Thursday, June 29, 2006

I havent

been following the world cup THAT closely, but I have seen around 4 to 5 important matches live and a few highlights of important matches (being an early sleeper), But today's match seems to be a very special.

ARGENTINA v/s GERMANY. at 8:30 India Time.

The amount of media attention will persuade even an ignoramus to wake up all night and watch the match .Boy! am I real excited or what...Let's see whats gonna happen....

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Accounts of the day so far...

I wake up realising I am late for the bus. I see my mum sleeping still. Oh mann this cant be real, mom and still sleeping, then it shudnt be late, it should be just 6:30 am. Not bad, I wake up at my usual time 7:40 am. But, wait I see the papers, the milk packet on the desk . Ahhh, she never misses her duties.

I decide not to wake her up (but little I know shes always awake). I start thinking about my breakfast ( I have been moulded into a selfish fella). I decide it should be idlis at Terminal (Infy food court). Then I feel I cant be hungry for such a while( I get these terrible headaches). I open the refrigirator. Glad to see papayas and mangos. My worries have vanished :).

I grasp the newspaper, superficially observing the events of the previous day (by now I have forgotten everything literally, with faint memories of football news). I rush to take a hair bath, mom wakes up with instructions to bro to prepare the dough, change the cylinder etc. Mann how does she manage ? ( how many times have I lost my sleep to serve dad/mom/bro?? > 0 ? ).

I finish my bath, eat a slice of mango, dress-up, arrange my bag and peep at the kitchen slowly to see if my breakfast is ready. There it is along with the tea . I make a fuss I might miss the bus if I wont eat it asap. I finish it on-time, grab my bag and "Shalimar-the clown" and rush towards the bus. The bus is late too. I am happy :)

My mind drifts to other things

1. the sudden demise of my friend's father.. How can death be so cruel ? We know its inevitable, but why cant it be more graceful. I see the person at 6:00pm arraning plywoods for a new wardrobe and I hear at 2:00 am he suffered a brain stroke.... CRUEL, totally cruel
2. I think about the person who I have disappointed one more time (but as usual do not know the reason). This is repetitive through out the day.

*The bus arrives. Am confused to take this one or wait for the next one. Finally decide to board. I see a macho guy occupying 3/4th of the seat in a 3-seater in my favourite first seat. I manage to push his bag and make a seat for myself. I start my adventure into "Shalimar-the clown". I get lost in the book and the music on the radio (dont know which song's playing), the book is more enchanting.

*The bus travels along the BTM main road, I peep out of the window from the start to the finish and I see a beautiful person in maroon top. Just missed. Never mind. I get back to the book.

*I am disturbed by a lady who wants to share the seat between the macho and non-macho guy(me). Its uncomfortable for her (the macho guy has 40% of the seats share). I decide to make the place a little more comfortable for her and move towards the aisle and again get back into the book.

*Enter Infy campus, see my cubicle mates having tea and smoke for breakfast. They are suprised to see me in a cotton shirt(denim types), codroy and reebok shoes. They say I will get caught for violating the dress code. I pass the security with ease (as they do), they are baffled I am not caught. I am not surprised, as I enter Infy this way almost daily.

* I almost trip from the steps near my building (this could have broken my leg, however there were only 2 steps). The guys tease I am thinking of someone. Yeah, I was, thinking of someone & trying to surmise something.

* Enter my building, see a friend (girl) of mine turned totally from western to Indian outfits. Want to compliment her, but she rushes out with a notebook and we just exchange an 'HI'. May be trainings I presume.

* Land at my desk, check the usual sites, put two stocks on trade on ICICI direct. Keep track of the paisas.

* Sudeep calls me ( I am in the cloak room, reading Shalimar the clown). I say will return in call. I do it, Sudeep says he will return the call again.

* Ping a friend (maroon top) for tea, and see the person is shown away

* I decide to sip tea and read the book, walk out of the building (after giving the download command for Khalballee song from RDB)

*Reach the food court, buy tea (simultaenously speaking to sudeep on phone and having a good laugh abt myself, sudeep, teju, kummi and sumanth).

