Friday, August 22, 2008

10th std A section

This song from the movie "10th Class A Section" is really catchy.I heard it on radio and it actually took awhile to actually google out this song.

The title of the movie is weird. If the title is weird, how about the new Kannada movie "KA-999 B-333".

The lyrics is really clever, but one gripe is that it always has a racist note.

Kappiddru nange OKAY,
Makeuppu haakistheeni.
Kullugiddre high heel haaki
uddha maadstheeni !!!

and later about female infanticide :-

Hennu huttoke modalE saayisthaarallo,
Nammantha hudugura kashta kelovryaarolo!!!

Very original and really worth a listen. You can listen to Bhagawantha Bhagawantha Yeshtondu hudugeerowrallo.

Nice song.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Somewhere in the interiors of South India, an umbrella is seen moving on a partially lit mud road. It's raining very heavily and the sun is about to hide his face.

Beneath the umbrella 4 legs are seen. Walking. One pair of legs don't wear any slippers and wear saffron clothes. The other pair is wearing a Woodland brown pair shoes.

We zoom into these subjects.

The Guru is walking along with the Shishya. There are two roads fading into the dark intersecting at right angles.

GURU : So, here you are shishya. At the crossroads.

SHISHYA : (confused) Yeah I guess.

GURU : What will you do ?

SHISHYA : (apprehensive) This is only the beginning. We still have time.

GURU : Do you ?

The two continue to talk about which road to take, as rain pours.

Monday, August 18, 2008

whats your take on Consumerism?

This post is to solicit feedback..
Please post your views as comments..


ps: ofcourse the question raises from a quandry again


Dr.Rajkumar-avaru, ondu film haadu helidare avarade film-nalli haadiddare, Wah! "Gaana Gandharva" Rajkumar-avaru haadiddaare antha anisuthade;
aadare, Dr.Rajkumar haadannu P.B. Srinivas haadiddare, "namma maneya hiriya anna avaru" haadiddare antha anisuthade.

Ravi Belagere.

Many oldies prefer the older Rajkumar songs which were sung by PBS rather than the newer ones sung by Dr.Raj himself.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Small programming pblm ...

Given an array contains 0s and 1s mixed together, in one scan of the whole array, is it possible to put all the 0s on the left and all the ones to the right ?

I got the solution (I think) :-) But I took sometime.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

How abt some good news about India ?

Every time you pick up a paper I see headlines which are depressing or sometimes really affecting your daily life.

The real pleasant news amidst this sea of torture just dies a silent death because it is unnoticed. Optimism is really important and it adds that delta and the feeling that we are doing something and keep it going.

It is that ray of hope.

So Dhimant has started a website called which aims to address the good news and give it its due. Congrats and great idea dude !

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Things Change

and its very cyclical..
ask me a couple of years ago.. and I would have told the top most issues for me were were inequaility in Indian society, bridging the gap between the classes, creating equal opporutnity, contributing to someone apart from me, my family and friends...

today its about me , me and me .. it has become a egomaniacal world..its mostly about me nowadays, without knowing what i want..but am sure its about me most of the times .. or my closest relatives and friends .. the society has gone at large.....

i believe this is totally cyclical ..i keep swinging between these two levels and often than not stay at the middle most of the times ..but I have been at the extremes completely too.. you get tired of one you sway to the other and then get tired of the other end .. and prefer to travel along the middle line in a slow pace ..

not sure what causes the transistions..sometimes its events, sometimes boredom, sometimes inspiration, and sometimes dejection .. but it happens and you will notice it but forget about the trigerring event ..

winding down another day.. a bad day for India at olympics.. two close matches, which seem to be all indian suddenly became indonesian and russian ..but i am lot more positive about india's future olympics hopes.. we are into quarter and pre-quarters ..usually we were pre-qualifications exits .. and sometimes we need luck in our draws ..unlike the one akhil kumar faces .. he is up against no 1 in weighlifting .. poor thing he will be beaten (and literally too)..

i have found a new distaste toward events which have a judges and need to have judgement in awarding points and determining the gold/silver/bronze.. gymanstics, diving, boxing all suck ... okay i dont like how this guy looks ..heere i go a 9.8 instead of 10... am sure the human psyche is a not a very pure one .. hence we should not have any judging events at the olympics..
heard two boxers (a korean and a french) protested yesterday and complained the judges were biased towards the Chinese ... not sure whats in store for the indians ..

