only with signed and unsigned integers to represent antenna transmission powers expressed in milliwatts and decibels and there are lot of logarithm and exponential function conversions in a signalling processor where floating operations are banned due to CPU cycle consumption (as per coding guidelines), life is difficult.

But then that's what programming on a dsp is all about - hard and challenging and dealing with only integers. tough stuff. Yesterday we are faced with a problem of calculating (y)^x when x can be = {2,4,8,16,20,40,80,160} and y = {0.000 ..... 0.9999}. Yes there is a 4 digit precision needed and you need to use only integers. But then we saw some code on the web and we could adapt that code.

It was interesting to say the least.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Something which is extremely apparent at the work place at China is the way the developers perceive the management. The manager's authority is not questioned. I have seen three teams here and it is the same in all the teams. His word is the final. I am more of people's person (at least that's what I try to project) and I try to value people over process - That's what I at least aim to do so. When I gave the choice to some people to pick up some work items, their first reaction is :- we would like you to allocate us the work Also, as I was watching the CCTV channel, there is one scene where the students get up and greet the teacher when he comes to class. They really bend their heads down and bow their heads REALLY DOWN.

OK - perhaps that's why communism works here - Perhaps I am restricting myself to a narrow minded stereotype but that's my gut feel. Somehow communism may not work in India. A few idealists shouting their principles out and neither Kerala or West Bengal impress as communist led states - which makes me believe that communism may not work in all places.

This led me to google more on this topic and I landed into Power Distance Index and a management research paper by a guy called Hofstede.Perhaps, many people have already heard of his name, but this is really interesting.

Power distance Index measures the extent to which the less powerful members of organizations and institutions (like the family) accept and expect that power is distributed unequally. 

Look at China and India and then look at the scandinavian countries' power index in this post