* See the maroon top lady with her friend walking towards the food court. i decide to have the company of "Shalimar the clown". (not that I had a choice ;-) )

* It starts drizzling, it feels like heaven sipping tea and reading a novel. Finish a chapter, walk back towards my PC. (PCs beckoning me).

* Listening to Khalballeee, log into, read Sudeep's blog, and for some starnge reason decided to write down all this.

music still in the background, I type the events of the day so far.. so mundane, yet so different set of events, not exhilarating but still enjoyable, such a pleasure yet so painful

done with the review and here I go

The Coconut Problem

A problem discussed over a cup of coffee and peanuts with one of our Project leaders.


There is a building with 36 floors. It is known that, starting from the floor "x", if a coconut is dropped it breaks.

A boy is given 2 coconuts. Using these 2 coconuts, he is supposed to find the least floor "x" from which it starts breaking, when dropped down. Note :- The boy can break both the coconuts.No problem. But his aim is to find the floor "x" using the minimum drops !!

Example :-
A gut-feel-approach tells you that :-
Let the boy goto floor 1. Then let him drop the coconut. It breaks ! Then x is found and x = 1.
If it doesnt break goto floor #2. Then let him drop the coconut. It breaks ! Then x is found and x = 2.
If it doesnt break goto floor #36. Then let him drop the coconut. It breaks ! Then x is found and x = 36.

Bigger clue :- Think binary search.

Biggest clue :- n-nary.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Congrats to Kummi

Congragulations for Kumar.N. for publishing two one paper, submitted in the IEEE conference. I didnt know N stood for Nagaraj until I saw your IEEE paper!

He has explained what he has published here

Way to go Kummi ! Great to see guys going places :-)

EDIT:made correction. The other one was just a contest and will not be published as proceedings.

Monday, June 26, 2006

$37b dollar charity vs $26- $33b business deal

and the Arcelor-Mittal business deal wins the media attention. (talking about the Indian media). The only reason Mittal has Indian origins. He is the aggressive face of Indians, the go-getter, can do anything fella and media is projecting it as a picuture-perfect future of India.

There was rarely any coverage about Buffet's philanthropic act. Buffet has decided to donate $37b worth value to Gates-Melinda Foundation. India is one of the prominent recepients of the Gates-Melinda Foundation. Indians have been hugely supported by this foundation and a $1.5 b extra funds to this organisation every year is incredible. This might alleviate a whole lot of problems of a whole lot of people all over the world.

But, who cares? all we are worried about is one man getting more richer, more powerful, and one day who might dictate the prices of steel.

Media has its own ways.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Guru Shishya #7

I started writing this episode of Guru Shishya after a good refreshing episode of Socrates and Plato from DhiOnlyOne's blog . I enjoyed writing this. Hope you like it !



The Captain of the flight makes an announcement.

Ladies and Gentlemen. We are headed to San Francisco International Airport. We have reached an altitude of 39,000 feet. Please relax and enjoy yourself and enjoy yourselves.There will be refreshments and programs on TV. We hope you enjoy your flight.Thanks for flying with us.

An OLD MAN dressed in an English attire and wears an English Beaver Top Hat. He rests on his walkstick.Sitting next to him is a hippie who plays a song on his ipod, The Beatles's "Free as a Bird".

The hippie looks at the old man's hat. He is surprised


My man. Whats strange?

I think we are all gonna die in half an hour.

Why? How do you know ?

Dont worry. Take some oxygen. Tyler Durden said Oxygen gets you high. I believe him.
But the truth is, most of us look like we may die in half an hour.

How do you know ?

My name is Samay Agarwal.I have a very rare gift.I can see and tell the exact date & time about when a person is gonna die. You know, just like how medicine bottles come with expiry dates, we also have expiry dates written just above our heads. And I can see it.

Hello Samay. Nice name.Nice gift you have.

And I see, that everybody on this plane have an expiry date of September 11 2001 and about half an hour from now.

So you reasoned it to be a crash ?

Oh yes.

Why dont you tell to anybody on the plane?

I am a hippie. The world thinks hippies are mad.

I dont. :-)

But there seems to be something special about you.
Your expiry date is set to :- 0xFF-0xFF-OxFFFF.

