Wednesday, October 25, 2006

exams ..

i have two exams to write this week, and I am not enthu about it .. the only good part is the exams carry only 45% ..that means I cant fail unless ..................

I remember my exam days back in engineering,
--the 15 day marathon,
--xerox notes, from malleshwaram, hanumanthnagar and bsk 3rd stage,
--long nights at tejus place ( long because of discussions .. politics , life, career, girls ..everything except studies) ..
--chakku troubling us by call at 11:30 pm and psyching us out by claiming he had completed
--teju's tea and kummi's biscuits
--morning breakfast by teju's mom
-- sleeping the whole day just to wake up for another night
-- the gathering at sudeep's palce at 8 in the morning for the final sharing and ofcos filter coffee :)
-- nair not coming into the exam hall inspite he being on campus ..last minute cramming
-- chilli's record breaking exam writing 2.25 hours max
-- followed by early exits from Avinash (peer pressure), Harsha and Carren
-- Nair bothering swati for answers
-- Tejaswi's recording breaking additional papers, matched equally by Sumanth
-- Discussions following exam and Avinash caliming the question wasnt there
-- sudeep misinterpreting (minimum 2 from first section as atleast 2 from first section)
-- me copying a major step in Eng mech derivation from NAIR
-- lokesh always saying 'adhu neen andikondange easy illa' and HM bashing him up ..
-- juice after the exam at Anand's juice counter
-- occassional beats
-- Dil Chahta hai after one of the exams .. (me satya teju and naga) and sudeep not participating bcos its a hindi moive
-- Maiya colleting notes for the next exam alreay
-- Carren using the F word incessantly accusing all the question paper setters as bastards ..
-- Sandeep micro managed chits and Nair photo-copying a chit - truly innovative .. though not using it to any advantage (I think internal times)
-- Me not studying half of Computer architecture and pysching out the last minute ..and maiya explaining pentium architecture..

and the list goes on and on and on

ohh .. My handicapped stage and climing 2 stories for writing exams and Sumanth picking/dropping me from home (thank u richie) ..

Memorable ..


Sridhar Raman said...

>>-- Discussions following exam and Avinash caliming the question wasnt there
:))) Oh I remember that! I remember his "yaavdo adhu question-u?!!"

Great post...lots of memories.
Only difference for the guys staying on the other side of Mysore Road was the Pepsi at A-Z in Vijaynagar.

sudeep said...

-- Tejaswi's recording breaking additional papers, matched equally by Sumanth

Wonderful post zeeds....I had forgotten about Teju taking so many answer sheets.....He used to write six line in one sheet!!!!!!

his handwriting in exams was just huuuge...

That was really funny!!

laksnj said...

And when it comes to additional sheets, who can beat the "Excuse me Madame, can I please have an additional sheet Madame". No prizes for guessing who I am referring to. These lines used to linger in my mind for the entire duration of the exam, and if at any point of time I have forgotten something this person is to be blamed.

Nice post Gd, good to read that you are actually thinking about your exam..:):):)

Tejaswi said...

Hehe Laks, GD and I were never in that room. Register numbers too far away for us. Instead we were left to gape at Cos Theta, Sharat Sudarshan (from Mech.) wishing each of his friends all the best in the room, and other eclectic behaviour.

Man, this post brought back a lot of memories, and Satya's insistence that we had to had to had to see the movie that day.

A few more lines to this great post from my memory.

- The transition from 2pu to engg. truly happened in 3rd 4th sem times when I began to understand the 5 questions out of 8 strategy fully.
- RVCE memories.
- Those text books, man. From Naschelsky, or whatever the spelling was, to Hammacher, Gaonkar, Hayes, Hearn and Baker, Aho and Ullman, and of course, Ullman and Hopcroft (how I wish now that I had had Sipser then), Tannenbaum's incredibly funny writing (everyone remembers the station wagon down the highway with disks), the untouchable Hwang and Briggs, and zeroxed programming languages book, crappy notes from all over for Fault Tolerant Computing, damn damn the subject. GD this post makes me pine for those days.

Tejaswi said...

This might seem a little too premature for GD as of now, but I cannot think of our engg. exams without thinking of the result day. The wait, and rumours, and the mad rush to check the marks in the night. Why is it that the results always came out in the nights, and the torn sheets of computer printouts near that board, etc. And of course, calculating aggregates :D

zeeds said...

This really is an amazing set of comments :) which just expands the set of remembrances :).

The last and most agonizing( personally) Infy sending the postoponment letter which quoted , 'your selection is deferred until further notice' on our Programming language exams ;-) hehe

Avinash said...

I remember -
- Sandeep and I used to go to ParkView after exams prmising to ourselves to have just 1/2 soup and end up spending 400bucks on kabab, naan, chickn tikka and what not..

- Tejaswi pushing me off the canteen steps.. That was one animated fall I had...
God! I was so angry that day!

Wonderful post mama .. I want those days back..

zeeds said...

I got screwed in my marketing exam today :) ..reminds me of Math 2, SOM, CO and many many .. have one more exam on Sunday - probability and statistics

richie said...

Super post leh :). I miss those theory exams . I added myself to the Teju's house studying circle only in the last semester. Total timepass alli :). Discuss everything under the earth other than studies.

Other than that:
1) Sudeep's house for last minute studies.

2) Kumar time e saakaglilvo :).

3) Kiran alias tension Maiya, 'idu vodediya, vodilva', yeno maaDodu... Nanna maga :) yellarigu tension antha.

sudeep said...

The whole engineering days and the late December 2001 and till June 2002 days...The fundas we gave each other....Man...all this looks like some other janma......

We are old mama...