Thursday, September 30, 2004

few thoughts ...

which are my own!!! well i am feeling pretty low..on confidence that is..i am in a pathetic state of self doubt..
yesterday i was trying to solve some probs ... richie kottidhu...and i couldnt get past the obvious solns...
i guess it was one of those days when my brain refuses to think abt tech stuff...the tragedy is such days are becoming the norm :(
hmmmm..will try to come out of it..have to find some ways by which i can prove that i am myself...

papanna dont worry madko beda...yake andre janake free software bariyo josh idhe..adre adhana support mado josh illa...
so companies that provide software "solutions" will long as companies providing some other solutions feel the need for
support after installing a software ..

gd...its not the prob with seers..the prob is with the ppl...the ppl who drop huge amt of offerings in hundi..
but ppl are mortals..who need some kind of support...some super human form which can solve all probs...
hmmmm..jana..yenu madake agala..

Rs 1.5 cr gold crown for Lord Venkateswara

can you imagine this ./??? in a country where atleast 10 times the mentioned figure do not have anything to eat / drink / stay ..
we give the dieties such richness .. Well God is lucky isnt he ??

Dont the seers have anything better to do ??????????
I hate the concept of religion due to stupidity like this.. and more stupidities like jehad, fatwas ...

religion doesnt care about humanity ..

I am pissed off big timeeeeeee .......
Well so many religions do not have idol worshipping .. thank God ( did i say god .. 25 years am living with him ) they would spend only on buildings ..

chalo guys ..

signing off in uppi style ..- I am God, God is Great. ..
God help these morons in the world ..You do not need GOLD . DO u ??

I am scarily convinced....

The future for software engineers is bleak...
The future of software engineering is FREE software.

FREE's evrywhere.....
Right from a graphics card driver to a display system....
Right from an operating system to a 3D game....
Everything is downloadable....
There is no trouble...

The dotcoms are replaced by dotorgs...
We live in a world where everybody is given solutions
to the other guy.This is gonna be history.
No more business solutions.
Only web communities and web forums.

I dunno where exactly money will go ...Who will get money
May be support (technical support) is gonna stay and some
Mainframes....Because we live in a free world.Unfortunately
ONLY software is free.

Speaking of solutions, Bangaloreans have given an entirely new
dimension to the word solution.
I saw these solutions today while driving to office:-

Vinayaka Transport solutions
These guys offer transport solutions to the guys who offer business solutions.

Lakshmi Beverage solutions
These guys offer beverage solutions to the guys who offer business solutions.

And soon we will have grocery solutions, underwear and bra solutions,
spiritual consultancies, fresh vegetable quality metrics (CMM certified),
and Bhel Puri solutions in Bangalore.By the way, I have stopped eating Bhel
puri because of depression and all the other things in the world.
It's been two months and I have proved myself that even I have willpower.

Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur with his company name ending with
the string "solution".
My current advice to that entrepreneur :-

Who's gonna buy your godammn solution when you have
have hackers writing everything conceivable and putting it up on
their websites?

So I am thinking what is the next best thing to do.
Software solutions will go down the frothy drain like an
old smelly solution from a retarded chemist's lab.

There is no second thought about it.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Gaming is I dunno what sort of programming.
I have never written a game, I almost tried
writing a small Tetris game but , I sure do know
it is one helluva programming exercise.

Halflife-2 is going to be released.I found a technical
article on the gaming engine of half-life.
There is a "physics component" in the engine!
Which takes care of Dynamics, Kinematics and fluid mech
and all that.

Just check out this article.
MOOD :- Amazed and dazed.

HL2 Game Engine Features

Tuesday, September 28, 2004


japanese MANGA?
The name is very funny.
(this is ONLY for Richie)
manga means monkey :-)

I used to enjoy Japanese Hentai.Hentai is japanese cartoon p0rn.
But I soon realised that there is more to life than Hentai ,
so i didnt pursue my interests as far as Hentai was concerned.

