Thursday, August 21, 2008

Somewhere in the interiors of South India, an umbrella is seen moving on a partially lit mud road. It's raining very heavily and the sun is about to hide his face.

Beneath the umbrella 4 legs are seen. Walking. One pair of legs don't wear any slippers and wear saffron clothes. The other pair is wearing a Woodland brown pair shoes.

We zoom into these subjects.

The Guru is walking along with the Shishya. There are two roads fading into the dark intersecting at right angles.

GURU : So, here you are shishya. At the crossroads.

SHISHYA : (confused) Yeah I guess.

GURU : What will you do ?

SHISHYA : (apprehensive) This is only the beginning. We still have time.

GURU : Do you ?

The two continue to talk about which road to take, as rain pours.

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