Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Pickup line for Marilyn

I just finished a course exam. It was an interesting course. Great teacher. Also got to read up ( not understand ) lines like the following one:
What is the minimum number f = f(n,e) such that every set X of n points in the plane containts a subset S of at most f points such that ever triangle containing atleast en points of X contains atleast one point of S?

never work for a Indian IT service company

if you are not ready for long hours at office.
Well that leaves you with an option of MNC IT service companies like IBM, Accenture and product companies.

Product companies are for people who missed out on research and want to achieve something on linux. Alas I dont fit in here ..

I want good money and a 9-5 job. Any pointers ??

lemme check where's papanna ..

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


life has become very busy from yesterday....i am afraid it'll continue for atleast for two weeks....
Telephonic conferences at 10:00 :-(....sounds very sleepy for me.....

After the "live" face-to-face training, to use ip fones for training......
Difficult to communicate work on phone...meetings/status updations are okay....but I am not sure how well this will go :-(

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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Generally, there are two attitudes in people who are career minded.

(This post promises to be like a management guru talk , but then who cares, read ,if you are bored)

1.The somwehat traditional people chose "stability" as one of the chief feature of their careers.Defensive approach, naturally.These people tend to settle down

2.The somewhat adventurous people chose "mobility" as one of the chief feature of their careers.These people tend to move on

The traditional approach was especially pronounced in our Indian society. Ever since the caste system, where the jobs became hereditary, we have, kind of, adhered to the conventional approach. Even as late as the 80-s in India, we had families of lawyers and doctors and engineers. The grandfather lawyer wanted the grandson to be a lawyer.The betel-nut grandfather wanted his grandson to grow betel nuts and looks after the several acres of land he had.Although, there were mobility minded people, family rules and culture had such an effect that the son's career was already decided (most of the times) the moment he was born.

However there was a paradigm shift in the late 80s.

-Probably people learnt that change in job may actually make life more interesting.

-Stagnation & Meaninglessness irritated the hell out of people. Especially people in the cities, whose life, I guess is more complicated than a simple (yet very hard working) life in the village.

Why did it happen in the late 80s. I guess, thats when India started to grow rapidly, than in the 70s or early 80s.

NOW, In India, "mobility mentality" exists NOT ONLY in the white collar jobs, but also blue collar jobs.Blue collar workers are also very mobility minded. I talked yesterday to an auto driver, who was a bhel puri boy before and before that, he worked as an electrician apprentice fixing serial lights for house warming ceremonies.I asked him what prompted him to change the profession. He said "jana change kelthaare, adikke" and that he was motivated by more money which he was sure he couldnt have by sticking to one kind of profession.

In white collar jobs, Software Engineers & Managers are expecially mobility minded because of the various options available.

I guess, the very "mobility" based mentality started with the birth of the United States of America.I guess , it didnt exist even in the "old world " of the Europe, Asia.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Mr.Teacher has discovered that he is a big bummer. If you try to over explain things you will land confusing the people and also straining yourself because of yaking non-stop.Thats when your ears become allergic to your own voice.Your brain asks your mouth to shut the eff up.This had happened once sometime ago.It's happening again.

So, The Teacher has to adopt a different strategy.It is about silence. Just like Richie's staccato dialogs when playing snooker123 or Mortal Combat. I am gonna be watching.......and giving comments.
Yabba Dabba Dooo!

The weather outside is wet.....

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Animals and Roads

In our city, the unsaid rule about zebra crossing is :-

"Zebra crossings are meant only for zebras.

Since we dont have many zebras here (I have not seen a herd of zebras crossing any of our roads, till now) the zebra crossings have lost significance.Ask a pedestrian about "why dont you use a zebra-crossing" , he may laugh loudly at you.

This made me think about how animals cross roads.

Animals exhibit unique behavioral patterns while crossing roads :-

a) Stray dogs, usually, are damn good crossers of road....They know a driver's mind.Especially if the driver is a 2-wheeler driver or a four wheeler driver.But they always underestimate the lorries.

b) Cows and buffaloes are really clueless...They STAND.But the best way to deal with a cow on the road, is to blast your way from behind the cow.Cows cant turn around very quickly. However, be careful when it is watering the roads, lifting its tail up :-p

c)Pigs are very confusing. You may find them in marshy places/dirty places. They confuse the hell out of you.

d)Hens and adamant roosters are the most fickle road crossers and most dangerous among animals. You got to be really careful.They can confuse even a cyclist and make him fall.

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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Happy Birthday, Mr. Tejaswi

Hope you have a great day studying for all the tests. Anyway you are zipping in as 26, soon Richie , me and Kummi are going to follow.

Phone calls bantha.