Oh thats right. My name is ......Oh never mind. Just call me a Guru.

Can we do something about the situation ?

Nope. I am afraid, we cannot. We have to leave to George Bush and a person known by the name Osama Bin Laden.

So what happens next? What do I do ? I am sure there will be a crash.

Well, I was sent to take you back from this plane.

Who are you ? Will you rescue me, from this place ?

Call me Guru. Become my Shishya. I will take you away from this place.

Oh Guru! Please rescue me from this place!!

Surely, Samay.

Poof! The Guru and Samay are teleported to .....


Children,deer, rabbits, peacocks and attractive women play in front of the ashram and the guru takes Samay, beneath the Peepal Tree.Some shishyas are studying the vedas and some of them are staring at the hippie.

So Guru!! This is Samay.

(to Samay)
Samay, dont tell any of your expiry dates fundas to any of the people here. I run an ashram not a psychiatric consultancy. People will get psyched if they hear their expiry dates.

Sure, Guruji.But why did you bring me here ?

I didnt bring you here. MY GURU asked me to bring you to her.

Is she here ?

We have to meet her.She'll decide what to do next.She is the greatest teacher, mankind has ever seen. Mankind will ever see. Unfortunately she has killed all her disciples. And I am supposed to die on 0xFF-0xFF-OxFFFF.

So, where does she stay ?

She stays in dimension 4.

How do we go there ?

It is a part of imagination, dude. You have to imagine Dimesion#4.

How do I do it ?

The GURU picks some GRASS on the ground.

This is called , "The Holy Hashish". Just have it.

I have hash very often.

This is a different version, which I use to go to meet her. Have a place and let us smoke it,my dear hippie buddy.

Yeah sure man...

Amidst a lot of Psychedelic Rock, the Guru and Samay start smoking The Holy Hashish.The surroundings suddenly melt and everything is white.An ocean of whiteness. Samay and the Guru just sleep. Then they are placed in a googolhedron based structure. And we see a very beautiful woman wearing a red gown.The woman looks like Liz Hurley (or is she ?).

Her name is Time.Rather she is Time.

Welcome Guruji. How is mankind doing? So you bought Samay with you ?

My best wishes to you madame.This is Samay.

Hello Samay :-) .


I just came to know, you got this gift, after your overdose of narcotics and OD-ing.It's been more than a month. And it took some time to understand about your gift.I took sometime to decide to do what with you.
I think, it is best you go back to the flight.

Why ? I want to live!!!

I am afraid, you cant Samay. Your "gift" is a little too dangerous. I dont see understand how you can see the patterns and sequence of events. We dont want a change the careful events which have been generated.These events are generated strictly in complaince with the Laws of Matter and Energy.But if you start taking proactive actions because, you can "see" the future and change patterns, You are almost as capable as the Guru, himself.

Thats okay. I understand, I'll die. But what abt you ? What abt the Guru ?

Well, I'm just a concept.I have been a major subject of philosophy, art, poetry, and science. I cannot be killed. I dont have a beginning or an end. People say something called Big Bang! My ass!!Let them waste their time creating theories.

So who are you, according to you ?

Guruji, you wanna explain ?

My pleasure! Every atom in YOUR WORLD can be located in the (x,y,z) plane. So, is only (x,y,z) enough ? Not at all. For YOUR WORLD, an atom in the year 9.A.D. may be present in one of Jesus's hair. The SAME atom, would be present in a rock in 1895 A.D. Now, it may be a dirt in your eye! So (x,y,z) and time can locate any ATOM in your world ! So, time is a sort of "dimension" which aids in locating an atom.

So, is Time the fourth dimension ?

Time is not even 4 dimension. Time is the (n+1)th dimension for an n-dimension creature. Think of it this way. Consider a two-dimensional world resembling a sheet of paper.The atoms in THAT WORLD can be located by (x,y) and TIME which is "z" in your world!

Thats amazing! How do I look to a 2D world ? How does a 4D creature look ?

Have a look here

Guruji, can you please place him in the aircraft, United 93.We dont have time and energy.

Yes, I will go.But,one last question.Who is the Guru ?

