Friday, December 23, 2011

Hangzhou 再见

Hangzhou, bye....
It was a good experience...Stayed the longest duration outside India this time.

Lots of memories .... Lots of fun....

Starting to Blr tomorrow

Monday, December 12, 2011

Kempegowda song

One of my favorite songs in recent times is from Kempegowda....The singer VijayPrakash (from Mysore) has got a rocking voice ! Humming that song since this morning......

Check out this song makkalra....

Amazing song....What voice ! Both the singers ( Shreya Goshal and VijayPrakash) have done a great job...

Had to really google a lot to find this song....Had heard it on radio and I did not remember the lyrics and did not know the name of the film...

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The kind of feedback we get from parents and teachers as young children has a major impact on the implicit beliefs we develop about our abilities

According to the article - Kids must be praised for the EFFORT they put  for  the work ..... Instead of praising them for how SMART they are....

Read this article "The trouble with bright Kids" , really thought provoking.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

a perfect day to blog

A friday.

Listening to Piper at the gates of dawn.

Early morning CCTV english news made me realize that the world economy is in a bad situation. With this kind of news looming in the telecom industry, I believe this is true. Hmm tough days ahead.  Find ways to stay afloat and the start water skiing.

Great to be back on the blogging dashboard - it is tough to cross the great firewall of china.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ra.One - Is it the beginning of the end of SRK?

Thanks to the neighbors, we ended up watching Ra.One on Saturday (free tickets).

We were literally scared of being caught by ppl we knew (esp Salman khan fans) and being branded as "u 2 Brutus" as we were/are one of the leading SRK bashers post Kal-ho-na-ho... with the exception being "Chak De India".

Landing in a theater in shorts (for me) and skirt (for Pushpa) in the midst of uncles, aunties decked up in Kanjeevaram sarees , over the top salwar suits and bachha log- contributing to the cacophony, after a dinner of not so good Sichuan food almost made us sick. Not to forget we are always wary of 3-D movies after the Avataar experience at iMax (this is not Apple's isn't it?)couple of year's ago.

We literally prayed for a quick start and hopefully a swift end to the movie.. we were making plans as to what time we should leave the hall and had an agreement anytime after 30mins, if the movie went horribly wrong was appropriate.

I was desperately hoping we will have some good peek-a-boo at the upcoming movies so that it was worth the Sichuanese food we spent on (tickets were free remember). But alas, the screen lit up to Ra-One and the numerous "thank you" notes and media partner lists.. sickness increases..

And then SRK starts as Lucifer with some cliched jokes - iski lee, uski lee and sabki lee, but it works and surprisingly we sit through the first half without much issues.. below is the list as to what works and what doesn't in the first half

Does Not Works
SRK as Lucifer Some jokes
SRK as a Tamilian The kiddo
SRK in general Kareena Kapoor in a cut Roberto Cavalli dress
Sanjay Dutt & PC SRK dying - what a relief
The Rays Crap The Chinese chap
Dilip Tahil The R-One vs G-One fight sequence
Spaghetti and yogurt
blah blah blah

both of us nod that first half relatively went in a breeze and we agree to continue .. and this is where we make the mistake ..and probably the writers, directors of the movie as well... in the second half , two things work in every category

songs - chammak challo and dil dara.. and only because of Kareena
actos - arjun rampal and kareena , especially her under Ra-Ones influence.. she should take up some vamp role..

rest all, including superstar Rajini:( and the climax are a waste of time.. especially Mr. Satish Shah..

looks like initially Ra-one started out to please the kids, but then SRK wants to get to uncles, aunties, girls, boys, straight, gays, lesbians, south indians, north indians, auto drivers, it folks, so on and so forth which ends exactly like "spaghetti and curd" concept.. surprisingly the animal kingdom is let un-touched.. due you have missed a cat/dog in the movie..

also he wants to please by having terminator, spider man, iron man, torn, hulk and blah blah blah all in one single movie.. as he knows this is his last opportunity to do so..

on a whole .. if you reserve 5-stars for rating and split it between the first half and second half.. you can award 1.5-2 for the first half and anywhere from 0.5 - 1 star for the second half.. giving it a total of 2 to 3 stars..