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Thursday, November 17, 2005


Back after a break.
(No, my back is not broken.....I will take up the posture during typing anything in a later post)

Had a good two day training. This time I was the trainer :-)
I had a great time in explaining things.It is fun to explain.

But I guess a great teacher INSPIRES people not just explains things.
Thats why we remember (atleast most of us remember) our primary school teachers. Their job is really difficult.Try explaining "London bridge is falling down " to a small child.

And being a primary school teacher, is selfless, also.
Because if you are a teacher to a BE/MS/PhD, there might be a motive of putting your name on the project book cover.But as a primary school teacher, you teach something which people KNOW.It is very service oriented profession.

Inspiring adults is very difficult, because you got to be a super-achiever to inspire adults. Otherwise most adults dont give you the respect.

I had attended a small talk about "Why IT clicks in India" by Prof.Sadagopan and I was tocuhed when one of the slides read, "Our Village school masters , still do a good job".

Sepaking of teachers, I observed this link on the VTU official site. One thing which is objectionable is printing salaries against the names of the lecturers.Does a company print the salaries of its employees just like that ?
Another objectionable things is preparing a godammn excel sheet. Why cant they prepare a decent html page listing their profiles? It looks like a godammn voters list page.We, as Indians will never get the right method to do things.

If it is an internal document, why circulate it on the web ?

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Monday, November 14, 2005

Some kannada scenes / dialogs

A film is mostly a 80s Kannada Movie if it satisfies one of the following axioms :-

0. Stereotype #0
A god is shown after the certification of the movie.A shloka by PB Srinivas or SPB.

1. Stereotype #1
Police Senior Boss (like Lohitashwa) telling the Hero (like Devaraj or Shanker Nag)

Inspector Pratap , nimmanta NISHTAVANTHA POLICE ADHIKARAIGALU irodrinda ne, namma samaajadalli nyaaya neeti innu irodu...Keep up the good work , my boy! Naavu police aagi Dasayya antha GOMUKHA VYAAGRA rannu nyayalakke tarabeku

"Dasayya" referred in the above sentence is mostly a rowdy MLA or an MP.He usually has a pervert/spoilt brat son in his late 20s addicted to drugs and women.

2. Stereotype #2
Hero(like Dr.Rajkumar or Ambarish) goes to a hifi party where "drinks" are being served.One wealthy man offers the hero a drink.Hero says :-

Sorry sir, nanage idara ABHYASA villa. And takes a torrino or goldspot with a straw

3. Stereotype #3
Oh No!! Damsel in Distress!!!

It is a horrible time for the heroine! She is being chased by the villain and her garments are torn by the villain. She shouts the same old cliched dialog :-

Kaapaadi...Yaardru Kaapaadi

When the villain actually grabs her, the shout becomes,
Bidu Nanna

The hero bashes up the villian and later offers his suit, to cover her up.
He is the chivalrous man.

4. Stereotype #4
Hero (like Dr.Rajkumar or Tiger Prabhakar) goes to a BAR or PUB, to track the baddies ...As bars and pubs are regular hangouts for the rowdies!

Our Heroes are actually police officers or CID officers(not CBI) dressed as dancers to shake a leg in the cabaret song.....Hero says :-

Hello Ms Rosy to the female cabaret dancer.

The question which bugs me in this aspect is :- WHY DID VAMPS HAVE CHRISTIAN NAMES like Rosy or Lucy instead of Annapurna or Savithri ?

5. Stereotype #5
Whenever a hero or a heroine park their car , they always park the car just near to the building (or in front of the building)....But in reality :-((((( have to search FOR MANY ROADS to find a decent place to park your car !!! This is true in Hollywood movies also!

6. Stereotype #6
Even though there are n-opponents for a hero in the action scene, the opponents keep waiting dumbly to be beaten up by the hero...

7. Stereotype #7
The BEST cliched scenes in the climax is:-
To tie the mother of the hero, the heroine , child etc etc and put them in cages......The hero first does the initial bashing and finally the police arrive (the background music for the police ALWAYS has to be sidedrum....You cannot have a pungi here, I know)

8. Stereotype #8
a)Shubham (if it is a comedy)
b)the tagline/theme/inference of the movie(if it is a tragedy).

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

The interview

Actors: Self, Company (big brother)

Big brother stooge: so tell me about your prior work.
self: I used to write next gen rocket + dezign + code + test. Can i do that in your company?

stooge: Nope.
( awkard pause )

stooge: One tech question. swap nth node from last with nth from beg in singly linked list.
self: hmmm.

self: I shall swap values not pointers. Should be okay?
stooge: yeah.

self: After struggling for 5 minutes to write C code, I had to resort to writing pseudocode for this :D, and then C code again.

stooge: any questions
self: none
oh , I had one, when will I know my rezult.

stooge: 2 weeks

end rezult -> failure :(, and hence the big brother, stooge. Good thing, so many flaws in my interview, that I should improve :D.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Mahabharata trivia

1) What is the name of Arjuna's conch?