Guru is the compilation of Human Knowledge. It has a birth. And it ends. Unlike me. By "ending", he will attach himself to me, physically.

The girl "Time" winks at the Guru.

Wanna attach to me, Gurujee....teehee

Time and Space is running out! Samay, You must have heard the Pink Floyd song.

Yeah...I breathe that song....So, What am I supposed to do ?

Just stab the Pilot of United-93 with this kashmiri dagger, so that it crashes in an empty field just outside Shanksville, Pennsylvania, about 150 miles (240 km) northwest of Washington, D.C.

Let the pattern grow as it is supposed.

Dont worry buddy. You will have a very interesting next Janma. Bye!

Bye Guruji


Previous Guru and Shishya Posts can be found here :-

Friday, June 23, 2006


I dunno whether teens and adults may laugh at Krrrish, but I really admire the efforts of Rakesh Roshan to actually make a desi superhero out of Hrithik. I have noticed MANY,MANY kids anxiously waiting for the release of this movie. Koi Mil Gaya was a HUUUUUUGE hit.

The first, very popular Indian Superhero was Shaktimaan. Shaktimaan just asserted the fact that a desi superhero can do wonders in pinning down kids to Television.

Not just that, Krrish has been shot in Singapore. And Bollywood to a tourist Destination means money.So just Check check out Singapore Tourism Board promoting Singapore to Bollywood here

Ofcourse , Superman will get released....But I doubt it will be a big hit in India.
I think Krrish is going to win the competition.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Wheat and Sugar...

Should I blame the government for importing Wheat and Sugar for controlling the prices? Read the set of events and decide for yourselves

1. Government doesnt give a good support price for sugarcane and wheat (infact it doesnt give a good support price for anything ;-) )

2. Farmers stop growing sugarcane (escalating costs, sugar mills not paying them on time and properly, more than 50% of the sugar mills shutting down) and wheat (Punjab farmers are avoiding farming due to high costs of agriculture involved and are chosing cab driving in Europe America, Australia.. they go to every nook and corner in the world ;-).. wheat is not the only reason though ;-) )

3. There is a supply crunch due to step 2, where as the demand is on the rise. (people are switching from rice to wheat to shed flab u know ;-) kidding , but the demand is certainly high )

4. Prices spike due to step 3.

5. Government decides to import wheat and sugar from foriegn nationals at a higher price.
(Aus govt is involved in a wheat scandal, so in Indian government)

OVerall effect - A few richer pockets. Other coutries making benefits at the cost of Indian farmers. Way to go India

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Postlesss country

When was the last time you used a post office in India for transporting some letter/documents ? Wellll, for me I think it was in Chamrajpet when I was studying in primary school.

The post offices were primarily meant for communication. Once upon a time these ppl used to be the backbone of Indians to exchange personal/professional messages. With the advent of technology snail mails became a passe, almost non-existant now. People started moving towards telephony and later e-mails for basic communication needs. Now u have scraps, blogs and what not. The postal department crumbled.

The postal department did not re-invent. It did not bother to take a cue from the foriegn postal departments. Every advanced economy has a postal system and they are one of the richest organisation in their respective countries. USPS, DPWN, AUPost .. just to name a few. Infact USPS figures in top 50 for the Fortune list. DPWN owns behemoths like DHL, EXEL etc. AUPost is the leading courier in Australia. And where is Indian post? Its lost its battle. A loss only due to not re-inventing. Not changing according to the market needs. What is the main revenue for these companies ? It is still posts. But they do a lot more than documents. They are couriers now. They have collaborated with the private players. They offer a wide range of solutions. They re-invent themselves and stay profitable.

The 1991 economic reforms have been a boon for several industries, but became a bane for the postal industry. The Indian postal department wanted people to send mails and give them revenue. They were not ready to carry your goods. They might have felt they would be coolies ;-)

Today the Indian postal department to save itself wants a legislation that private carriers should not be allowed to transport any documents/ packages < 500gm. WOWWWWWWW thats a magnificent invention :) with left's support this might be achieved too as there are no big players in the transportation industry to muscle the governement. Way to GO. :)

Mr. laloo has to be patted to try and make Railway industry the most preferred Freight corridor. I think with the low-cost airlines coming into picture, the railway industry had to look beyond passengers for profitability and they are moving in the right direction.

