Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Traits of Kanglish

I am making a compilation of some common terms which is used by Kannada influenced English speakers. Help me compete this list.

*)Using present continuous tense sounding very awkward.
Ex: I am enclosing a photo of a Gorilla along with the receipt which we received yesterday.
instead of
I have enclosed a photo of a Gorilla along with the receipt which we received yesterday.

*)Stretching the vowels
Aye you are doing like theeeees ? Naaaat like that...Thats what I thought!!! Thats why you are doing like thataaah?? ok.ok.

*) Can never get the "a" in words like cat and the "o" in words like coffee. This is commong to many Indian languages.
Ex: Sir there was a traffic jaam (jaam rhymes with Hindi aaam)

*)Adding "u" in the end.
Bengaluru is full of roadsu, busessu, caru and garbeju

*) Adding a rhyming word stating with gi.
Aye, why have you kept all your Books-gicks here ? go man.
I don't post or comment on all these blogs-geegs and all....

Can you guys think of more ?


Deus Machina said...

I have noticed a particular trait among not only Kannadigas, but most Indians in general, where in we form extremely long sentences when using written communication. Its not rare to see to see the use of words "as", "because" and "hence"... all in the same sentence!!

I used to have this "trait" when I was just out of engineering college. Got out of it quickly when my research supervisor reviewed the first ever "tech-paper" that I wrote. He was literally shocked to see a 1/3rd page paragraph having just one sentence!!

sudeep said...

yes...long sentences are a no-no when we are writing tech documentation.

PS : Do we know each other ? As far as I can remember I don't know any blogger by this name ....

Deus Machina said...

Oh I didnt realise that my profile isn't showing any details about me...... honestly, secrecy was not intended!!

Signed up for blogging a long long time ago but never spent a byte on it ;-) And recently when I wanted to leave a comment on your blog, I just signed in with my gmail id and was pleasantly surprised to see google displaying my blogger nick-name :-)

Naanu kano, Mohan from Sasken!!

sudeep said...

Oh super mohan ji :-) :-) :-)