after watching bodyguard and Singham, certainly feel this one is not the crappiest movie to reach 100 crores this year.. seriously do not know if we felt this way because we had ultra-low expectation and also that we did not spend HKD 200 on the movie ticket.. after all it might not be paisa vasool..

whatever SRK has got from the endorsements, cable, and other rights .. he will probably take a loss... looks like distributors will probably take a loss too.. and this will certainly reduce SRK's clout...

its a steep hill for the self-crowned King Khan to climb back.. and i dont think switching gears to Don-2 will work either.. Farhan akhtar will be cursing SRK as to why he had to release Ra One..

ps: i cannot go through the blog again and re-correct myself.. its too much of a pain..

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I have just lost the interest to work today. Some days (esp. yday and today, it is just not me). Very bored. Reminds me of those lull days. Third time happening in my life....Reminds me how a careless mistake can cause big misunderstandings. Really bad days.

Hope things will be right soon. Nothing much to say.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Buddhist temple near QindaoHu

A lake.

An island on the lake. A tall mountain on the island.

Stone steps more than 1000 years old. A hard climb. First we see a stone hand sculpted with a Shanka and Chakra. We go higher up the mountain. A flower garden. A pond with gold fish with clear water. And some lotus. Even more higher. We see statue of the Laughing Buddha - He must have been a buddhist monk. Go further, you see a peach tree with pink flowers and then Buddha smiles.

Beautifully maintained temple. Spiritual. It was so silent and a very wonderful experience.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

The Art of War

The art of war is an ancient Chinese military book from a Chinese military general called Sun Tzu. Although the book is about military strategies, it has found applications in the modern business strategies. The book is engrossing and free available on the web. You can read it in your free time.

Probably Sun Tzu was like Chanakya.

By the way, I am randomly playing a song from a Norwegian band. Ok, one of the rare Scandinavian bands which does not sound heavy at all. Sounds like a modern beatles song. I highly recommend this song.

Your girl from KakkMaddaFakka (the name is an onomatopoeia for ...well...) 

Monday, September 26, 2011


Hangzhou is wet for the past one or two days. The trees and the leaves look very green and beautiful. Had a nice walk to office today - many people are wearing silk with large floral patterns and there are colorful umbrellas everywhere. The weather is pleasant and the environment is reassuring.

However there is a turbulence in my mind.Nonetheless, I have put my career on an autopilot mode and it floats on.

The october season is a national holiday time here and people are busy buying fresh crabs, ducks and lobsters. I am buying time and indulging myself in laziness.

Why is it I find so difficult to concentrate some days ? Let me get back to work. Tired of reading stupid stuff on rediff and answering to useless emails which is taking me nowhere.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Here in Hangzhou the car owners have a great diversity in their taste. I have seen cars from the humble suzuki alto and swift to the high end hummers, land rovers

BMW is like Honda City (compared to Blr here). Very common. However the most common cars are something called as "Buick" (seems it is a General Motors' brand). Also many s/w engineers have skoda fabias and skoda octavias and lauras.But the buick brand is the most common one here. Also there is one more brand called geely and some antique looking car called cooper.

I do not see renault's here.. ALL THE OTHER CARS in India are here and more

Sunday, September 18, 2011


with the wife accompanying me to various 'male oriented' movies, it was time for pay-back. So we decided to watch the "Bridesmaids" this Saturday which captures the travails of a struggling single woman presumably in her thirties, having to undergo the trauma of being the 'maid of honor'. This after a 10K walk/run session in the morning and a heavy south Indian breakfast

For the first time in our HK movie watching history we arrived way too early -20 mins before the show had started. That gave us enuf time to surf for a good sandwich and coffee in the IFC mall, which is not so a great place if you are looking for anything apart from the BRANDED overpriced clothing and accessories.

After 15 mins of loitering we finally settled for a coffee and a sandwich from the multiplex's cafe . My initial discomforts on watching a 'chick flick' were put into rest when around half of the viewers were men or women who sounded like men. The show began with the trailer of "Point Blank". (probably something we will watch, esp it sounded like a Spanish movie) I hate it when there are no or just 1/2 trailers. I usually watch movies for the trailers as well and HK leaves me disappointed in this arena.

