Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I don't know how this post is gonna end, but it is definitely gonna start with what is happening at work.....To some extent it is adrenaline, fun etc....But since it is huuuge, you end up losing energy by the end of the day , too tired even to turn on the stereo as you drive through the madness of a 8:45 dry and cold night of Bangalore. I dont want to remind myself of details and get a gut-wrenching feeling.


Met rajaneesh on the weekend and he quoted a memorable truth:-

It is not what or how much hardwork you do at work, but it is how important the work is to the higher ups, which guarantee visibility. Example, you may be doing a trivial thing but that trivial thing might be very important.

And we saw "Don" the movie. Don is good, but waaaaaay to sophisticated and heavily inspired by Hollywood flicks. I would prefer the lambu and great looking Amitabh Bachchan in a Mafatlal suit looking damn smart, in some car chase in UP in India than SRK sitting in Paris/Malayasia.The Don of the yesteryears had a clunky charm, but this new Don is really very sophisticated. Zeenat Aman in the nurse outfit looked oh-so-gorgeous and Priyanka Chopra is okay.But Kareena Kapoor is really wasted, and she has not taken her looks seriously for this movie, and cant look like a vamp with oomph owing to weight problems.Ish Koppikar looks very un-Indian with the makeup, but some loose outfits could have been avoided. On the acting frontier, except for SRK, well chuck it. Screenplay is definitely good and a very good job of an adaptation.And Farhan Akhtar is a good auteur but he cannot understand the pulse of Bollywood. Period.

Meanwhile, I also checked out a restaurant called "Herbs and Spices" near Innovative Multiplex. It is an old British Officer's house turned into a restaurant (well it is more like a farmhouse, with some anglo-indians playing good jazz music). Very limited choice for veggies, but it was good continental food, there.

Goose @ Herbs and Spices Posted by Picasa

And I have to pull up my socks. This is a very important thing. (For memory).

Apart from that, today is Kannada Rajyotsava , yellarigu hardhika shubhashayagaLu.This is also a holiday at Bangalore.

And yeah, for regular blog readers, once the work thingy gets going smooth, I will be as regular as ever :-)

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Suri's office Posted by Picasa

Kumar at Bangalore, last week : He has that IIT look, isnt it ?  Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 27, 2006

visit to HK...

Hey guys,

Y dont u all plan for a trip to HK ?? It will be awesome .. Sudeep, Avi, Chilli, Teju, Hebbar, laks etc etc ..

I have freaking 10 days of holidays starting Dec 22nd .. we can have a blast ..
Its a wonderful place.. we can go to China also .. and Macau, the Vegas of east ..


What a wonderful world !

Check out this video, guys......

The irony is so strong and such a contrast.
The lyrics and the song is soooo simple, but the visuals are so ironic.

You got to check out the creativity of Youtubers in this song :-

What a wonderful world - by Loius Armstrong

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

exams ..

i have two exams to write this week, and I am not enthu about it .. the only good part is the exams carry only 45% ..that means I cant fail unless ..................

I remember my exam days back in engineering,
--the 15 day marathon,
--xerox notes, from malleshwaram, hanumanthnagar and bsk 3rd stage,
--long nights at tejus place ( long because of discussions .. politics , life, career, girls ..everything except studies) ..
--chakku troubling us by call at 11:30 pm and psyching us out by claiming he had completed
--teju's tea and kummi's biscuits
--morning breakfast by teju's mom
-- sleeping the whole day just to wake up for another night
-- the gathering at sudeep's palce at 8 in the morning for the final sharing and ofcos filter coffee :)
-- nair not coming into the exam hall inspite he being on campus ..last minute cramming
-- chilli's record breaking exam writing 2.25 hours max
-- followed by early exits from Avinash (peer pressure), Harsha and Carren
-- Nair bothering swati for answers
-- Tejaswi's recording breaking additional papers, matched equally by Sumanth
-- Discussions following exam and Avinash caliming the question wasnt there
-- sudeep misinterpreting (minimum 2 from first section as atleast 2 from first section)
-- me copying a major step in Eng mech derivation from NAIR
-- lokesh always saying 'adhu neen andikondange easy illa' and HM bashing him up ..
-- juice after the exam at Anand's juice counter
-- occassional beats
-- Dil Chahta hai after one of the exams .. (me satya teju and naga) and sudeep not participating bcos its a hindi moive
-- Maiya colleting notes for the next exam alreay
-- Carren using the F word incessantly accusing all the question paper setters as bastards ..
-- Sandeep micro managed chits and Nair photo-copying a chit - truly innovative .. though not using it to any advantage (I think internal times)
-- Me not studying half of Computer architecture and pysching out the last minute ..and maiya explaining pentium architecture..

and the list goes on and on and on

ohh .. My handicapped stage and climing 2 stories for writing exams and Sumanth picking/dropping me from home (thank u richie) ..

Memorable ..

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Don Remake ?

Everybody is keen to pull down the remake of Don. But my sis gave a good review for it and I am eager to watch this movie. It seems that it doesnt follow the old movie completely and I have predicted the ending. I want to verify it!

I will write a review as soon as I see it.


