Monday, February 13, 2012

blank space

The weekend was spent on the white elephant flying to the sea shore and attending a marriage: Picked up a copy of the book "The witch from Portobello" : The book is good in parts but not good as a whole.

But one thing which really caught my eye in the book was about calligraphy. The book talks about calligraphy in detail and calligraphy emphasizes blank spaces between the words and the lines so that the words look more beautiful. And the author relates it to life in general : The blank spaces are the times when nothing eventful happens - But these blank spaces are really essential to make things in life look good.

A blank space could be a good sleep or it could be looking and pondering about something really not tangible/sensible at the moment. Tangible at the moment for me : traffic, bank, television, cubicle, laptops and gadgets. Intangible at the moment : hmm the list is endless.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Bheeshma had the gift of choosing the day of his death. When would a person consider that his life has been meaningful ? What would be the ultimate satisfaction for a person to say he has led a fulfilling life ? Everyone would have their own version of the definition of leading a good life. What is yours ?

As Steven Covey had said: Imagine yourself (or rather your soul) hearing the eulogy from your friends and relatives. What would you like them to remember you as ? What would they talk about you ? They would talk about you as a person .. What legacy would you want to leave ? That's where your vision should be - To begin with the end in mind

Sometimes, I feel that the desire to live and the willingness to adapt to new things , the zest to live makes you more ALIVE. It seems that the desire to do something increases longevity.

Video that made me write this : Moby - Natural Blues

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Discovering ....Manu Chao

I like airplanes, I like you.
I like traveling, I like you.
I like the morning, I like you.
I like the wind, I like you.
I like to dream, I like you.
I like the sea, I like you.
I will do,
What times these are, my heart
I like the bike, I like you.
I like to run, I like you.
I like the rain, I like you.
I like to go back, I like you.
I like marijuana I like you.
I like Colombian, I like you.
I like the mountains, I like you.
I like the night, I like you.
What times these are, my heart
I like the dinner, I like you.
I like the neighbor, I like you.
I like the kitchen, I like you.
I like to cajole, I like you.
I like the guitar, I like you.
Regaee I like, I like you.
What times these are, my heart
I like cinnamon, I like you.
I like fire, I like you.
I like to move, I like you.
I like Corunna, I like you.
I like MalasaƱa, I like you.
I like the brown, I like you.
I like Guatemala, I like you.

Current Music : Manu Chao - Me Gustas Tu