Monday, August 18, 2008

whats your take on Consumerism?

This post is to solicit feedback..
Please post your views as comments..


ps: ofcourse the question raises from a quandry again

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Shivakumar said...

hello sudeepa,..
i was digging your blogs...
w.r.t consumerism, I sometimes feel it is needed to fund research. ppl have to buy more than needed to produce more than needed money for pour on research. there should always be surplus money for research and defense and surplus money can be got from drugs, sex and consumerism. And frankly speaking money from consumerism is the only legal way (thru taxes etc) the money reaches the right places. but personally if you ask me, I buy things only when really really needed. I still use a basic phone similar to 3310 ;). If every body falls back to simple living, then your annual luxury tour will be really really very expensive. since you become the minority of ppl looking for luxury.