Wednesday, June 22, 2005

the week zipped past ..

I am happy to be finally back in Bangalore. It wasnt a warm welcome at the office. The Manager's have a wierd way of allocating projects and that pissed me off.
Was on bench for a week, and have finally landed in a project.

Bench was bliss, most of it spent at the food courts. :-) reall long hours sipping tea, eating ravaidlis and savouring mousambi and mango juices..

DOing a bit of injustice to my boday by skipping yoga. Have decided to become more regular to help my brains and body. (does it really work ?? )

The sports scene wasnt great. The race sucked, though narian finished on points and MS with a win on the Podium. Ferrari has more haters now GRRRRRRRRRRRRR, thanks to Michellin. The obvious question would the Miechellin runners wudnt race if Bridgestone had a similar problem. Well no hallucinations. Majority is not democracy in F1 :-).

Happy to know the NBA finals will be decided on the 7th game, not from 1994, when I dint even know, there was NBA, but had an idea of basketball. Yup I used to play badly then.

Sania Mania or Maniac ?? to lose such a game. boooooooo or booooooohooooooooooooooh .. mixed emotions. 4-3 , 40-0 up and someone loses the set. Blame it on ignorance (lack of tennis acumen) and arrogance. Wished she would be first indian women to win on center court apart from the first to play on.

Well with so many Islamic nations, the first Islam lady is from India, surprise surprise ?? hope there isnt a Fatwa issued by some of the radical Islamic bodies. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR... I hate fundamentalism ..


sarvagnaani said...

>The sports scene wasnt great. The race sucked was a waste of time. Agreed michellin is to be blamed for the fiasco, but fia is also equally responsible. The point is the race is run for the fans and not to see how well you abide by the rules. fia could have allowed the suggested changes and may be fine the teams for not following the rules.

I could not watch the sania match, but going by the scores (4-6, 7-6, 4-6) and the picture portrayed by newspapers i thought she gave a good fight.

sudeep said...

e-city nalli ella kade hudugeerjothe odaadtha idya antha news banthu....ofcourse week zip agathe...adralli nangenu aashcharya aguvantha vishaya kaanaslilla.......

nimmajji :))))

richie said...

Sania.. it is all in the serve. The toss is about a storey high, and if you see the faults on her serve, they aren't even close to the lines. But was a good match, as she has the strokes to match the best, but lacked consistency.
Race, all I have to say is watch MotoGP :).

zeeds, which project are you in now? did you get the change you wanted.