Railways Re-invented. Posts - shutdowned
U can no more sing chitti aayi hai chitti aayi hai

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

World's rudest city ?

Mumbai is the world's rudest city it seems....and and New York in the US are among the most cordial, a survey has found !!! Bollocks...

I think the joker who did the survey had a nasty experience in Bombay...So he came up with an idea of screwing India in general and Bombay in particular by creating a survey.

And what was the basis of the survey ? Here it was, deliberately gathering points
where we are actually having a defect:-

The magazine sent its over 2,000 reporters to gauge the politeness level of leading cities in 35 countries where it publishes from.

The survey used three tests to take stock of the politeness factor -- dropping papers in a busy street to see if anyone would help, checking how often shop assistants said "thank you", and counting how often someone held a door open.

Well...There is one valid point. The politeness factor test done in the survey, is NOT just in Bombay but in the whole of India. The point is, are we THAT bad to top a godammn list ?

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Hilarious !

Question : Who / What is "Lara Lara" ?

When Lara Dutta marries Brian Lara she'll be called "Lara Lara"....

Bolo tararara :-)

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Testing using the hello blogger bot Posted by Picasa

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Techie Product startups ? ....nah!

Why is India not going into the Products ? Why do we need to be led by somebody else ?
Why can't we lead the world ?

We have to admit. We have the man-power and we have the talent(well, we are there....almost, i guess), we have resources. Some of us have the motivation. But what do we lack ?

We lack Venture Capitalists. Thats what is pushing us to the pit (right now). I hope there will be change. One of my friend's friend worked in the US for 9 years on a SINGLE PRODUCT comes to India with the hopes of starting a company. He has a working model of his product. But nobody in INDIA is ready to fund him.I heard that Venture capitalists are ready to fund amusement parks like WonderLa.

Venture-Capitalists in Bangalore are ready to fund SERVICES sector and they consider Indian Manufacturing Segment as too Nascent to invest. Venture Capitalists in the US want to invest their money which is somewhere close to their houses.

Venture investors, however, prefer to fund startups within an hour's drive. For one, they're more likely to notice startups nearby. But when they do notice startups in other towns they prefer them to move. They don't want to have to travel to attend board meetings, and in any case the odds of succeeding are higher in a startup hub.

Bangalore is a big Services Hub atleast now. But there has to be some sections which should encourage "StartUp hubs".

StartUp Hubs should have (according to an article , I read) :-

a) An attractive town with a fabulous University nearby.

b) Liberalism.Most good startup ideas seem a little crazy;
What sending Text on a mobile phone ????!!! What ANOTHER SEARCH ENGINE ??? !!! What another mobile phone ???!!!! That's the connection between technology and liberalism.It's because liberal cities tolerate odd ideas, and smart people by definition have odd ideas.

c)Usually startups are started by Geeks.Most geeks like quieter pleasures. They like cafes instead of clubs; used bookshops instead of fashionable clothing shops; hiking instead of dancing; sunlight instead of tall buildings.

A professor at an IISc or an IIT who is highly regarded by his peers will get funding, pretty much regardless of the proposal. That wouldn't work for startups, whose founders aren't sponsored by organizations, and are often unknowns.In my opinion, companies started by Professors are way too focussed on academic self-learning rather than focussing on a buyer-base.

Everything is about TRUST & BELIEF in technology. Strongly for VCs and very very strongly for the founders of start-ups.

Wake up India !!! We gotta show to the world that we are more than just cheap workers !!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

odd-sized trousers

Arent you a victim of buying only even-numbered trousers. I mean you just get 28,30,32,34,36 etc. Why is the garment industry so much against odd-numbered trousers. Why cant I get a 29,31,33,35 etc ? Is it so difficult to manufacture these ?

Thats the exact reason as to why tailors still are in business (purely my thoughts). The tailor has a margin of 1/4 of an inch. You can get your trouser with a 32 1/4 waist size, where as in the ready-made industry all you will get is 32 or 34. Isnt this a real problem ?