Anyway, the movie starts with the lead character having a somewhat humbling sleepover, and goes through her emotional travails with a sense of good humor, as she tries to see the positive side in her best friend's wedding. Agree its no "The Hangover", but it certainly is not one of those Hugh Grant movies, and actually falls into the categories of "Bridget Jones Dairies" movies.

So ladies go watch it for some good fun and guys if you are into a relationship suggest this movie to your better halves and get some brownie points or else wait for its appearance on Netflix, HBO or Star Movies. ( don't sue me pls)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

When you are dealing only with signed and unsigned integers to represent antenna transmission powers expressed in milliwatts and decibels and there are lot of logarithm and exponential function conversions in a signalling processor where floating operations are banned due to CPU cycle consumption (as per coding guidelines), life is difficult.

But then that's what programming on a dsp is all about - hard and challenging and dealing with only integers. tough stuff. Yesterday we are faced with a problem of calculating (y)^x when x can be = {2,4,8,16,20,40,80,160} and y = {0.000 ..... 0.9999}. Yes there is a 4 digit precision needed and you need to use only integers. But then we saw some code on the web and we could adapt that code.

It was interesting to say the least.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Something which is extremely apparent at the work place at China is the way the developers perceive the management. The manager's authority is not questioned. I have seen three teams here and it is the same in all the teams. His word is the final. I am more of people's person (at least that's what I try to project) and I try to value people over process - That's what I at least aim to do so. When I gave the choice to some people to pick up some work items, their first reaction is :- we would like you to allocate us the work Also, as I was watching the CCTV channel, there is one scene where the students get up and greet the teacher when he comes to class. They really bend their heads down and bow their heads REALLY DOWN.

OK - perhaps that's why communism works here - Perhaps I am restricting myself to a narrow minded stereotype but that's my gut feel. Somehow communism may not work in India. A few idealists shouting their principles out and neither Kerala or West Bengal impress as communist led states - which makes me believe that communism may not work in all places.

This led me to google more on this topic and I landed into Power Distance Index and a management research paper by a guy called Hofstede.Perhaps, many people have already heard of his name, but this is really interesting.

Power distance Index measures the extent to which the less powerful members of organizations and institutions (like the family) accept and expect that power is distributed unequally. 

Look at China and India and then look at the scandinavian countries' power index in this post

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The unofficial vegetarian guide in the Zhejiang province

Take a print out and carry this -

I tasted some chinese dishes today. Theye were "interesting" and really tasty to say the least. By mistake I ate duck's egg..Quack quack. Remember "egg" can mean any egg - that's where I got misled.

Step 1: express your preference to the waiter- Show him this sentence

English: I am a vegetarian
I only eat vegetable, I can take eggs/milk but NOT meat.|
Chinese: 我是素食主义者(只吃素菜),我可以吃各种蛋/牛奶但是什么肉都不吃。

NOTE: please NOTE vegetarian is really rare in China
, so in some rare cases it might be possible some servants can NOT understand what does vegetarian mean, though I suppose the above statements should be clear enough

Step 2 : Spoon and Fork - unless you are a chopstick master

English: I need spoon and fork.
Chinese: 我需要刀和叉作为餐具。

Step 3 : Menu
English: please show me the menu, with English OR with pictures.
Chinese: 请给我菜单,有英语或者有图的。

Step 4: After burrrp

English: please show me the bill! How much is it?
Chinese: 买单!多少钱?

2: typical words used in the restaurants:


























Meat (the things you want to avoid, e.g. pork, chicken, lamb, etc)



Flying cake



3: what I had today





Estimated price


Pickled duck’s egg



~ 12 CNY


Chinese Date (jujube)


~ 10 CNY


Sweet lotus root with sticky rice


Mizi tang’ou

~ 10 CNY


Pumpkin covered by egg yolk


Danhuang nangua

~ 18 CNY


Boiled souliecai Vegetableand tofu

NOTE: sorry there is NO English name for手捏菜 I am afraid, thus I put the pingying here


Souliecai doufu

~ 20 CNY


rice noodle with egg and cabbage (without sea food


Haixian cao fensi (buyao haixian)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

9 Nations of China

The nine nations of china.

