Thursday, September 29, 2005

anything happend ??

Sudeep is still alive .. but the biggg question is .. what did he do after seeing DK in his naitive land aka hoskerehalli, sita circle ..

may be DK would been impressed to see sudeepa in a Maruti and not a scooter. Also she might be impressed about the fact that the car is running on LPG( environmental friendly etc etc)..

Sudeepa .. all these details requried ..


I took a detour today morning and I decide I will go past my old home via Sita Circle et al.
It was a while since I had been to those areas. I was suprised to see a big slum extend till the Sita Circle Petrol bunk.

I also found that these people made wooden statues (excellent wooden statues) which resemble Inca gods, almost 4 feet high. They also have brought camels! Yes, CAMELS!!! Elephants are not uncommon in India, but Camels! I had seen a camel in a zoo....I havent seen Camels in Bank Colony or Sita Circle in my 25+ years of my life.I was just wondering how on earth did they find the camels...

and then,

I saw "DK".

Wow! it was like 5 years or more...(remember DK???) and all the circuitous cycle trips in the rain ...... It was a long time ago.

And now, if looks can kill, she can easily become a murderer.

Current Music: Air - Playground Love

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Smart alec

Question to Infy CEO:-
Things are happening much faster in China, where they build infrastructure so rapidly.

CEO anwers :-

It's going to happen, but not the way it happens in China. In China, a bunch of guys get in a room and decide to build a 16-lane highway from Shanghai to Beijing, and it's going to happen.

There's no way that will happen in India. It's too chaotic and argumentative. But what's going to happen is 200 planes will be ordered, they won't land. They'll be circling. Everybody will get very angry. Finally, there will be such public outcry that the airports will get built. It's a different model. But it's a model.

My analysis :-

I loved the 200 planes analogy. It is a model as Nandan Nilekeni puts it.

We follow the model which can be said by the below sentence :-

If it is inevitable and it can burn your derriere, then, we have to start doing it.

This is what, I call the extreme form of petty selfishness.We extend it everywhere and screw the whole system.

The taxidriver accident and appointing of a new taxidriver in the novel Shantaram is a typical example of this petty selfishness.

We are selfish even while driving.The autodriver first turns the handle of his auto and later sees if any poor soul is behind him.The poor soul applies breaks and curses the autodriver and goes away.

As zeeds puts it, absolute selflessness does not exist.It is basically anti-life.

Kutchax aside,I love the stereotypical management lingo of bigwigs using jargons like "a bunch of guys" and "folks". Unfortunately , our government cannot comprehend corporate lingo like that. They hate that lingo. Imagine somebody addressing Maaji Pradhaana Mantri DeveGowda as a "guy".

Whenever there is a meeting with these honchos, these globe trotters have grandiose planes to cities (like talking about "intelligent traffic surveillance systems".....)
Our government is totally D-uh about it.

Whatever I am tired of this infrastructure mess....hopefully I wont talk about this for a long time.

Read Nandan Nilikeni's interview here

Monday, September 26, 2005

You've come a long way baby.


Just take the concept of "evolvution" into account.

A startling similarity exists between the biological explanation and the hindu philosohpy.

The Dashavataars.The 10 avatars of Vishnu.

Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Narasimha , Vamana , Rama , Krishna , Buddha , Kalki.

At first,animals lived only in water.The Matsya avatar can be equated to the theory of Eustenopteron.The fish which came on land, in search of vegetation and plants and later evolving in to amphibians which is the Kurma avatar. (That of a turtle).Then the reptiles and then the mammals started to evolve from the rodent form, came into picture.We had the varaha avatar. Later evolution presented the carnivorous cats to balance the food chain. and voila! we can equate it to The Narasimha avatar.Then the apes, the "smaller" human look alike can be compared to the vamana avatar.Where Lord Vishnu is described as a physically small boy.

Then we have the full fledged human being, the Rama avatar.

Now comes the development of the mind.

Lord Krishna was a clever person.Budha was a spiritual person.Kalki is supposed to be very street smart and frustrated because of the corruption and he goes on to destroy the whole world.

But what is particularly interesting is the evolution of the human character.
Is there anything like , man's nature has evolved in the ages.As he moved on from Autrailopithecus to Cro-Magnon Man ?

Though it is admitted that man has arisen from a lower animal form, i dont think that it is clear whether his whole intellectual, aesthetic, and moral nature has been produced by the action of the very same laws and processes of evolution.

