Monday, May 30, 2005

TWTW (The week that was)

Sitting here after a pretty hectic and eventful week.A lot of friends met at my sister's wedding although rains played havoc that day!

Meeting with many PESIT guys after such a long time was really a lot of fun.However couldnt catch up with "maga" ashok murthy.Java City must have been a lot of fun...

Phew! time to get back to work....

The future looks eventful...

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Ignorance is strength

these are the doctrines of a book (memorable) that i read over the last weekend. It also has one of the best/horrific torture scenes that I have read. Replaces "torture by hope" by L'Isle Adam, which my previous favorite was (Yoda talk).

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


the 'top management' of infy have sold a part of their share holdings and the numbers are really mind bogling. I mean they have sold may be 10% of their total shares..and the amount of money that it has generated is in hundreds of crores..shit..i cant believe this..

Guru Shishya #4 - Ulterior Motive

As his disciples the shishyas prepare for their daily lesson, the guru finishes his meditation and opens his eyes.

My dear disciples, time for some profound philosophical discussions.
Today, I am going to discuss about a behaviour which I have commonly observed in you Homo Sapiens.

What is that common behaviour, Oh Holy one ?

As the guru spoke, his eyes widened.

It is called Ulterior Motive

That is a very banal, hackneyed, trite concept known to everyone.

The Guru laughs hysterically.

My innocent one, it isnt.I spoke to Lord Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi and Narada yesterday and I have drafted an initial version of the "Principle of the Ulterior Motive". Probably it will be released as 6 verses in RV_1566.3.2

What is RV_1566.3.2 ?

That will be the newest Rig Veda Specification.

All the disciples echo in chorus :-
Please tell us about the "Principle of the Ulterior Motive", oh holy one!

The Guru gives a plain faint smile.

Jot down what I say now.

All the shishyas run towards a peacock (who is desperately trying to please his mate) and pluck all the feathers of the peacock, making it bald, and gather peepal leaves to jot down the very important principle the Guru has promised them to render.

Guru :-

There are several types of motives:-
Kama(worldly pleasure)
Moha(infatuation/extreme affection)
Mada(fanatic abt Money,Power,beauty etc)

Whatever a person does or acts can be easily traced to these.
Based on the RESULT of an action, we have "emotions" and "behaviour".

All the other "advanced emotions" can be traced to the four basic emotions :-
1. "Glad"
2. "Sad"
3. "Fear"
4. "Afraid"

And this is the principle of the ulterior motive.

Should we conquer it ?

Dont BELIEVE what I say , my dear innocent shishya.
REALISE it for urself.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Some AR_Rahman faves.

Saw woolee post on favorite songs.I have been listening only to english songs for sometime.This post just took me to Rahman's world.To be very frank, he has lost something....I used to follow him really closely in his earlier days...

I have listed some of my favorites of Rahman.

15)Rukumani Rukumani - Roja

14)Pudhu Villai Malai - Roja

13)Oruvvan Oruvvan Muthalali - Muthu

12)Minsaara Poove - Padayappa

11) Title track Saathiya

10)Ae Ajnabee - Dil Se (Udit Narayan's vocals rock!)

9) Kehna hi kya -Bombay (The sufi rendering and leg harmonium rocks!)

8) Sathiya-Alai Payuthey (The backstreet boys style Hum Dum Soniyo Re was good , but Chupke Se was really great)

7)chuku buku railey (Suresh Peters kicked major ass here...that was one song which actually proved Rahman wasnt yet another joe inspired by the GOD illyaraja)

6)Margazhi Poove (Awesome song...Inspired by MS Subbulaxmi...and some inputs of HindoLa raga)

5)Ottagaththai - Gentleman (I saw this song used as background music in a Versace Lingerie show!)

4)Uyirae - Bombay (The Flute, the violins...the chorus...Hariharan's voice The beach...The moist atmosphere...Manisha Koirala...The blue dress run...*sigh!* )

3)Sevaanam - Pavithra (This is not a very popular song...The female voice is great...You can download it from coolgoose...It has the same raga as "Naliyutha" the song featuring Rebel * and Malashree)

2)Radha Kaise Na Jale (This is really a great song.With a very few instruments Rahman has actually created magic!Gracy Singh looks really desirable)

1)Chandralekha & Thee Thee- Thiruda Thiruda (These songs...I cant decide which is better....Very very maverick....Very offbeat ....very adventurous)

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Read this if you have the time....

nice article here
It is hard to believe that some GUYS have platonic relationships.
Surprisingly, GIRLS have this kind of relationships very easily.
Or atleast they give you that notion.

/* Su Depp has a mood swing. */

The two good things which I have missed are :-
1) I have never seen a Star Wars movie. (really bad, I know)
2) I have never seen an Indiana Jones movie. (really very bad)

I seriously think I should see all the movies...I am going to buy the DVDs very soon.