Now, I stay in the Zhejiang province. "THE METROPOLIS" according to the article.

suddenly i am totally unplugged from the happening India....need to dig into this anna hazare news...

regarding corruption - I really cannot take a concrete stance :I think it is impossible to eliminate corruption at ALL levels.

When we hear abt corruption, first we think about bribes.The biggest unaccounted sum I had paid was Rs.12,000 for which I received no receipt. This was while getting the house registration - This I learnt would be shared among all the workers working in the sub-registrar's office including the computer data entry boy and all the odd job workers. Of course, I am sure some portion would also go to sub-registrar. But then - some amount of bribe could be legalized - By having a STRICT demarcation between a GIFT and a BRIBE. For eg. anything < 5000/= could be a legal gift. More than that, would be a bribe. According to the current law, both the bribe taker and the bribe giver are criminal offenders - NRN's idea => Make Bribe GIVING as legal and make bribe taking as illegal. I dunno how it would work.

Regarding the Jan Lokpal bill, I seriously do not know whether any other country has such a model of policing the Indian State. Any fleeting/ serious thoughts ? Our India seems to be becoming absolutely intolerant towards corruption - what a very good trend!

These days, our blog has become sooo inactive- Hope I will find time to re-vitalize it!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

hello hz

one week in china.....having bitter sweet experiences here....I wait for the internet connection @ home with bated breath.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Grading subjective answers using a program

An Optical Marker Sheet can be scanned and computer readers can detected the shaded spots and detect a correct / wrong answer based on an answer key.

But consider this challenge:-

a) A student can write an exam on a paper => Which can be graded by a computer.

b) A student can type an exam on a computer => which can be graded by a computer.

So, is this solution a) or b) possible ? At least for the option b) I am just wondering what would the software architecture of the system be like ?

Some professors are already using such software : Here is one such software - SA grader from Idea Works.

Just wondering what could be the applications for such a program : subjective grading - checking against a template and evaluating. There must be a "semantic component" in this software which "understands" the text - Just wondering whether it could be used in web search (for longer queries) ?

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Has the post 2008 crisis economy peaked?

It doesn't seem really good as to what we are heading towards - stagnation in the western world which is influenced by a debt crisis in Europe and a deficit driven craze in the US. The Asian region still seems to be okay, with inflation being the main concern. Asian countries still have some levers to keep the domestic economy propelled by adjusting the interest rate downwards. And we have China which still wants to build excess stuff in almost all sectors which will keep demand going for a while.But not sure for how long Asian tigers can sustain with the help from the Western demand as most of them rely on exports.

The West seems to have lost the recovery race. And the banks are taking note of this by shedding jobs in Europe and NA. Oil is rolling back towards $90/bbl, leading indicators are slumping again, gold's hitting a record daily and interest rates on European bonds are on a massive rise. Or

This is all just a massive market scam to force US to go for a QE3 as most of the instruments above (stocks, bonds, oil, gold etc) are controlled by financial institutions and having milked $1.5 trillion out in profits from the treasury and setting record profits in 2009 and 2010 (not to forget massive bonus payouts), the profitability is on a decline.

The only neutral indicator "Unemployment" rate which the banks do not contribute much to hasn't improved that much.

Now we shall hear requirement of stimulus drumming up from the banks, Fed comes out with statement, followed by treasury and then Mr. Obama will sign for an another stimulus. But wait, he cant do it so directly this time as the Republicans will be vying for his blood. So where do we end-up ??

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Is Obama the biggest disappointment of the decade

I usually reserve my reservations about people to verbal conversations only, as I am assume I do not have the authority to put it down in writing. But man, this guy for all the things the world/ more importantly US of A gave him, he has been the biggest disappointment ..

This is not what is expected from the 2008 Time Person of the Year and the Nobel prize winner.... probably the awards committee went too much ahead in time in declaring him a super-hero.

this week follows one more compromise on the debt issue.. cut deficit to push debt through 2012.. meaning.. i don't really care about socialistic agenda, I just want to get my second round of Presidency.. Capt' America is certainly as glued to his seat as is BSY.. (oh the latter resigned).. The Supreme commander is no better than our senile PM, who bends over and out to please Madame Gandhi..

