Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Smart alec

Question to Infy CEO:-
Things are happening much faster in China, where they build infrastructure so rapidly.

CEO anwers :-

It's going to happen, but not the way it happens in China. In China, a bunch of guys get in a room and decide to build a 16-lane highway from Shanghai to Beijing, and it's going to happen.

There's no way that will happen in India. It's too chaotic and argumentative. But what's going to happen is 200 planes will be ordered, they won't land. They'll be circling. Everybody will get very angry. Finally, there will be such public outcry that the airports will get built. It's a different model. But it's a model.

My analysis :-

I loved the 200 planes analogy. It is a model as Nandan Nilekeni puts it.

We follow the model which can be said by the below sentence :-

If it is inevitable and it can burn your derriere, then, we have to start doing it.

This is what, I call the extreme form of petty selfishness.We extend it everywhere and screw the whole system.

The taxidriver accident and appointing of a new taxidriver in the novel Shantaram is a typical example of this petty selfishness.

We are selfish even while driving.The autodriver first turns the handle of his auto and later sees if any poor soul is behind him.The poor soul applies breaks and curses the autodriver and goes away.

As zeeds puts it, absolute selflessness does not exist.It is basically anti-life.

Kutchax aside,I love the stereotypical management lingo of bigwigs using jargons like "a bunch of guys" and "folks". Unfortunately , our government cannot comprehend corporate lingo like that. They hate that lingo. Imagine somebody addressing Maaji Pradhaana Mantri DeveGowda as a "guy".

Whenever there is a meeting with these honchos, these globe trotters have grandiose planes to cities (like talking about "intelligent traffic surveillance systems".....)
Our government is totally D-uh about it.

Whatever I am tired of this infrastructure mess....hopefully I wont talk about this for a long time.

Read Nandan Nilikeni's interview here

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good analysis T'su'Dep