Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Things Change

and its very cyclical..
ask me a couple of years ago.. and I would have told the top most issues for me were were inequaility in Indian society, bridging the gap between the classes, creating equal opporutnity, contributing to someone apart from me, my family and friends...

today its about me , me and me .. it has become a egomaniacal world..its mostly about me nowadays, without knowing what i want..but am sure its about me most of the times .. or my closest relatives and friends .. the society has gone at large.....

i believe this is totally cyclical ..i keep swinging between these two levels and often than not stay at the middle most of the times ..but I have been at the extremes completely too.. you get tired of one you sway to the other and then get tired of the other end .. and prefer to travel along the middle line in a slow pace ..

not sure what causes the transistions..sometimes its events, sometimes boredom, sometimes inspiration, and sometimes dejection .. but it happens and you will notice it but forget about the trigerring event ..

winding down another day.. a bad day for India at olympics.. two close matches, which seem to be all indian suddenly became indonesian and russian ..but i am lot more positive about india's future olympics hopes.. we are into quarter and pre-quarters ..usually we were pre-qualifications exits .. and sometimes we need luck in our draws ..unlike the one akhil kumar faces .. he is up against no 1 in weighlifting .. poor thing he will be beaten (and literally too)..

i have found a new distaste toward events which have a judges and need to have judgement in awarding points and determining the gold/silver/bronze.. gymanstics, diving, boxing all suck ... okay i dont like how this guy looks ..heere i go a 9.8 instead of 10... am sure the human psyche is a not a very pure one .. hence we should not have any judging events at the olympics..
heard two boxers (a korean and a french) protested yesterday and complained the judges were biased towards the Chinese ... not sure whats in store for the indians ..

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sarvagnaani said...

about being lucky in the draw..was looking at the draw in men's tennis doubles for paes and bhupathi, in quarters they are against federer and stanislas seeded 4 and if they clear this..they would have to play mostly against bryan and bryan who are seeded that with the other quarters draw, there is only one pair which is seeded, and the remaining 3 pairs are