I tried watching p0rn after a gap of 10 months.
It hasnt changed at all :-(.It yucked.
So I watched a program on the Piaroa tribe of the Amazon River
who hunt the Giant Tarantula spiders.Man! Amazon forests are something
beyond description.The rain and the greenery-Unbelievable.
I am sure the nights there are going to be terrible.Crickets
creaking away to glory..........
The tarantulas are as big as lemons and their legs are pretty big.
They shoot hairs at their target which can itch and cause pain.
These people get the female pregnant tarantulas and open the
arachnid's abdomen and make an omlette out of the 3000 odd eggs
and make fire using caveman techniques and eat it.

Another interesting tribals are these guys.
These guys dont know how to count....I dont know if it is a biscuit
or something.

Monday, September 27, 2004


sud, watch this channel for 'dexter like cartoons' . japanese manga is just too good.
also for photography, check out Ansel Adams books on photography.
The news/rumour here in Y is that one of the old hands is leaving.


I have fallen into the abyss that is lethargy; bored, listless, un-energetic, lethargic, sleepy, lacking-motivation, purpose-less etc etc.......some chavanprash should do the trick, I will be able to do some cooL swordplay like Sourav Ganguly.....

Went through the NPS-PESIT folks' blogs. Now I know that these guys do have thoughts :)))

Have tons of academic load to catch up with, am writing this cuz I bunked class now, 2 hours of incredible crap. 2 out of the 3 courses I have taken are very good; the 3rd one is good, but the instructor sucks.

Ok, enough academia......I watched Die Hard 1, 2, 3 backtoback.....crazy shit. Hollywood masala at its pinnacle. Was watching some old hindi stuff. Gurudutt's Pyaasa, and one intermediate file was missing. GROAN.

Will get back to something non-blogging related.

yes yase.....yes indeed....

If it weren't for your brother, it could've been you could've been you. And you are a damn good writer. Wasted as a software engineer of course. And I am missing your scripts. People have changed, some of us in the US, some of us in India and !Bangalore (had to rub this bit of tech. notation), some of us are in different companies, some of us have seen relationships take different hues, and some of us, have done nothing.....maybe they have learnt some more Perl. But the point is, people have changed and that calls for a script. Do write one, please.

Richie, the whole idea behind this problem was to prove that the the blackbox algorithm is NP-Complete. And I was trying to prove that if you could solve the blackbox in polynomial time, you could solve the K-blackbox in polynomial time (my puzzle was to find this specific transformation), and the K-blackbox polynomial time eventually helps in solving Vertex Cover in polynomial time. And VC is known to be NP-complete. And so, the blackbox problem is NP-complete.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Nice soln

that was a nice soln.. But there seems to be one catch. You ask for a non-combinatorial
solution. Which would imply that your blackbox algorithm time complexity is not combinatorial. So if Rabin Karp has also given an algorithm which given the set, and the subsets , gives a polynomial time solution then that completes the nice solution
that you have given.

YASE's musings

My feet were getting numb. My arms were getting tired. But I sat there,
looking at the monitor, pretending to work. What if I slept off on the
keyboard? What would people around me think? Am I not competitive
enough.Would another night out hurt. "No it won't." I consoled myself.
"Work a little more." I told myself.

Images of links between tables and pages from what we call, ETRMs
crossed my mind. "Why?" I asked myself. "Why doesn't my mind wander away to the
more beautiful things in life?" "Why does it always have to be WORK!!!?"

That was it. I couldn't take it anymore. I pressed the shutdown button
on the PC as if to say, "I hate you". As if in reply, it took me twice to
shut it down. I kicked my locker and walked out of my cubicle. The security
at the reception looked into my eyes sympathetically. I pretended like I am
solving problems in my head (for the testing work that i am involved in) .

As if the world depended on my silly program/script.
As if to justify the fact that the Security needs to respect me. I hated
myself. I walked down the corridor towards the lift.

There I was, on the third floor(terrace). It was 3.30 in the morning. The terrace
looked deserted. I loved the feeling. I was all alone. Just me, and the
sky and the stars and the early morning breeze. I looked all around. The
world looked much beautiful. Somewhere, far away, I could see lights. I
presume that must have been another workplace where people like me are working
away at their PCs.

I stood at the edge of the terrace. As I looked at the road that ran in
front of our office, I slowly kept my palm on the wall. A chill ran down
my spine. Tiny droplets of water had formed on the wall, which I touched. I
wanted to feel it again. I touched it again. It was the most wonderful
feeling. I wondered why I don't do these things often.