I seriously wonder if Obama is a Republican mole inside the Democratic party... ?? If he seriously believes in whatever he says.. be it that the tax cuts for the rich is not appropriate, or his views on medicare and helping the 99% of American population. Why does he always reach a compromise with the Republicans and give away so many things? Is this what Harvard thought him to do??..

why cannot he Veto out the debt plan, and face the Supreme court..?? I am admiring Jr Bush more now as to how he managed to maneuver his totally stupid decisions through the house and senate .. be it the invasion of Iraq, tax cuts, $700 billion bailout package etc etc.. by creating FEAR and passing it through others spine successfully..

I am now against sending young ppl to mighty positions.. they suck due to lack of experience..

Sunday, July 24, 2011

There are 2 types of students.

Some students follow their master to the hilt. They are the perfect students for a master. They follow the principles laid down by their teacher or the master with devotion. This is especially true in the "field" of religion. The principles laid down by the guru are religiously followed by the students. Those principles are so blindly followed that, the original intent of those teachings would perhaps be forgotten over the course of time. In the field of science, Aristotle's ideas were accepted EVEN by the scholars of those years without challenging until Copernicus, Galileo came along. Newtonian Physics dominated until Einstein came along....

Some students are smarter. They find the best points or the talent of their master which actually was responsible for making the master, and then advance to add their own blend of creativity and carve their own path and write their own destiny. The key point here is that: recognize when you should branch from your master - you cannot just worship your master your whole life- when will you put your own head to use ?

Now why am I saying all this ? I keep watching (or rather , forced to watch) all those reality shows. In one of the reality shows, they judge people based on how much the contestant follows the original song. If the contestant follows the vocals of the original singer accurately, he is judged better. Conformance to the original song is appreciated.

In other reality show, (the judges are of the calibre of SPB, Hamsaleka) they encourage creativity, improvisation.

Somehow I feel this value is more ingrained in the roots of Indian society. We tend to encourage and feel safe of about confirming to accepted ideas, time tested careers, family business continuation and never let a person blossom his creativity. I do not have a solution to this problem. The European countries, I always wonder, how do they have so many contributing citizens in so many diverse fields . It is very seldom that find a German/Swede/Finn who is a zero. They tend to honestly specialize in something. Hmm that is a big topic and we cannot conclude anything ....

Saturday, July 16, 2011

I watched the movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara yesterday. Did not expect much from the movie, but liked the songs which have been playing on the TV.

The movie has a certain mood of "feel good" attached to it. I like the idea of three thirty something friends going on a road trip. The best part is, the movie unfolds beautifully about how they open up with each other as time spent progresses.

Raja Sen's review is unsurprisingly merciless (as usual). Of course I did not watch Dil Chahta Hai , so I do not know whether this movie will click. Btw, still have not watched Delhi Belly.

Maybe we should do that road trip thing one day. Sounds like a fun idea.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

my new nokia c7 mobile is lost. :-( ...Life sucks. I had so many contacts and nice photos and videos of my daughter in that phone. Reckless with valuable stuff....sometimes it is better to buy a phone like 1100...

i got down from my cab to wolf down my daily dose of pani puri and i must have dropped it on the way back....

Need to get a duplicate sim, that 7 year old mobile number is all important to me.

Current Music : Karma is a $#@%W$@

Sunday, May 01, 2011

I am fascinated with scripts which deal with plagiarism. There was a Kannada movie called Kantheredu Nodu which is one of my favorite movies to remake if I were a director.....

The best part is that, I have not even seen this movie fully, but the script gives a lot of scope for improvisation. This mixed with the story of the Kannada playwright Samsa will be an interesting recipe.

However, as I browsing about all this plagiarism related trivia, I came across this REAL startler:-

What if William Shakespeare did not write the plays attributed to him ? Whoa...When all the truth in this world is a big lie !

