Tuesday, January 18, 2011

When you are testing Wireless Networking equipment, you can easily see testcases depicting scenarios like :

User travelling at 30kmph and he is doing an ftp application and he executes a "handover" (which would mean, one tower would handover its responsibilities of managing/ tracking this user to another tower because the user is going away from this cell) and the handover has to be successful and the ftp has to continue with an acceptable speed without disruption of service.

Back in 2006, I would have smirked : Good testcase....but, Ha! which moron would be doing an ftp while travelling. Probably this is valid in developed countries ...

But today in 2010, I found myself doing that - I remembered myself thinking aloud that day and I was so convinced that Wireless data services would not make a big impact to the life of people ! A real life Handover scenario (forget the testing and all that) ....Yes, I was downloading the "Angry Birds" application which is a popular game , sitting in the cab. The 2MB download started near my place and completed near Ghali Anjaneya Swamy temple which is like 5km away and there must have been at least 1 Handover....The download went through smoothly.

A http session is still a stateless protocol so all your web browsing may not have a real handover scenario but just a change in the serving cell....but an ftp session is a different story.

Which made me think about Vision. Some people can think 2 or three years down the lane. They have staunch beliefs that their ideas (be good or bad or useless) would come to light and people would use them. Vision is what a higher management team needs. They need to predict what will happen say in 2015 and then bring in the people who can execute their vision.

I know I may sound really like "??????" but it really pays for having a roadmap 5 years down the lane. True for corporations, True for Politics, Perhaps good to have for Personal Life as well...(I agree : Sometimes live for the moment works very well in life)


Bridget Jones said...

I agree. I have heard people say "asking the right questions is the most important aspect of research", and that boils down to vision too.

What would "having vision" for life be though? Plan kids, buy house, save for retirement ... somehow "personal life" seems to have a very simplified plan.

Or am I just being too pessimistic ?

sudeep said...

yes in a general sense, i think it looks like a simple plan ...

but in reality, i think: introspection might throw insight in personal life as well ...

because many people take joy in professional accomplishment as a personal fulfillment..