I decided to stay there till sunrise. I closed my eyes and waited.
Finally, I could see a faint light in the east. Even though we hardly notice,
these things do happen. Like sunrise and stuff. I saw the sun rise. As he rose
I could see more and more buildings like ours. The breeze had got much
stronger. It was like sitting near the window seat of a bus that was
moving through some lonely road near a lush paddy field. I got that taste in
the air. I got the feel. It was like heaven had met earth.

In the cubicle, I congratulate someone when his program/script works.
There I was, all alone, on the terrace, when more important things were
happening and I had no one to congratulate. I wanted to cry "Thank you
God"."Thank you for giving me this beautiful world to live in." But... the
words wouldn't come out. I felt guilty. I knew very well that I would go back
in the cubicle once my emotions wore off.

"No" I said. "I am NOT going back there again." I ran down the stairs. I
wanted the glass that covers our reception to break and let some of this
air in. I rushed into my cubicle and got my bag and stuff. Running out, I
did not bother to sign the register. Strangely, my vehicle started with just
one kick. I rode my bike quite fast, just to feel the air on my face.

When I reached the road, I realized that I was late. Considering the
fact that I was in office since yesterday, I was really really late. The
world had moved on. People had spent another night with their families. Kids
had spent another day studying for exams. Old folks had spent another night
wondering when to dye their hair. Teenagers had spent another night
dreaming about their loved ones.

There I was, like a machine coming out of my office building. I saw
people taking their morning walks. Some of them jogging. Some of them standing
and talking. Some old aunties jogging and talking and laughing, all at the
same time. There were newspaper-boys, milk-vendors and what not.

I started feeling out of place. "Was I from another planet or
something?" I thought. I was dreaming I guess, a milk-vendor chap on his bicycle
nearly hit my bike. "Idiot" I said. Didn't he know I am going home after a
tough day? Didn't he know that I am tired, and do not have the energy for such
crap? "Wait a minute," I told myself. "Are you doing somebody a favor by
staying in the office so long?" "Will this world be a better place if
you do that?" "Do you have it in you to buy one meal for that milk-vendor's

YOU CAN'T!!! And that's the truth. You can't do anything except writing
pieces of code, which you regard as full of life for reasons known best
to you.

I broke into tears thinking about my own plight. I hated the fact that I
existed. Why was I going through this entire trauma? What was holding me
here? The money?. The passion to program?. The feeling that I would be
isolated if I didn't work?. I don't know. I am still searching for the

Then, suddenly out of nowhere, images of my family came into my mind. My
dad, who had taken care of the family since I remember him. In fact,
since I remember anything. My mom who would not have slept even a little bit,
since I have not reached home. And my brother, who doesn't actually show it,
but misses me when he doesn't see me. "I am not alone" I shouted. "I have
this beautiful world to live in, with beautiful people in it"

Friends, do go out sometimes. Share your life with the people you love
the most. Share your life with the nature. Share it with the wind. Share it
with the sun. Share it with the rain. Things much much more important than
programming is happening out there. But it won't come for you, you have
to go out and find it.


Lost my mobile on MG Road on saturday.
I was watching the movie terminal with
Anila when I realised I had lost it.
Searched the theatre and everywhere but
in vain.Came out of the movie half-way,
(it was really very good ...the first half).
Called up my number.....But the fucker
who found it had switched my mobile off.
Life sucks.
Somehow my mobile seems to have
taken its revenge on me......

Other than that , I bought a Canon A75 at GKVale.
It is a good camera, but a bit archaic considering
the fact that A80 and A95 are already in the market.
But super aagi ide....

I will install camera drivers
(i need a windows machine at office first!)
and post some photos :-)))


eyes wide shut

Don't know what to make of this one. I liked it, I didn't like it. I could relate to some of it from my life, I could relate to some of it from other stuff that I have read.

Its worth one watch.

Friday, September 24, 2004

solution to set theory question

Marvel at Richard Karp's creativity.....

The black box algorithm finds one set of subsets among the given set of subsets so that their union gives the main set and they are pairwise disjoint. Now, somehow we need to make sure that it returns a set of subsets whose size is K.