2) How could Jayadratha stop the 4 Pandavas from entering the vyuha, and following Abhimanyu?

3) What is the name of the Asura that Agastya digests for wealth?

Random Thots

1. Manja's wedding tmrw

2. Extra enthusiasm causing immediate embarassment.

3. Coffee and TV.I want PURE filter coffee :-(.

4. 80s Kannada Song and Shankar Nag wearing a Police Dress

5. The letter "e". Love it.2.7182

6. Me wearing a wollen cap at office (thats right) and getting stares by everyone....I dont care a damn...I have a headache.I am NOT imitating Enrique. Fine. Bring Anna.

7. Boring week ahead with very little work.

8. Ottawa

9. Hair cut needed....Lots of hair and headache.

10.Wisdom is the best thing to get in life.I just realised it.

11.Frustrated Champion attitude sucks.

12.Air conditioning sucks.

13.Funny email forward calling merger of Google and e-bay as "goobay"...hahaha

14.Fat throat lobes.

15.Belief != Thought.

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

100 % original

This is a paradox. You cant create something which is 100% original. There will be influenzes from many people and you add your take to it and prepare the resulting pot pourri.

This applies to anything in life :-

-> Career (This is where the concept of "role model" helps. You may not try to base your whole career on some perosn "X"

-> Dress (check out Oasis's lead singer copying his role model


->Coding style.


I remember this funny saying :-

Copying something from a single person is STEALING, copying something from many people is research.

So,do we need to copy ? Yes and No.
Dont ask me :-)

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Sunday, November 06, 2005


Weekends are weakends , really. Sometimes they SUCK. Especially when the car is in the garage.

My clutch is back to normal, and my car is up and running. For the uninitiated , my car provides B2B solutions to me.(Basement to Basement Solutions)

Zeeds had accompanied me and we had all the standard kutchax and one quick visit to Naga's place, dose camp and a Pani puri shop in BTM layout.Veena's kid is adorable and noisy.....

Maruthi Swift looks too good. The red one.

And the weekend ended with a nonsense comedy called "Along Came Polly". The best part of the movie was Jennifer Aniston.

And yeah , on Sat I met many PESITians.....I am convinced we are all entering the realm of Unclehood and auntiehood.We deny it....but it's happening.

I havent started work today....Time to start.....

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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Email Characteristics

I have identified the following email characteristics in people :-

These people have a set of email addresses in their address books. Any forward they get, they just route it to the group, if THEY think is funny/useful etc!.

You might have not seen PHYSICALLY, a "router" kind of person since ages, yet he keeps sending email to you...

I think I belong to this category :-D

These people originate spam. They have a theme or a central idea which they want to propogate, they start the spam. (These are a rare species, they have a powerful vision which actually starts off a spam).They are the "root nodes" of a spam and they know what they are doing.

I dont know anyone in this category.

c)Active Repliers
They PROMPTLY reply when they get a message.They never start off a conversation, but they are there.

I know four people under this category.

c)Naturally Passive repliers
These people are usually bored to type a reply , they prefer calling on the telephone and talking .Many girls come under this category (my observation)

I know Two people under this category.

d)Selectively Passive Repliers
These people dont initiate conversation and they are selectively passive, depending on their mood.

I know three people in this category.

Hood vinc ;-)

The attitude of "Get Rich or Die Trying" is so stereotypical, but it is as natural as can get.

"The Vini Vinc Souharda Co-operative Society Limited", is the name of the company which is creating headlines.

Interestingly, the founding director of this company, Shastry, (now popularised by Yellow Journalism TV crims shows as "Vini Vinc Shastry") was a priest in the temple before starting this financial body.

The modus operandi of this instituion was pretty simple.

People invest money, and get an unheard rate of interest. And if you introduce five more people, your interest increases.

Shastry inturn used to invest the money acquired from Vini Vinc in shares and bonds, and thereby support this "get rich" scheme.Initially Vini Vinc, offered really high interest rates and a lot of people made money. Soon, the number of people to receive high interest rates increased like hell and the directors of the company including Shastry, did the vanishing act because, they couldnt pay that much money. The official money made by Vini Vinc is 150 Crores! This company was started in 2003.

Now Shastry the thug, was caught in Andhra Pradesh while making a transaction on Internet.

Related links :- 1

Just like Telgi, Shastry will be subjected to Narco Test, wherein you inject heroin or LSD into a criminal and allow him to speak whatever he wants and gather all the information....

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

x (

Sitting at office after a HUGE weekend with a compile error and server shutdown so that you cant start off, is a wonderful way to start off the first day of the week.

Anyway hope everyone had a great Diwali Blast!

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