Check this article about Shakespeare Authorship Question - Maybe it is a conspiracy theory. But I would love to believe that Shakespeare wrote the stuff attributed to him.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Picture this :

You are dancing to some nice Jazz music and there is wine and all that. The background music to this is : Enter Sandman - From Metallica.

Sounds far-fetched ?

Some smart guy in Youtube has taken the vocals of Metallica and made a Smooth Jazz version of Enter Sandman, perfect for a romantic evening. heheh...The metal heads will be fuming !!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

March 27th

An early morning piping hot coffee with 2 ice cubes and a dose of Movies Now. A well slept night washes away the thoughts and the mind is a clean mark board. A missed calendar alarm and a missed sms. An eggless cake. A dusty red car trying to soak in the elusive rain . Speeding through a known area after a period of 2 years. Veg Sizzler. A red ant bite. Pipes through the nose and mouth. 2 pen shots and the black eyes clearing up.

Life goes on...

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Friday late evening there was a call from my manager to check some release blocking defects and I was forced to stay awake till 1:30. After that I took a nice nap on Saturday morn, but got up at 5:45 and I was spaced out and dizzy because of lack of sleep....

Saturday afternoon, I was tired and was stuffed like a python and wanted to sleep...But, I decided to watch Dhobi Ghat. It was a hot afternoon and I curtained my room and blocked sunshine and made the room dark and the ceiling fan whirred at a gentle speed. I was undoubtedly tired...

I dunno, if I had seen the movie in some other mood with expectations, I would not have liked it at all...But somehow, I was really freshened - Maybe it was the rains they show in the movie or the gentle pace or the life of Bombay - In fact nothing happens in the movie - Background music is so minimal and artistically used . And all the actors have done an awe-inspiring job. Very well made.

Hmmm...Other than that I had a convocation ceremony for my degree at MSRIT. The food was good and we were made to wear the caps and the provost of IIT had come all the way from Chicago and TN Seshan and Rajiv Mody (Sasken CEO) were there....Interesting event...

Monday, January 31, 2011

This Chinese New Year is the year of the rabbit : Not many people have turned up from the testing team from Hangzhou, and looks like I will have a relaxing week. Seems like the new year in China is a week long celebration.

We do not have such a vacation like that :-( Except for Diwali.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

2 suns ...

Wow if our astronomers are to be believed, that would be an incredible event. Betelgeuse one of the real big stars is going to be blow up (or we see the event now) - it would be a Supernova. Here is a news report on Betelgeuse blowing up

This star is really gigantic and hence it would blast as a supernova....and then probably become a neutron star or a black hole. See the size comparison of Betelgeuse with Earth or even Sun here

But when it could blow up is a question : It could be million years from now ? Or as recent as 2012 ? If we are seeing it blow up in 2012 then it should have actually exploded in 1400s as it is 600 odd light years away and that light is reaching earth just now....

Nonetheless just wondering how can they predict life cycle of a star. A star can live for millions (or perhaps billions??) of years...Then how can we predict its lifecycle ? We might have advancements in astronomy for the past 100 years but that's just a fraction of time. They might be using some simulations/ theoretical models...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

When you are testing Wireless Networking equipment, you can easily see testcases depicting scenarios like :

User travelling at 30kmph and he is doing an ftp application and he executes a "handover" (which would mean, one tower would handover its responsibilities of managing/ tracking this user to another tower because the user is going away from this cell) and the handover has to be successful and the ftp has to continue with an acceptable speed without disruption of service.

Back in 2006, I would have smirked : Good testcase....but, Ha! which moron would be doing an ftp while travelling. Probably this is valid in developed countries ...

But today in 2010, I found myself doing that - I remembered myself thinking aloud that day and I was so convinced that Wireless data services would not make a big impact to the life of people ! A real life Handover scenario (forget the testing and all that) ....Yes, I was downloading the "Angry Birds" application which is a popular game , sitting in the cab. The 2MB download started near my place and completed near Ghali Anjaneya Swamy temple which is like 5km away and there must have been at least 1 Handover....The download went through smoothly.

A http session is still a stateless protocol so all your web browsing may not have a real handover scenario but just a change in the serving cell....but an ftp session is a different story.