The solution is to add K new distinct elements to the main set (change the main set). Say the new elements are X1, X2, X3.....Xk. Add X1 to all the given M subsets and get new subsets. Add X2 to all the subsets and get another set of new subsets, and so get M*K new subsets. Now feed the changed main set and the new set of M*K subsets to the blackbox algorithm (just once).

You can verify this solution quite easily.

gmail invites beka ?

Ooof ... I think I have given more than 40 invites away,
but the invites seem to be coming.

So anyone wants gmail ?gd? kummi??
send me a mail to

handle = sudeeprg;
domain_name = sasken;
extension = com;

Thursday, September 23, 2004


Find partition of a set of size k ( rephrasing the problem :) )

blackbox ( given set, and a set of subsets ) -> gives back a partition if one
exists ( or null )

So your_function(given set, set of subsets , k )

generate all possible subsets of size k.. from ur set of subsets..
Eg: set has N elements, no: of subsets = M ,
generate C(M,K) sets of subsets, give this to the blackbox algorithm.
The 1st non-null value is your partition


i didnt get what you said.

The most important thing is the WAY you traverse
the backup_vector.

You have to traverse it column-wise.
If that is expensive i think we have to use some other method...

But a real tuff one.


I had tried the same approach, and it fails because your backup_vector might end up containing a lot of subsets, and replacing the blackbox parameters with a few of these sets from the backup_vector might degenerate into a combinatorial search problem; which is prohibitively expensive.

Teju's posting

Okay, i will also try :-)))
But i have not algorithmised the whole thing.

The signature of the BlackBox Algorithm is this,

subet_list BlackBox (SuperSet S, subset_list M)
So, the algo returns a subset_list such that the return value
satisfies the constraint mentioned.

Now, let us take an example.

Suppose the SuperSet S is as follows:-


and M contains subsets...

{1,2,3,4,5} {6,7,8,9} ---->(1)
{1,2,3} {4,5} {6,7} {8,9} ---->(2)
{1,2} {3,4,5} {6,7,8} {9} ----->(3)
{1,2,3,4,5} {6} {7,8,9} ------>(4)

There are other subsets too in M.
However, as far as BlackBox algorithm is concerned
we will concentrate on these subsets.

So the blackbox algorithm is however always returning
the subset_list labelled (1) in the code when ALL these
subsets are there.

So the trick is this...

Let k = 3.
Then we want the answer (4) to be displayed.

1. call BlackBox(S,M).If the algorithm returns NULL, then goto
step 6.

2. You get a subset_string M1 //in our case we got (1)

3. Check the number of sets in M1.If it is "k" then stop
and return success.

4. Otherwise store M1 in a backup vector backup_vector
This is a vector of subset_string

5. Goto step1.

6. The Blackbox algorithm returned NULL.
This may have two implications :-
6a) There is no subset_string with k-elements satisfying the constraint.
6b) There is a subset_string with k-elements however, it contains one or
more subsets which we subtracted during the looping process.
This implication is reached for the scenario , i have mentioned.
Wherein, the subset {1,2,3,4,5} got subtracted initially, but actually
it is neededfor k=3 scenario.

7. Traverse through the backup_vector and keep on adding it to
M and call the Blackbox algorithm.
The details of the traversal has to be explained using pen and paper
and i cant put it here :-)

ignore the prev posting

i got the question wrong...i was trying to design the black box algo...instead of using it...che..

sari yochise correct ans koduve

not very efficient

but will work very well for k=1 and 2..may be this can be improved..
the idea is to sort the subsets based on their size..use hashing..and resolve collision by using link list..
now instead of storing the actual the sum of its the prob reduces to finding k sums(sets) such that their sum is equal
to the sum of universal set..

