Saturday, July 31, 2010


Its quite strange to see 3 girls in skimpy tops and 6 inches shorts/skirts dancing with guys wearing denim and full length jackets (golmaal)... the same thing repeats on the aussie beach, though better this time at least one of them is into shorts ( arshad warsi), while SAK sticks to denim pants ( salaam namaste).. even in the deserts sallu bhai and his younger brother prefer denims and leather jackets while ms Kaif is expected to wander around in a white one piece dress.

cut to five years forward, the pant craziness never goes, rather the shorts phobia among bollywood men doesnt go away.. so even as deepika and lara stick to skimpy 2 piece bikinis dancing in italian beaches, akshay and the other chap stick to pants... how ridiculous it looks should be watched rather than being told..

why is the SHORTOPHOBIA so strong ? is it because they are still hairy on the limbs while they have managed to shave the rest of their body.. or they are chastised by their mums/wives exposing their lower limbs.. or is it plainly vulgar (never mind the tummy exposure)

its time that these guys start sporting the shorts (one up to knee length and not the shorter one) and lead the indian mass to adopt the same, and this help them survive the scrotching heat.. and preventing someone from dying in the denim..

the phenomenon is no different among the indians in hk.. their limbs are fully clad even when they just shopping around wet markets/grocery stores/ or dining at an al fresco.. ( under temperatures of 35+ and humidity of 70%++.).

there is certainly a shorts phobia among indian men (both the longer and shorter form).. meanwhile leaving the burden to the fairer sex

Thursday, July 29, 2010

LOOT mentality

It is deeply ingrained in the system. Make money wherever possible, and store it for the progeny, for them to rut, rot, burn and spend.. its been there since days of Mahabharata and the 3000 years of tradition isn't going away easily. It doesn't matter which scheme it is.. there is a scam impending every where. The range is just astonishing..

MIGs, Tankers, fertilizer, cattle food, PDS rice, wheat, oil, coffers, guns, armaments, mid day meal, common wealth games, military winter wear, iron ore, edible oil, sugar, lpg, kerosene, spectrum and the list goes on and on and onnnnnnnnnnn.............

And it seems the grand old party leads the race and is the great grand father of all the scams...

the LOOT is worse than what the British looted during the Raj..

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

At the Box Office..

Its completely dark outside at 4pm.. as the black rain lashes hong kong, making it tempting to skip the gym plans ( this skips due to the flimsiest of reasons and doesnt require a black rain) and go on board with some chai, pakodas and movies, with the latter two needing some resource stretching..

its been a good run of movie watching lately, though the movies themselves werent that fun.. following movies were conquered or they managed to conquer me

On Screen
Inception - A preview show (my first) was worth it... quite good..but needs a second screening on the home theater, to pause, question debate and resolve.. and if possible a direct line to Nolan..

Housefull - ignoring it completely would have been better rather than just ignoring it for a few months
I hate luv stories - doesn't deserve to make money.. have to support Shoba de on this one.. starting to dislike Sonam Kapoor, never like Imran khan much.... K JO is creating mini K JOs

De Dana Dhan - cant watch too much of AK.. wound up midway..
Die Hard - nice to see old style hardcore action
Die Hard 2 - too much of Bruce Willis
Vantage Point - good to recollect the movie
Twilight - no comments

Looking forward

On Screen
Wallstreet 2

Once upon a time ....
Tere Bin Laden

Monday, July 26, 2010

Meanwhile on the road ....

a bus breaks down amidst traffic chaos. Some, (rather, most) BTS buses do not have the blinking parking lights . So they use branches of trees to indicate they cannot continue further with the bus. If tree branches with leaves are sticking out of the bus windows, then the bus is resting itself amidst the cacophony of horns. The bus is one with Mother Nature with branches protruding near its unnaturally small mirror as well. It looks like a huge elephant with branches sticking all over its body, unable to move and contented with the traffic jam it has caused. So, we (the celebrated motorists of Bangalore) can understand the bus has broken down. Thumbs up!