Now you have three choices..
*cut down 1/4 of flab and fit into a 32.
*Or buy a 32 and walk with a tucked in stomach whenever you wear the trouser and be proud of the 32 waist (temporary one).
*Else buy 34 and try to get to 34.

All the above of these methods suck.

When was the last time I went a tailor to get a trouser stiched?
hmmm.. cant exactly remember at all.

I mean who has the time/patience to buy the material , go to the tailor, tell him your odd sized figure and wait for another 15 days to get the trouser. You need to be one helluva guy to do all these.

Trouser manufacuteres please do provide a margin of 1 inch to poor folks like us. Introduce odd sized pants.
I dont know whether Ghazals are very romantic....I dont understand complicated Hindi/Urdu...
But I think Beatles song take me to the mushy mushy mood !

It is not the lyrics....It is the voice of John and Paul. The innocence is undeniable.....
Yes, that was before India-Cocaine-Ashram-HareRamaHareKrishna.

I think they must created a mania in the early 60s....The original boy-band....
Real talented one at that!


My favorite Beatles Love Songs
I want to hold your hand (REALLY OLD ONE!!!)

Im happy just to dance with John & Paul. (The starting guitar chors is really cool)

All my loving ----This song will is SOOOOO bollywoodish!!

#2 John Lennon

Something in the way , She George Harrison

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I never knew it could be so difficult, so damn difficult to run an NGO. It is easy to be an outsider/volunteer and criticize about the way of functioning of an organisation. We do it all the time. We criticize and do it damn well indeed, abt our workplace, our city, state, country .. infact anything and everything we are associated with. If there is a competition We-Indians would emerge as the best critics.

Enough of digression. The running cost of the NGO approximates to 2 lakhs INR per month. To mainatin a student body of 140 people ( free food and accomodation), a staff of 50, including 30 teachers. The teacher's salary is given by the government.
Now with such costs I am dumbfounded how the organization meets the escalating costs every month.

Thanks to the concept of charity ingrained in humans there are many NGOs which are up and running fine. I am amazed to know there are around 3000+ NGOs in bangalore alone, 10000+ in karnataka and over a lakh in the whole of India. All of these are supported by charity. There are a barely few of them which are sustained by themselves (by income generation projects). Most of the NGOs are into mid-day meals distribution(thats what I hear). This is source of income for them. Well a lot beneficiaries of a noble scheme. I have become a big fan of the mid-day meal scheme. It is an awesome concept and it works stupendously well also.

Now with a lakh NGOs and say 100 inmates in each of them, we have around 1 crore people being given a decent life and supported by Charity.

But how long will the method of charity sustain? For how long ? Shouldnt the NGOs move out of the charity mode to income-generation mode. Sympathy sells and the NGOs need to sell sympathy. They need to make products and projects to the AAM AADMI and sell it with the NGO tag. They should come out and cut deep into the daily bread & butter market. Thats where the money is. Get into catering, Laundry services, Waste paper collection drive etc etc. Give what the markets need wiht your tag. Give quality products and you can make the best run business out of business.

Aha,easily said than done. Charity is a better way. Someone might listen to you and donate. But, how long would it work ? just how long enough ? What will happen if people stop donating. What will happpen to the kids? will they run out of food & shelter ? I AM SCARED.. how can we depend on the humans, the sinister evil social animals?

Charity.... a blessing/curse in disguise


performance by France. ZiZu, Henry, Vierra, Viltord ..all you guys suck mann.. I liked the guy with Indian chromosomes - Vikash Dhorasoo. He was brilliant :). Cant believe he is 32 years old. He should have scored. His effort was the best for France. The other players are just CLUB players. They just could not prove their mettle on the international scence.

I do not know why you are paid so much and so many crazy heads following your sport day in & out on EPL, Seria, Bundesliga, Spanish football etc etc etc.

France will be out of first round this time too. Hang up your boots guys.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

10th June 2002

And 10th June 2006.

I complete 4 years in the software industry. I really dont know what have I learnt after four years but there is certainly a learning. But not a great learning abt way things work in an industry , but I cant say that I have learnt nothing.