Say the main set is {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9} and the 9 subsets given are
{1, 2, 3}{4, 5, 6}{7, 8, 9}
{1, 2, 3, 4, 5} {6, 7, 8, 9}
{1, 2, 3, 4}{5, 6, 7} {8}{9}

now grouping them based on their size
0 -> NULL -> 0
1 -> {8} {9} -> 8, 9
2 -> NULL -> 0
3 -> {1,2,3} {4,5,6} {7,8,9} {5,6,7} -> 6 , 15, 24, 18
4 -> {1,2,3,4} {6,7,8,9} -> 10, 30
5 -> {1,2,3,4,5} -> 15

the sum of the universal set is 45

now if k = 2, u take two indicies(i and j) , one for each chk for the sum of their sizes..this should be equal to size of the universal set..
if not change one index as reqd..this chk is nothing but chking i+j = |universal set|. After u have found correct values for i and j search for
values within those lists such that the sum of these values = sum of universal set.

in our example
i = 0 , j= 5
i+j=5 < 9 (size of univ set)
so make i = 4
now chk for values within these two lists
15 + 10 = 25 != 45
chk for next comb
15 + 30 = 45

if u store the values in the list in sorted order then u can apply the same logic of finding the indices to these lists as well...

this method of grouping subsets and then representing them by their sums will help cos of reduced num of comparisons...

now the main prob is to find out mCk combinations and exclude all combinations for which the sum of the selected k values != | univ set|
i leave this to the reader as exercise ;)

set theoretic question

A main set S and a good number of its subsets A1, A2......Am (m subsets) are given (the total number of subsets is exponential; not all of them are given, but a lot of them (m) are given).

There exists a blackbox algorithm that can take the main set S and the given 'm' subsets and return one combination of disjoint subsets (all pair-wise intersections are null), and whose union gives the main set S.

Say the main set is {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9} and the 9 subsets given are
{1, 2, 3}{4, 5, 6}{7, 8, 9}
{1, 2, 3, 4, 5} {6, 7, 8, 9}
{1, 2, 3, 4}{5, 6, 7} {8}{9}

Now we see that the black-box algorithm could return the first row of subsets ({1, 2, 3}{4, 5, 6}{7, 8, 9}) as the answer, the second row as the answer, or the third row as the answer. This is because all these three solutions satisfy the constraint: The returned answer should contain a combination so that they are pairwise disjoint and whose union gives the main set S.

Now, the problem is to somehow use this blackbox algorithm to return the combination of size K. From the above example, if K = 3, the first row should be returned, if K = 4, the last row should be returned.

So, the input to the problem is a set S, a few of its subsets, and a constant K. The output should be K of these subsets so that they are all mutually disjoint and whose union gives S. This problem can use the blackbox algorithm that gives any such solution (the black box doesnt have a clue of K). No combinatorial exhaustive searches allowed.

From my algorithms and complexity course.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004


since u hate make ..
y dont go for a tejumake ??
oops sorry .its sude who hates make ..

make ur linux sheel more easy..


mama..i have none..but i can suggest some methods to get ideas...
look at the tools that you use..did u find something lacking in a tool??
or some better way to do the samething..or u wish u had a tool to do
something(like configuring sendmail..hmmm)...make a list of such things..if u find anything worth putting effort..maadu..
if u r running out of time..and u are not able to get anything "cool"..u can always reimplement something and add your own feature..for this u can look at sourceforge or some such place.. yen ayithu??


My two cents

IMHO, Online mall hosting platform and Orkut like engine are my choices
among your ideas.....

Why ? Because, I have the least idea about :-
1)Real-world-event scheduler
2)Flat file join tool in perl (Richie, dont laugh)
3)Web crawler, scraper etc
4)Apache log analyzer.

And Blog Platform is about updating some file and later publishing as HTML.
The file format might be creepy.Here you may have sophisticated
parsing routines to check whether the user has entered a proper
html document or screwed up some tag in the middle etc..those kinda things...
(I am curious about how you will register
domain names....for eg. how will you register as a site inside
your main site.)

But consider Online Mall Hosting Platform & Orkut like engine.
->U can use apache for web server

->U can use xml and give an RSS/Atom link for mall hosting platform
to post "WHAT's NEW?" products.
(Btw, the link for this site's feed is

->U can change the requirement-specs 200000 times and use all the other
technologies you have mentioned....
But the challenge is to use filesystem at the back rather than Oracle or
SQL server..Thats when you gotta sit in front of your comp,
until your @SS becomes numb.

will try to get some ideas .....(if an idea flashes,that is)


We have to live and die on cliches

That was your say sometime ago.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

at the end of the day....

