Sunday, February 21, 2010

Your own - Personal Jesus

Troubled times and my personal jesus is inside me - Today. Really pushed to the corner....

Nice song in this beautiful lab. Lift up the receiver and I'll make you a believer.....I'll deliver....You know Im a forgiver....Reach out!

Hmm life goes on :-)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I don't have time to blog,

but I am just blogging now as I am listening to a wonderful song. Jeeva Veene. The way absence and dreams are portrayed are beautiful. Probably my favorite love song of all time. Aarti looks Wow in this ssong.

The big radio box , the staring at photo frame - Well this is at a different time than the ones which we are living.

Anyway, life is going on here in Oulu. Temperature was -29 to -13 degrees. Too busy with work here. Also trying some old and some new stuff here in Finland. Karhu, Karjala , Lapin Kulta and then here and there some wine and Czech draught ...hmmm.

I had something more to then, thats it

Monday, February 08, 2010

The guru and shishya get into the train.

Shishya : I am suprised that we are still in this train, Master.
Master : Patience Works. There is still some journey.
Shishya : Yes. But then, every dog has its day. But there are no dogs here.
Master : There is one dog.
Shishya : Yes. Wondering abt the dog. The dog has no bone, it's sad. People are moving too fast.
Master : Tuff times, eh ? Everything which has a beginning has an end.
Shishya : How will the end be ? I am confused and dazed.
Master : Ends may come and ends may go. Honesty pays.
Shishya : The honesty is that : I used to rule the world: Now, a Mango man. The man with no sh/n/g/f/ame
Master : The train is still speeding.
Shishya : The wizard weaves his hand. His legerdemain has traveled far and west.Pedro and Penelope welcome him....
Master : You look like you will explode.
Shishya : I think I was Alfred Nobel in my previous incarnation.
Master : Talk of this birth. Let us eat the ground nuts.
Shishya : Hmm ground nuts
Master : There is this elusive cone called "second chance".It is upto you to make it an ice cream cone or a pine cone.