Dont know how / what the future is gonna be like.

But just like one of the wordings which I see when at my granpa's room :-

If life is a question, find an answer.
If life is a challenge , accept it

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Cops with blogs

One day I had made fun on a doctor maintaining a blog. I thought blogging was a little too "techie" behaviour and something not appreciated by people in any other field. I was surprised that the Dakshina Kannada District's Superintendent of Police, Mr.B.Dayananda (IPS) maintains a blog and it actually serves as a useful interface between the police and the press.He also uploads photos using flickr.

Congrats Sir!! Way to go....I appreciate your faith in blogging and technology and more importantly, the way you have productively utilised resources in the web.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A short story ...

Amy Screams: Joe wake up, please wake up Joe. Joe stays motionless

Cut back to May 31st 5:00pm Seattle…

Amy sits at the Starbucks coffee shop at the junction of pine and 1st street sipping a double shot espresso. It’s a beautiful evening. The summer has never been so beautiful at Seattle. Had it been Friday, she would have atleast enjoyed some novice rock group drumming to glory, and the attention of onlookers on her. Amy thinks, it can’t get worse than this. This is my birthday, Joe still hasn’t wished me and now he is late. Well when was he on-time anyway.

Her cell-phone beeps. It’s Joe, he might be somewhere arnd the corner fishing for the elusive parking space.

Joe: Hey baby
Amy: Joe, where are you. Its been an hour and you aren’t her still. We need to catch the Symphony at 5:30
Joe: Sorry babe, I have an urgent delivery to be made this evening.
Amy: Whaaaa???
Joe: Please pull in Christine. I promise I shall keep it up for the next time
Amy: Atleast be on-time for the dinner
Joe: Am terribly sorry again. Have to deliver the movie reels from Technicolor to the theaters. You know how important is that. All the incentives for on-time crucial delivery Sorry, babes.

Amy snaps the phone.. The line goes muted at Jo’s end

Joe is a driver with DHL and studies law(part-time) at the University of Washington. He met Amy there 2 years ago and today they stand committed. Joe wants to be a millionaire. He puts in 18 hours per day in work and school. Amy is a girl with small ambitions and gets hurt when she misses the small pleasures of life. But, today was no other day. It is Amy’s birthday today and she has every right to demand Joe’s exclusivity for the day. But Joe being Joe…….

6 days later…. Monday 9:00pm.

Joe’s cellphone beeps. Its Christine. Joe thinks why is Christine calling at this hour. Joe picks up the phone

Christine: Joe, its me
Joe: Yeah, Christine wassup?
Christine: Joe, Amy is hurt. Its been a week since you have met her outside school
Joe: You know Chris, how I have been working off-late and I thought Amy would understand
Christine: Yes Joe, I know and I am quite sure Amy does too. But it doesn’t mean you forget her bday, miss the Symphony and the dinner arranged by herself. The least you could have done is had dinner with her on her bday
Joe: ohhh maannnn… it totally got off my head… how could I, I mean how could I, this the second year in row… no wonder she aint talking to me properly.. Oh Christine ..I am so dumb.. isn’t there a way to get out of this.. there should be rite
Christine: there is one, but I don’t think it would workout
Joe: hey hey tell me what it is, I shall give in my best shot to make her happy
Chris: okies, tomorrow is her registered bday, the official one you seee. You might want to pull in some surprise on her…
Joe:how could that be possible… I always thot it was registered 31st only
Christine: Some mainframe glitch when she was born and they could register only for tomorrow
Joe: oh Christine you are a darling.. thanks a lot Christine .. I shall sneak in a surprise this midnight.