Sudeep resorts to cliches....

I need some help. I have this good-for-nothing software lab that is supposed to help us master the tricks of the trade. So far, I have mastered apache, linux shells, perl, make, php, latex, lex/yacc and xml. And now, to top it all, I need to implement something cooL (read project) in 4-6 weeeks with a partner.

Now, I am looking to maxmize grades, make no mistake. It would be a good icing on the cake if I could do something that would add some value to my resume. Even better, if it would really improve my technical skills to some extent.

I have come up with the following ideas....

- Blog platform
- Orkut like engine
- Real-world-event scheduler
- Flat file join tool in perl (Richie, dont laugh)
- Web crawler, scraper etc
- Online mall hosting platform.
- Apache log analyzer.

And thats the end of my ideas......people, please come up with a few ideas of your own and post it here, just post any TAs will get to decide if we can work on it or not....and the more ideas I come up with, the better are my chances of doing something that I like.....and I hate architecture/engineering kinda stuff, but I guess, I will have to go with all of it to get this one done....


At the end of the day,

if you have a model like this, I think everybody here will become photographers.

Then, the human race will have two genders

2)photographers(previously called "males").



okay ..naanu first josh alli camera togonde ..
but first yeradu trip aada mele josh hoytu .
yeah its a good idea to capture moments ..
i capture them in my heart :P:p
well i am too borred to clik clik and clik ..

reading/writing/movies are a good hobby too ..
well waiting for a day when WORK = HOBBY ..

barla .. sisyans

tata ..
dipression symptoms kanusta idhe ..:))
well barokke bida baradu ..

saw FRENCH kiss .. Well Meg Ryan rocks ..
Kill Bill -1 is too violent for a kid like me ..

peace ..

Not hobby


I dont have a camera at home...even dad doesnt ....
So i thot of buying one.
Ofcourse not professional photography....
Just snap everywhere...ashte

photography junkie

why? why? why? why is photography becoming the security blanket.

I already know around 10 of my friends who have either purchased good digital cameras, or SLRs, or in one case, a digital SLR. And everyone is busy getting some photography going. And do you know what else is common between all of them? They are all bored software engineers. And they are all shooting away pictures.

If you want to get into art, get into writing, or reading, or theatre, or music, or anything else, why turn into an expensive hobby like photography.....maybe every YASE has a lot of money to spend. If you don't know what a YASE is, you aren't yet another software engineer.

Click away my friends......have fun.......and if possible, get into fashion photography. At least that way, you know.....

Monday, September 20, 2004

Major photography freak

one of the inspirations to get a cam.


Actually I am planning to buy a digital camera so as to
populate this blog with some real pictures.
And also record the precious moments that happen everyday.

I dont intend to become a professional photographer,
but just snap away anything and everything to glory.

After all, a picture is worth 128K words(1 word = 2 bytes?).

So I just found out a very good site called
Since I am an illiterate as far as digital cameras are
concerned, experienced photographers say that Canon and Nikon
are the good cameras.

Found out the difference between Optical zoom and digital zoom.
Digital zoom is just replication of pixels whereas in optical
zoom, where are talking about the focal length of the camera lens.

One of the digi cams affordable(entry level) is Canon A80 it seems.
And the cost is around 25K.I need to check up on this.

Anybody here know any shops where we can buy original digi cams?

GDs lazing too

with movies, bought a cycle for myslef .. gymming a bit ..
hogging a lot of chalupas and veggie burgers .. its been a while I am out of chicken .. ( salaam bombay influence ) .. need to eat less and less .. but how no idea .. got kodbale and chakkli from India thats on the food front
on the work front not much .. on the fun front not much either ..
general TP ..

okies a word of advice for JAG ..if you are looking out for a PHD post PHD etc.. write AGRE ..
if MS and work and later to PHd your efforts ..

Theres a lot of difference on what you do and what you study, here too ..
U slog a lot during MS and u land in a crappy job...

okay saku kacchiddu ..

