Thursday, August 07, 2008

Rambo anyone ?

Why is Rambo so popular ?

I didn't even bother to see one movie, because I thought it was all about blood , blood and more blood.

Anyone one here a die hard fan of Rambo, Rocky etc. ?


Prashanth said...

That's so sad man!!
Go watch one today or atleast ask someone sitting next to you to give you one.
You have no idea what you have missed all these years!!

Srini at the Movies said...

Rocky is my favourite film of all time. It showcases the indomitable spirit of man against the odds.

I remember writing abt it a few years ago. Maybe this will tell you why (though I am planning to write a more elaborate essay on the entire series soon)

GD said...

seriously mama, u are missing something having not watched ROCKY

Rambo - 1,2,3 enjoyed it very much.. may be you might not appreciate as it might look a little outdated..

Sridhar Raman said...

Rocky & Rambo both rock! I prefer the latter even more. The latest Rambo was such good fun just for the memories to got rushing into me.

Bhanu said...

I am not a die hard fan of Rambo but it was kind of popular and as Srini said Rocky is amazing and I have watched it many times. The laetst Rambo movie was not too bad, kind of fast moving and have shown his reluctance well etc. It was better than what I anticipated.