Natalie Portman is one hot chick....
Perhaps the ONLY chick who actually looks cute with a tonsured head.


Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Christina Ricci

Her eyes in this Moby video are just frightening....
But a very powerful image of a dark angel carrying a dead man.


This one is a pop art kind of photo full of color and light.


The movie "pumpkin" is strictly okay.
But she has acted really very well in that movie.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

I hate dogs

I am terrified of dogs....I think i can manage bulls, or snakes (also)...

I, very truly,madly,deeply detest dogs with huge faces and sharp teeth barking the hell out right in front of your face....Especially a family german shepherds like the one I met yesterday....3 dogs barking synchronously, all in canine harmony....I almost got bit yesterday at a house for no fault of mine....I didnt even stare at the godammn dogs' eyes like all the magazines say....Woah once in a lifetime incident.....

Sorry dog owners and dog lovers and dogs...I dont get why you love them so much...
Probably muzzling the mouths of the beasts would be much better....

But the day before yesterday scooby was a real good boy at richie's place :-)

Stray dogs are really cooL....They mind their own business....But these in-house dogs are really tiresome......

Thursday, May 12, 2005

For the politically inclined ..

cool way of using the 'Dalit cause'

Reason ..

Stung by the CBI questioning her in a disproportionate assets case,


BSP supremo Mayawati, today threatened in the Rajya Sabha that her party might withdraw outside support to the UPA Government.


"The Dalits are very angry all over the country and the law and order situation in the country might deteriorate. The matter is very serious," she said.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

irony ..

I spoke to CS yesterday. Guess what !! CS wants onsite . :D
He was asking about the chances in Infy ........ Green Grass nyapka bantu...

SP wants to come back from US ..and he says hes coming this month end ..
other news alli

teja is almost done wiht is courses, thesis idhe yante ..


are u guys planning for extra leaves before 26th and 27th .
I dont think we should be dropping in like guests.
We should be papanna helping him out in the chota mota stuff ( though he would claim not reqd) for the whole week, or atleast on 26th and 27th ...

yen heltira.. I would be landing in blore on 24th only .. leaves approved tooo :-)

papannas 26th and 27th u will have my company ..;-) ..some of the jobs tht can be taken ..

car driving .. lifiting of light objects ..decoration.. shopping etc etc.. ;-)

maklla adda haaki ...

sad part teju aint available ..

Sunday, May 08, 2005

kalla - police

Bangalore, has been rated as one of the cities with a high rate of crime activity.Suddenly this has come to the notice of our slothy CM Dharam Singh. It seems he blasted all the honcho police officers in a meeting. As a result of this , law and oredr police who were rarely seen anywhere till a month ago (except collecting Rs.5/- per day from all the footpath shop owners), are suddenly everywhere.

Sharp at 7:30 they bring yellow meshy mobile obstructions and place it on the roads.
Yes, people almost all the main roads.They have begun to track ONLY 2 wheelers at all the "key points".They also ask drunken people to blow baloons.

Wow....Wonderful stuff....

And surprise!
They smoked out two criminals in a period of four days.

Goli maar bhejen meein....bang!

But they also ask for emission test certifcate and Insurance , which is a de facto gotcha for unsuspecting two wheeler riders and pocket 50/- from every 2 wheeler vehicle owner.Ofcourse 85% of the traffic police are swallowed by the ever increasing jams in Bangalore.The wireless set communication doesnt help either.

Be careful ...
I have to get all my old documents.....Otherwise I will be framed.


Happy Birthday Moms!!!!

Its been a while, since we met. Since we all met. Since we pulled each other's legs. Since we hung out in Paapu's room. Since we got bitten by mosquitoes in some football field. Since we visited Guru Garden. Since we cursed NVP. Since we ate those glorious panipuris in Ashoka Pillar. Since we had those introspective conversations during short walks near your place. Since we had great coffee in SLV. Oh that coffee, if there is anything I miss in Bombay, its the coffee. Ahhh, it hurts not to drink great coffee. I do miss the chow-chow bath, but well....

Times have passed, and people haved moved places. Met new people ;) But a few things have remained the the same. Finns beat Germans still, and the management bug continues to bite.

Happy Birthday Maga, hope you are with people you want to be with today.

Friday, May 06, 2005

WILL BE in blore

this weekend . Dhaba program ???

Monday, May 02, 2005


Second semester officially over. Finally over. Nothing much to say about that. Started with my MTech project work. Still getting to know what I need to know/do. Nothing much there as well. Staying here for a while longer to work on some department work. Yeah, nothing there too.

I could be nowhere, doing nothing, for no reason.