Monday, June 20, 2005

Guru Shishya #5

The shishya sits in the La Défense metro station at Paris , looking at the digital clock to display 7:59. In minutes, a metro train zooms like a bullet and stops at the wink of an eye. As usual, hoards of beautiful people get out of the train.

As the shishya keeps looking at them , the metro zooms away.

Oh no! I missed the metro.

The shishya curses that he has to wait for another 5 more minutes.

A beautiful masterpiece Vienna_esque music is played just behind the shishya. A beggar with an accordion. A born musician.With solid speakers and background music.

Another struggling artist in Paris....Not a beggar

The beggar magically transforms into the guru.

What are you doing here , you idiot ? I thought you were in the ashram.
You havent attended many philosophical lectures for many decades.

Oh holy one...I need a philosophical lesson rite now....

The guru was always a helpful man. Giving a lot of help when it was needed the most....

What do you want to know abt ?

About concentra....

As he says the word,the shishya's head turns as he ogles at a group of 7 blondes with make-up kits in one head and the happening "Da Vinci Code" book in another hand, wearing really short skirts just swaying away.

The guru notices his shishya ogling.He is disturbed.

Lesson one:- Keep everything within your own race.

Yes oh holy guru!

but why oh guruji ???? We are all for inter_racial love.We love the shishya.

The guruji utters some mantras in French and sprinkles water , they turn into stone.

The disturbance is gone.Okay tell me now,
What do you want to know abt, Oh shishya ?

The role of Concentration.

The GURU utters some more mantras in Sanskrit and they see a huge screen like one of those at a rock concert.

On the screen, the Guru is seen, standing with 20 pre teen shishyas standing with bows and arrows in hand.

The Guru is teaching them a lesson on concentration.

There is a clay bird ( a lump of clay moulded into a bird ) on the tree and the shishyas are aiming at the bird.

What can you see ?

I can see the eye of the bird.


The next Shishya stands in front of the guru and takes an aim at the clay bird.

What can you see ?

I can see the pupil of the bird.

GURU :- one....

What can you see ?

I can see the RETINA of the bird AND NOTHING ELSE.

Unbelievable concentration.Next.

What can you see ?

I can see you wearing a saffron dhoti, the other three shishyas happy because they received your praise, the forest, the trees and a meteor heading straight where we are standing AND the retina of the bird.

The guru sees a meteor heading towards where they are standing. His eyesight crushes the meteor into 55484123156 pieces.

Shabaash mere bachche.....This is what is required for anyone on this planet.You have to be alert
about your surroundings AND concentrate on your work.Otherwise you will get lost in the details of life and lose the big picture.

The screen blurs and we are back to the Paris metro station.

Is it clear now, oh ignorant one ?

Yes guru.

Now get back to work and concentrate and be alert.


richie said...

ati adbhutam!! sudeepesque humour at its best.

Anonymous said...

su depp....

i never knew...i never knew...

holy moly goly....

my laughter seems to have gone on hyperdrive with cryogenic engines, and been carried away by inertia. i.e i am not able to control myself.

one bow to u...

why didnt u join our madads team in college.


sudeep said...

thanks sisyan :)

i dont think i can write something good enuff to be enacted....i didnt know that i could write that time

why dont you start blogging dude ?

Anonymous said...

I have a blog maga,

but its in the other world.

stands for pav and vismaya.

I havent started the "Real" or "Surreal" writing, its more or less like a worn diary of events.

I will surely start serious wiriting soon, watchout.

and common, if u could come up with such thoughts today, u could have come with more with all the free time u had those days, even a halfbaked though could get us a script, we had punters for that purpose.

Most of the scripts we generated were out of half baked thoughts and jokes which were further meticulously modified in a big GD to suit the audience and the atmosphere. I am sure u would have made a huuge difference.