Sunday, August 10, 2008

where is the GOLD lost..

This is a tough one to judge ..
where in the supply chain of building athletes is the weakest link and where does India lose heavily in transforming itself into Olympics superweight.

We cannot be China, agreed and partly because we do not want to be like China either..
but dont we want to be like the US, Australia, Russia or atleast like Brazil in the sporting fraternity...

If we look back where we exactly lose out on sports, I can attribute to two factors
- a system which doesnt reward sports
- and people backing the system (you, me, your/my parents etc)

The state of athletes in India is never a rewarding one, in the career sense and monetary sense and hence there is no REAL incentive in pursuing a Gold medal for Olympics, becasue after that all you are left is a few grams of gold ..

What we need is a revolution in each sporting activity - like recently Tennis, where there is money and there is also a chance of winning the Olympics.. In the US this is true for most of the sporting events .. In Europe there is a lot of government and industrial support .. and in Russia and China ..there are the armies of the respective countries..

In India we lack corporates (thought TATA has been very active), the government and the army.. and we all know this .. not only this but we lack athletes..

Athletes lose out in making a career in life vs making a career in sports ..

personally we would have witnessed brilliant athletes amongst us in our school days..
by 12th standard.. this number is reduced by 1/10th or 1/100th.. with everyone cramming to get into the coveted engineering/medical/arts/commerce schools of India.. there goes our first big cut .. a cut as big enough it has been bleeding for the past 50 years with no Gold apart from Hockey.. (now we do not even qualify for hockey)..

the second cut .. in university level there is barely sporting activity.. apart from cricket.. for cricket there is a ranji level and now IPL, ICL etc .. where players do get rewarded with jobs is both corporates and prestigious banks .. and there is a good support system ..
Hockey enjoyed some decent level of support ..
Other sporting athletes are usually supported by railways ..

Imagine having a sports quota in Intel, Tata, Google, Reliance, ICICI, Infosys and all the super power house corporates .. (if someone represnts at national/state level or higher).. would this help???

these companies encourage/sponsor the training of one athlete from one sport (pursue government to make it mandatory).. and the companies are allowed to use the athlete for endorsment of their brand apart from making him write C, C++ programs ..

Would this change something over the next 20 years for India in sports ..???
I think we need much more concrete ideas than these .. oh yeah and the implementation

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Rambo anyone ?

Why is Rambo so popular ?

I didn't even bother to see one movie, because I thought it was all about blood , blood and more blood.

Anyone one here a die hard fan of Rambo, Rocky etc. ?

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Traits of Kanglish

I am making a compilation of some common terms which is used by Kannada influenced English speakers. Help me compete this list.

*)Using present continuous tense sounding very awkward.
Ex: I am enclosing a photo of a Gorilla along with the receipt which we received yesterday.
instead of
I have enclosed a photo of a Gorilla along with the receipt which we received yesterday.

*)Stretching the vowels
Aye you are doing like theeeees ? Naaaat like that...Thats what I thought!!! Thats why you are doing like thataaah?? ok.ok.

*) Can never get the "a" in words like cat and the "o" in words like coffee. This is commong to many Indian languages.
Ex: Sir there was a traffic jaam (jaam rhymes with Hindi aaam)

*)Adding "u" in the end.
Bengaluru is full of roadsu, busessu, caru and garbeju

*) Adding a rhyming word stating with gi.
Aye, why have you kept all your Books-gicks here ? go man.
I don't post or comment on all these blogs-geegs and all....

Can you guys think of more ?