Joe switches out of his Pyjamas, wears a cool jeans and a T-shirt. He boards his DHL van and rushes towards the nearest Safeway. Picks a bunch of red roses, a yummy cheese cake, pays the bill and heads towards the Univ. He re-checks the backyard of the van to see the reels of the new movie are intact. He arrives at the woman’s hostel and parks his van safely. Checks the time on his watch 11:55 pm. Exact 3 mins to Amy’s room and perfecct Joe thinks. Joe takes his cellphone to wake Amy up. He gives up the idea half way. Plans to sneak into Amy’s room and throw a surprise. He walks around the lawn and peeks into Amy’s room. Amy is in a deep sleep. He opens the window and sneaks past. Checks the time again 11:58:06, the time glows on his Casio. He hurries inside, keeps the cake on the desk, lights a small candle. Checks his watch again 11:59:57, 58, 00:00:00.. Joe sings

‘Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you dear Amy, happy birthday to you’. Joe goes near her ear and say : “Happy bday Amy wake up, Amy”

Suddenly the door opens, Amy comes in from the front door. ‘Thank you Joe’. Joe is perplexed, if that’s Amy who is on the bed. He hears another voice ‘ Thank You Joe’. He turns quicky, He sees Amy inside the wardrobe. Joe is confused, he rubs his eyes. ‘Thank you Joe’, Amy in the bath tub. ‘ Thank you Joe’, ‘Thank you Joe’, ‘Thank you Joe’.. Amy everywhere.. Joe screames holds his head out, realizes something and panickly looks at his watch again .. he realizes he had missed something befoer, the date shows ’06.06.06 ‘– he realizes the Omen has arrived’… and Joe crashes to the floor with a loud thud

Monday, June 05, 2006

Feverish - Unleashing a series of blogs

Give the devil a much needed time and he will blog - mostly crap.
quote - GD

I have been unwell the last 4 days. The constant rumblings of the
hot headed brain comes out as follows. Read on and suffer :)
(no its not anymore abt resrvations)

Disovery - the 3rd and the best way for washboard abs

Get sick :) Am not crazy. This is self-tested method
Anything of the following would do:- Fever (preferably viral),
thypoid, jaundice, chicken pox, herpis, measles.
There is no better way. 4 days and I have lost around 4 kgs.
Mann, this I think is the secret.

After my MBA i will start a
weight loss clinic. There will be 4 solutions
Serum A - induces fever - 5 days and 5 kgs - prescribed yearly twice
serum B - induces typhoid - 15 days and arnd 8-10 kgs - not repatable for next 10 years
(based on history give SERUM A)
Serum C - jaundice - 1 month and 10-12 kgs - not repatable for next 10 years
(based on history give SERUM A)
serum D - CHicken pox - 1 month and 10-15 kgs - not repatable for next 10 years
(based on history give SERUM A)

maximum weight loss is based on individual ability.

All the serums will be carefully manipulated and given. Also the customer
will be instructed to have all kinds of chats, road side junkies, high profile
junks(oily and fatty stuff- high intake of this for Serum C),
veg, non-veg, mixed veg blah blah on the pretext that he will
be missing all those once the weight loss course begins.

But, the real intention is to avoid the docotor to trace out the Serum.
You c need to protect intellectual property. ;-).

Next day mrng send ur physical instructor to the customer's home in sexy outfits.
He will complete the formality of admitting them to the hospital. (sexy outfits are to misguide the doctor)
After the prescribed duration the results are achieved automatically.

Petrol Prices Up ...

This is really bad.

I should think of some alternate mode of transport, otherwise half my salary goes to the transportation charges.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Change in Behaviour.

Well :-
Can a characteristic of a person change overnight ?

I think it is in your hands.

This is a measure of "flexibility" of an individual.
An intelligent person is very flexible, tries everything and very quickly adaptive to change.

I am trying to develop a new theory called "Version2" theory.
If you have the time to listen what the Version2 theory is about, here it is ......

An individual, an ordinary individual tries to "change" himself (doesnt care about the consequences, in an ideal situation.The consequences may make him a devil or an angel).The change is a conscious effort and he changes himself based on this statement :-


The simplest motivation to move to Version2 is to avoid PREDICTABILITY.

PREDICTABILITY is something very boring. It irrtitates me when people say that I reacted predictably.

I am coming up with my Version2. (Ofcourse in an ideal case, it would be like Captain Jack Sparrows. A cool and composed man in any situation. Thats exactly what I am NOT)

Do start thinking abt your Version2.

One day you should say :-

"Hello Buddies, remember Me.
I am the man , you thought I'd never be"

Current Music : Depeche Mode - Try Walking in My Shoes