Which made me think about Vision. Some people can think 2 or three years down the lane. They have staunch beliefs that their ideas (be good or bad or useless) would come to light and people would use them. Vision is what a higher management team needs. They need to predict what will happen say in 2015 and then bring in the people who can execute their vision.

I know I may sound really like "??????" but it really pays for having a roadmap 5 years down the lane. True for corporations, True for Politics, Perhaps good to have for Personal Life as well...(I agree : Sometimes live for the moment works very well in life)

Monday, January 17, 2011

A mammoth idea

One Japanese professor has announced that he would go to Siberia and try to find the undamaged tissue of a mammoth or at least get some mammoth tissue from Russian scientists and clone a mammoth.

Sounds cooL enough...The technique of regenerating a mammoth is interesting to read but everything depends on what he is able to find.

I do not know, but somehow I do not like the idea of cloning....Remember Agent Smith ?

Also, do you remember the movie Omen-1. The son of the devil , Damien was born out of a wolf or some other creature. At that time, it sounded fearsome , but then that is what the science of cloning could do.

Sounding "Apocryphal" today ...heheh

Saturday, January 15, 2011

No one killed Jessica

India is a country when one can easily lose hope because of the chaos, the grind. Most people continue to live this existence like sheep and some become tigers ruling the sheep and some become greedy dogs barking and snatching; Some are pigs - eat the filth and are despicable.

Can someone lose their life because of not serving drink ? Is the value of a drink as valuable as a life ? asks Vidya Balan's intrepretation of Sabrina Lal. It is a hard hitting depressing movie. Does not lose the tempo and really well done.

The music is FABULOUS. Amit Trivedi of Dev-D scores like a master in this movie. The songs are raw and they have the angst and dark depths required for this kind of the movie. One of the most promising music directors of the post Rahman era. Here is a sample of one of the songs : No one killed Jessica - Aetbaar.

The movie is a good one, it requires that kind of a mood to appreciate the movie - It tries to show what kind of role media can play in a democracy. Watch the trailer of No one Killed Jessica to understand the mood.
Interesting video : This is relevant to large corporations - Very true.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Mobile Number portability is coming to India

And as usual the Telephone Operators are fighting their asses out to lure away the customers. Now you might probably know the fiercest battleground of advertising is Telecom operators in India. They often come out with amazing ads.

But somehow, the Vodafone ads are a cut above the rest. They capture the eagerness and curiousity of a child in a fair "something special is happening here, i want to go there" very well.

Not sure who is the director ...The photographer...I dunno how they found that guy...You can tell a story abt him.... Check out this MNP ad from VDF

Here is an ad for MNP from Idea.

BUT APART from the ads, if you ask me about the VDF coverage, this is still a debatable point.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

India has a booming Health Tourism Industry and this is reflected by the number of patients visiting India. However there is a strange case of politics happening in the field of medical research:

A superbug (an antibiotic resistant organism) has been named after New Delhi. It is being called "New Delhi superbug" - A name that hints that the origin of the organism is in Delhi, but Indian doctors say that's not the case.

Eminent doctors like Dr. Devi Shetty have spoken to the media that it is a case of tarnishing Indian Health Tourism.

Healthcare experts in India say the British are just worried because they are losing patients to hospitals here. “It’s a false alarm, I track infection and have not seen a single case in my hospital. Hospital-acquired infections are far more common in Britain and the West than in India,” said Dr Yatin Mehta, chairman, institute of critical care and anaesthesia, Medanta – The Medicity.

Back to Monarchy

okies.. almost everyone knows this..but the statistics shown in this article on Indian politics turning into a family business is quite alarming..

Not sure what the future of politics in the country is.. but it certainly doesn't seem to be encouraging.. in the future we will have "Shenshah e hindustan' rather than "prime minister of india" blah blah blah..

somehow when we were politically progressive we were economically backward, now when the economic engine is steaming well politics takes a backward step..

succession planning has successfully penetrated business, bollywood and politics.. the Defense force is the only salvation..

Friday, January 07, 2011

The office has been updated to the distant fairyland Manyata Tech Park.
Although the place is really damn good, I have to get used to this long journey YET AGAIN.

Hopefully I shall get used to this.