This is a standard traffic rule, even the traffic police use this.

Life goes on, with tree branches and monkeys everywhere.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Recession Really???

how come consumers snapped up 1.7 million iphones (gen 4) withing 3 days and 300K ipads in the first day of sale. Worldwide ~3million ipads were sold in 3 months.. and if not for the antenna issues apple would have sold 10 million phones within a month...

who are these buyers?? how can they afford it?? is this really a recession binge?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Web 2.0

I hate Web 2.0++, is similar to I saying "I hate Love stories". The way Bollywood is plagued by "Luv stories" but still manages to limp across each year. Similarly, the US economy is entangled in Web 2.0 applications and is reeling under a spiraling economic down-trend . Having given away manufacturing in the last quarter of the past century, now the US looks like giving up hi-tech as well chasing the WEB mania. Technology today to large extent is confined to WEB apps and jazzy gadgets which look like decreasing individual productivity. The WEB passed its peak optimization levels a few years ago, and now its contribution is mainly towards making people lazier by the day.

Am not sure leading in web services would give them a long lasting competency. But with most of the VC funding/ brilliant minds entangled in the Web, its unsure how the US gets itself out as a leading economy (its similar to how the Europeans got entangled in the art, music, coffee and leisure culture)

How much of the WEB do you need??

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Franz Schubert Trio

I came across a classical music piece called "Trio" by a German composer called Franz Schubert. It seems it was used in Kubrick's Barry Lyndon. Very swaying cello (or violin?) and somewhat familiar. Check this out :-

Schubert Trio

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The law of diminishing returns

The first ice cream tastes great->highest return.
The second one ice cream tastes OK.
The third one ice cream tastes not so bad.
The fourth one ice cream tastes sick and makes you sick as well ->lowest return.

This is the law of diminishing returns as I read about sometime ago.The law of diminishing returns also holds good in case of pain as well.

The first sorrow makes you feel real bad. When you drenched off all your sorrow and cannot be morose further,it first becomes a "philosophical laugh" (like the Mera Naam Joker's laugh). Even then if you keep experiencing pain, you feel nothing at all.

In case of achievement, I am not sure whether the law of diminishing returns holds. One achievement brings more encouragement. But of course, you are more bound to commit mistakes. After Hitler's anschluss of Austria, he was encouraged and Czech acquisition became a matter of urgency to Hitler. He wanted to finish that one off.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Octopus consumption to go down

With the Octopus prediction of Spain winning bang on target, i guess the consumption of octopus in the world will go down.. the Koreans will mostly use it to predict the war than bbq the same .

btw, spain played well, but i want to see them score more goals in the finals.. and avoid those tense moments as they had against germany

Spain deserves to win the world cup..but the problem is that Spain might pledge the world cup to raise some money to some rich countries which cannot afford to win through playing ( the Chinese are already talking to the Spanish authority on this one)

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

4 year BS

National College Basavanagudi is starting a 4 year course for science called as Bachelor of Science (BS). BS in physics , Nanotechnology and the like.

There was a big rush to the applications for BS @ NCJ as I passed through Gandhi Bazaar yday : It seems the US universities ask for a 4 year course in Science for MS in Physics etc. So, Indian applications for Sciences in the US universities might pick up according to me.

But it is a good move from the state to have a 4 year science course. I think they should have some courses in Photonics and Solar Energy to fuel research in these areas. I also heard IISc would be starting BS course. But no idea abt that.

Saturday, July 03, 2010


The world is like a give<->take place.You give and you take from many people. You are valuable as long as you can give....You need to give more and more.

If you take more and more and give nothing, your influence-circle keeps on diminishing and in the end, it comes to your immediate family/friends. They will tolerate you because there is no other option. This is the truth of life from my point of view, and everyone needs to realize it.

Current Music :Lou Reed - Wild side