I had this dream, today morning. Most of my dreams are nonsensical and it features me falling from a tall cliff or rocks with hands spread out or I being attacked by a dog with razor sharp teeth. But this one was a Hollywood movie with soldiers and all that.I wont get into the details.But I could interpret this stupid dream.(For my memory's sake)

Ridiculous....Thats all I can say.

UPDATE :: My guess is correct! Hehehe Farhan Akhtar that was a good one...But it was easy....hehehe

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

DTM (Dont touch me)

The DTM experience has been humbling.

It has humbled me and made a tomato soup out of me.

I am stripped of all my pride....Ufff....Lord, I hope it gets completed as soon as possible.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Volvo burns

Bangaloreans are notorious for burning buses. Is this a behaviour restricted only to India?

: A speeding BMTC Volvo bus ran amok, ploughed through a crowded bus shelter near the HAL Helicopter Division on the busy Airport Road and knocked down an autorickshaw and two bikes, leaving two dead and 20 injured on Tuesday afternoon. An irate mob torched the killer bus, a bike and hurled stones on a police jeep and brought life to a halt for hours.

People stand on the bus bays and a running bus stops in the middle of a road because he doesnt want to risk losing the road by actually stopping in the bus bay. As a result :-

Lots of jams at bus bays

And one Volvo zooms into a bus bay (where people are standing) and just rolls its wheels on 18 of them.Sad news.

Read the story here

Monday, October 16, 2006

It seems

my best behaviorial skill is that I am very polite (according to my manager).....

Unbelievable :-)


Friday, October 13, 2006

Ink Pen

When I was little, ball point pens were NOT to be used for classes 5th standard to 9th standard.

A hero pen was 30Rs. and was very popular. There were two types of inkpens. The ones which had a nib like this and the hero pens which had a nib like this.

We used to play with the BRIL inkbottles and our hands , books, shorts were full of blue or black ink stains.

And there were was one game. It was about dropping blots of ink on a paper and folding the paper and producing patterns.

I remembered this game because of a very well made video based on the same fact.
Really creative video.Check it out here

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Itna sannata kyon hain bhai ?

yello yellaru ? Yaaru patthe ne illa ????

Yenu illwa matadakke ?

I was also very busy this week...Hadnt checked the blog, dont have anything to write except writing boring docs and code and excel sheets....It looks like the next few weeks will still continue to be reallly boring from atleast my side.....

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A very strategic acquisition.

Google buys Youtube.
A very good step. Google doing things really right.

Monday, October 09, 2006

House of the rising sun

This song is an American folk song .

I never knew American Histroy was old as having a "folk song". But I love this song so much.

But from 200 years from now, when we'll all be gone, this will become a folk blog. This will be folk literature. I love to be a part of a folklore, am I alone , in this aspect ?

And guess what ? The folk song has "jeans" mentioned in it.
It is abt a prostitute repenting about going to the "House of the Rising Sun"
And House of the Rising Sun is a euphemism for a Brothel.

It is kick ass, especially the Jimi Hendrix version. Some vodka in a dim lit club will make a memorable weekend.....

However, the version of the British version by the "Animals" is really very good, you can check it out. You can check the voice of the lead singer. Really effortless vocals.

Here is the song for you guys to enjoy!!!


It seems the count of dengue is gradually increasing [1]

And the epidemic is spreading in AIIMS (the famous medical institute in Delhi).

If the epidemic breaks in the hospital itself (without any control), perhaps it is a source of great concern.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

It is not that I am lazy. As a matter of fact I am not lazy. Some people are out of their heads....

And I need to lower my optimism.I am way too optimistic....I dont want to be known as an idiot.

I need a break and a kitkat.

:-( Life sucks (atleast today it is sucking like hell).

Friday, October 06, 2006

What do the VCs want ?

I found an article which asserts my belief that VCs (atleast in the Silicon Valley, USA) are not a bunch of people who just want to see their monies double in the next three years, but it is also about passion in technology and need and necessity of good products.

The good VCs are full of ideas and you can easily make out from this article.

The ideas are mindblowing.....I dont know how they get these sorts of ideas.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Let's dance li'l stranger

I just LOVE this video (made by mixing an old FRENCH film ) with a song by the band "Nouvelle Vague".

The video just blends perfectly with the song and the female voice is very naughty......

Very very dreamy and romantic.

Check out the video with your speakers on here

What the hell ???!!!!

Does Salman Khan want to create a career harakiri ...It seems this is his latest picture where he plays the female form of Kalki avatar.

Okay, I am dazed by this image. I am SURE that this movie will be a hit. Will Salman Khan remove his shirt in the movie ? That is an interesting question.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Bandh Update

I had just been out to check whats happening on the roads because of the bandh.
The Bandh seems to have generated a lukewarm response.

For people living outside Bangalore, The bundh is being organised to protest against the Centre’s stand on the Maharashtra-Karnataka boundary dispute. It is because of the Belgaum dispute.

It seems development of North Karnataka towns like Belgaum and Gokak have been eclipsed because all the money has gone into South of Karnataka like Bangalore , Mandya, Mysore development.

Hmmm....I really dont know much on this issue, so I dont have an opinion on this.

But instead of stalling business and life and crippling day to day activites by organizing bandhs, they can think of a better way.

Oh, by the way, Cable TV is playing ONLY KANNADA.

Monday, October 02, 2006