Nietzsche talks about a concept called as the Overman as the ultimate wise-man.

Will homo-sapien ever evolve into a wiseman ?

yipeeee ..

not much work today :-) .. just need high level flirting with the requests
Its been a long time I relaxed at work. Today is THE day.
I term it is OTLA day at ARC (ARC is my project)

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Back to school

The friends that you make at school are the best. The ones in college they are the best too. The onces at work,yup they too are the best. Now it's back to school. Life has turned full circle in 20 years.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Read this ongoing series of articles on rediff about the 1965 Indo-Pak war.I found the series interesting and the best part is that rediff has made an attempt at providing both sides of the story ( or should I say stories of both sides). My only complaint is with the layout and incase you are not able to find previous articles, look at the top right corner of the page.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Missing tele calls

Never thought I would think of something that absurd. But the time has come, where getting credit cards without credit history is tough, and getting the stupid credit history without the credit ain't possible. Yeah, I could have written of there being only one catch, you know the rest, so didn't feel like it.
So all you telecallers, I will be waiting.

In Bangalore I propose C/C++/Java

and COBOL for people like me ..

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Unity in Diversity ?

"AAAAAA" wrote in message news:dgu8l2$bc8$1

HI ALL.....


hope u all enjoy the show.........
happy weekend.........

"BBBBBBBB" wrote in message


Why Tamil? Why not Kannada? If we are screening regional language films,I think we should start with a Kannada film as a mark of respect to the official language of the state we are working in.Have nothing against Tamil, but also cannot see Kannada being ignored as the first choice.

Thanks and Regards

"CCCCCCCC" wrote in message
I strongly recommend not to go for "Regional" films as there will be lot of differences b/w among us.If we are starting any screening of regional films it should be from "Regional Language" of the place where we live in. In this case it is kannada. We should not and shall not tolerate ignorance on kannada/kannada-films.So, it will be good if only Hindi/English films are screened.


I completely agree with Manjunath.


Hi Guys ...
It is highly inappropriate of you guys to be so fanatical about language .... The persons screening the movie would have decided the movie based on some factors of which "ignoring Kannada" would NOT have been one ... Mebe they went on popularity basis or number of people familiar with the language or something similar ... Try to understand the view of the person who has chosen the movie.

Pls Note : I am NOT trying to advocate any language.


I think these kinds of threads are very common nowadays in any workplace.

You cannot remove the linguistic barrier because they are rooted deep in any individual
And although you can promote the concept of Unity in Diversity we have some serious problems for tomorrow's Unified India.

Some serious questions which come to my mind are :-

Will we have Republic of Karnataka , Republic of TN, Republic of Telegu Desam just like Itlay, Germany, France , Spain as in Europe ?

As a short term danger, we already have nationalism of the local language being promoted aggresively. We had Tamil Tigers, we have vatal Nagaraj , we Have karunada sena on.

Sometimes I still think ENGLISH should be the ONLY official language of India.
Or probably sign language / body language.

In Bangalore I propose C/C++/Java

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


fired 250 ppl for submitting false LTA bills. Hmmm interesting . They have calimed the basis as 'strong ethics'. Well most of the companies limit ethics to empolyees to employer. They never raise the question of ethics wrt client, customers and shareholders. E.g in client billing, customer pricing and profit sharing. They attribute various reasons for this which would be legally correct, but morally screwed. I would like to see some of the Intel employees filing a suit against Intel rather than being guilty.

TOI extrapolates this scandal, to another level altogether. Intel is supposed to have approached the Karnatake Govt for Sops for opening their new Hardware center, and the proposal was put down by the Karnataka Govt on the basis of a report from IT department.
The IT department apparently provided figures of Intel employees embezzeling money via false claims.

A hero/heroine identified from the 250 employees and sentimental reasons behidn the tax evasion and their further struggle to find a job/get reinstigated can make a good movie. I mean a hep/hippy Hinglish movie which lasts for 1.5 hours.

Nagesh kukonoor might be working already. Our own Sudeep can provide a hilarous piece on this one .. Sudeep get your pen err key board tapping .. tumba dina aytu ninna kathe odi ..

