Monday, February 08, 2010

The guru and shishya get into the train.

Shishya : I am suprised that we are still in this train, Master.
Master : Patience Works. There is still some journey.
Shishya : Yes. But then, every dog has its day. But there are no dogs here.
Master : There is one dog.
Shishya : Yes. Wondering abt the dog. The dog has no bone, it's sad. People are moving too fast.
Master : Tuff times, eh ? Everything which has a beginning has an end.
Shishya : How will the end be ? I am confused and dazed.
Master : Ends may come and ends may go. Honesty pays.
Shishya : The honesty is that : I used to rule the world: Now, a Mango man. The man with no sh/n/g/f/ame
Master : The train is still speeding.
Shishya : The wizard weaves his hand. His legerdemain has traveled far and west.Pedro and Penelope welcome him....
Master : You look like you will explode.
Shishya : I think I was Alfred Nobel in my previous incarnation.
Master : Talk of this birth. Let us eat the ground nuts.
Shishya : Hmm ground nuts
Master : There is this elusive cone called "second chance".It is upto you to make it an ice cream cone or a pine cone.

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