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Garam Dharam

Karnataka Cheif Minister Dharam Singh has invited Sonia Gandhi to inguarate the annual to be held on November 1st. The intentions look purely policitcal i.e he wants Madame Gandhi to handle Deve Gowda. In addition it looks like Dharam wants Sonia to tackle the IT Czars.

Blame it on the IT czars who cannot understand the problems of Mannina Maga who rules the coalition govt (again denied vehemently by Dharam Singh) and aspires to make Bangalore look like a rural place. A major part of his dream has been realised with the help of BCC, BMC, CMC, BDA and the other civic bodies.
The bangalore roads no more look black, they are all brown. With the incessant rains all that the roads need to be a FARM is some one to sow the seeds and you can see acres of ragi being cultivated in Bangalore. This might have been done already in new layouts like BSK 4th , 5ht 6th stage, Arkavaty layout etc.

Now cut back to Dharam Singh, who claims he is walking a tight rope. He feels managing the coalition govt (managing ==== not loose the CM post) is the task on his hand. In such a situation we can expect that development would be the last thing on his mind, be it Rural or Urban. Thanks to the rains we do not have the annual Cauvery problem. The rains/floods in North Karnataka is equated to the Tsunami disaster. Altough there is no concrete relief work, all the govt has done is to claim 1000 crores from center. There is no cash with the state govt. Everything is suppose to be used to placate Deve Gowda.

Though the CM has failed in many aspects, he has successfully organised his son's marriage and also paid innumberable visits to his 'mane devaru' in gulbarga. He also has managed to let go siddaramaih. These are his achievements in the present government.

And now he is Garam about people cornering him. He is certainly a bloke. Lets wait for Sonia Magic.

sigh .....


Yesterday I received 3 forwards with photographs of this beautiful girl.

The FIRST forward said that it was the photograph of Tarannum Khan.

The SECOND forward said that it was the photograph of Dharam's Singh's daughter-in-law(lol)

The THIRD forward said that it was the photograph of some actress.Tamil director Shanker saw her in rajinikanth's house when she visited to meet saundarya(rajini's daughter) and shanker immediately booked her.

Finally I came to know that it is a Telegu actress called "Tamanna".
What a weird screen name!

Here are some more photos.

I need to watch Telegu movies!

Friday, September 16, 2005

First impressions

Naaye bagololla.
Magu alolla.
Show ilde jana irolla.
Other than that a bunch of super friendly folks.
Magic Scooters and Soldiers in Knickers

This article has it all.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Article on youthcuryy.

Somehow I felt infuriated by this article on youthcurry.

Calling engineers as bhakras is the limit.

Starting early doesnt help much ..

Start at 8, you reach by 9:20
start at 7:15,you reach by 8:25
start at 7, you reach by 8:10
there is no f**Ing difference in blore ..

I think we should travel at 4 am .. well no use .. stray dog menance ..

Best policy - sleep in the bus , do sudoku, sleep again, do crossword and guess what sleep again ..

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Yes Minister!

If it keeps on rainin', levee's goin' to break
When The Levee Breaks I'll have no place to stay.
Cryin' won't help you, prayin' won't do you no good,
Now, cryin' won't help you, prayin' won't do you no good,
When the levee breaks, mama, you got to move.

---Led Zeppelin

Bash my face, baby!I'll bash yours back!

Hosur, we have a problem.

There might be umpteen number of splashes of the media regarding the "ineffectiveness" of the Karnataka government and Bangalore's crumbling infrastructure.

People, especially the ones in the private sector just blame the government officials because, the popular notion, is that government officials just snooze in the day , take bribes and do nothing at work.I seriously think the traffic cops at any junction have a much more responsible job of directing the traffic throughout the day than any of these "no-infrastructure" guys.

Bangalore is an urban shitty mess.You have cement , mud and half constructed glass buildings with dust settling on every glass and small companies who want to move into these places and start creating software while the painters are busy painting the walls, the carpenters are yet to polish the wood.And the sweepers are (obviously) confused and they get chided becuase there is still a lot of mud and dust on the floor.

There was , at the FIRST PLACE in Bangalore , NO INFRASTRUCTURE at all.Bangalore was a little bigger than Mysore.You create an office in a god forsaken place very close to Bangalore, which is lead by one dark,narrow mysterious road, where a shepherd used to take his cows, and one fine day you bring about 500+ employees to work and a 100 more people.How can you expect good infrastructure over the night?

What about the goliaths of software?
These companies add about 200 buses at the peak hour to a national highway and they expect smooth traffic.

Can traffic be smooth ?
The answer is a big NO.

Prem-g is making "threatening" calls that his company wants to move away from Bangalore.
(Making threatening calls is not new to any IT workers. They face threatening calls at every conference call during the mid-night...It is the year of Outsourcing, baby!)

The IT czars have boycotted the IT dot com business event because of lack of infrastructure.
The government, they need a reason to explode back.

And some shady consultant comes up with a report on linguistic division of IT workforce.

Then, namma CM hits back with a stupid press note like this

The bottomline is we will NEVER IMPROVE.....This is the truth regardless of which city we live! We are already FUBAR

Monday, September 12, 2005

Soln was this.....

There were actually two solutions to this problem. I found it really interesting. I got the second solution (the recursive one).

Naturally, we'll process the words one at a time, independently. For a given word, create a vertex in a graph for each letter in the word. Then, for each cube, we create another vertex in the graph. Finally, we draw edges from each vertex corresponding to a cube to each vertex corresponding to a letter where that letter is on the cube. This gives us a bipartite graph where one part is the vertices corresponding to the letters in the word, and the other half is the vertices corresponding to the cubes. Then just run bipartite matching, and if the size of the matching is equal to the length of the word, the word can be formed. That's one way to solve the problem anyway...

Most coders, however, opted for the simpler solution.In this solution, a brute force recursive function is written. It takes a word, a position in the word, and an array of booleans stating which cubes have already been used. We need to find a cube that contains the letter at the given position in the word, so we just check every cube:

boolean recurse(word, position, used)
if(position == word.length) return true
for i = 0 to num_cubes
if(!used[i] && cube[i].containsLetter(word[position])
used[i] = true
if(recurse(word,position+1,used)return true
used[i] = false
return false

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Playing Cubes..

Guys , try this if you have the time.

Children are used to playing with special cubes with letters written on the cubes' faces. The goal of the game is to compose words using such cubes. If you want to compose the word "DOG", you must find 3 cubes, one containing the letter 'D', one containing the letter 'O', and one containing the letter 'G', and orient them so the proper letters are facing upward.

You are also given a String[] words, each element of which contains a word that you would like to spell out using the cubes. Return a int[] containing the 0-based indices of each of the words in words that can be composed using the given cubes. Indices in the return value must be sorted in ascending order.

Question :-
To compose the function
int[] composeWords(String[] cubes, String[] words)

Example Output :-

{"CAT", "DOG", "PIZZA"}

composeWords Returns: {1 }

We can form the word "DOG" using 'D' from the first cube, 'O' from the third and 'G' from the second. Note that if we had used the second cube to get 'D' instead, we would be missing a 'G'.


composeWords Returns: {0, 1, 3, 5 }


{"AA", "AAA", "AAAA", "AAAAA", "AAAAAA"}

composeWords Returns: {0, 1, 2 }


{"CAT", "DOG", "PIZZA"}

composeWords Returns: {1, 2 }

Friday, September 09, 2005


I am bored today.

However, there is a celebration at my company today.
We have gone public and we got listed.

Meanwhile, I am listless.

Reason:- There is a function and I dont see any attractive women. :-(
I respect all my female colleagues....But we need beautiful women!

There will be food...There will be discotheque....What is the use ?

Only local boys doing annamma dance.....hmpfff
This is good many times....but sometimes it is shit borrring....

I need to learn salsa

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

all the best, sumanth

have a great time in the university and wish you all the best....

Let the force be with you!


Monday, September 05, 2005

Gates: Lack of Computer Science Spending Is 'Kind of a Crime'
Memorable weekend cos' every vehicle I took or chose to travel broke down.
Right from Friday evening.

All kinds of vehicles trying played tricks when I was trying to be quick and swift.
I dunno whether the vehicles were screwed up or my head ?
Okay, I shouldnt take this so seriously ...

I saw "Jogi" and I should say well filmed tragedies is about "impact"/"aftermath" rather than "entertainment".
Thanks to Dr.Mohan Krishna for getting the tickets!

Here is a stupid limerick......

Cars and scooters in garage
Any Destination is like a mirage
Rude AutoDrivers with insane meters make my temper explode
BTS buses tilt at an angle "theta" as they drag themselves on the road
Omigawd, I feel like a lazy toad