Okay next year CAT clear madle beku ..
I want to do consultancy ..give big ideas .. and I want to stay in Blore ..
blore rocks ppl .. do not make a mistake of leaving Blore ..will be there in Jan . ( thats what I want ) ..

barla namaskara

a similar blog

This is maintained by three Rhodes scholars; all somewhat interested in political science. Its done pretty well. We are five of us. All interested in computer science, money, rationality, beautiful women, and share some other intangible attitude thing, and we blog together....


Ganapathi festival in Mumbai is a phenomenon, I visited a few of the low-profile ones in a very low-profile area here, and they were absolutely mindblowing......huge, I mean, really huge, and done with so much care and finesse, and grandeur, that one has to see it to believe why Mumbai stands still on Ganesha day.

Academically, things are screwed up as usual. More quizzes, project proposals coming up, and I have become lazier than I ever was in my life, and now defaulting on default stuff as well......which should never happen......

was Utsav that good? I had some good food at my cousin's place yesterday, and filter coffee, mmmmmm, filter coffee is THE coffee......

On saturday, had been over to one of the page 3 sorts lounge bars in Lower Parel. It was absolutely page-3....very similar to what Paaps watches on FTV..... and most of the women I saw going in to the bar (did I forget to tell you folks that we weren't allowed inside cuz we, with horns) could've fit into any of the FTV "parties".

Had some great local "golas", chaat, the usual Bombay stuff and got back by foot-board full-rush local train at half past midnight.......Mumbai never sleeps......


configuring sendmail..i dont understand why do ppl make everything soooooooo complicated...
i mean to configure sendmail u have to change some m4 macros...and run make on that..come on man..i dont ask for an ui but atleast gimme a file with var=val kind of conf.. i will be happy...have been breaking my head over this stupid thing since morning..finally i have managed to send mails with in that sys(localhost)..guess i will call the sysadmin to do the rest...

actually..i am getting an abt writing a tool to do this configuration...richie why dont u try this..if interested, that is..


Sunday, September 19, 2004

souper sud

yesterday was fun... sud was in awesome form with his pjs, theories ,
and kumar with his trip to Nandi betta... and my usual algos..
the dude was disappointed coz i hadn't brought the pr0n cd that he wanted..
Prep for agre is going on & on.. Planning to take a few weeks off just before the
exams.. I have been reading comp arch. from Morris Mano, it's very good..
what's up with zeeds? when are u making a trip to blore.. ?
eg : of sud's pj.. the waiter drops something in utsav, and the geek asks 'server crashed? '


The LUNCH at jayanagr was Gooooooooooooooood
ANd we had some good puzzles and algos by jag while the food arrived.

Lemme remember the menu AND FORGET the algos:-)
Sweet Corn Soup => 3
Mushroom soup => 1 (Richie was the souper boy yesterday drinking two soups)
DELICIOUS gobi => 1 big plate
Shanghai Vegetables => 1 big plate


Green Peas Pulao
Biriyani with Raita.

Later me and Kummi rode on a flat tyre while we discussed abt
life and pondered about our futures ...and some other things
about Kummi too...What say S.Kumar ? ( S as in S-therko)

Okay not-so-busy day....
Very hazy goal and feelin' very lazy too...


Friday, September 17, 2004


the scene from bangalore to vasco (sept 2001) repeats.......this time in vikhroli (a suburb in bombay close to powai).....and it was fantastic......hic.......

got screwed in the probability mid-sem......and have the verifications one in three days time.....have to see where i am then......

makla......leave all debates.......lets talk about some fun.......whos doing what? or am i just wasting my time asking that question on this blog......someone.......anyone......

om listening to kishore kumar.......and music makes me float.......well, music too.....


Hey I just came to know that gmail can be mounted as a filesystem and it uses
GMAIL Filesystem and libgmail, a python library for gmail.

Check out these websites :-


However mkdir doesnt work.
More on this...I am trying to do this on my computer and I'll tell
you if something blows up


there is a lot more credibility in not licking ass,
it is very difficult being idealistic always...We are human.
Thats why another euphemism to ass licking can be "respecting age/experience"

The best thing we can do is being HONEST with our work...
I am honestly getting lazier....and I dunno y :-(

Coz in the end of the day proving ourself to somebody ( by somebody i mean the society)
cannot happen in a day.....It takes a whole lotta time maybe decades..Thats the truth....

Achievements, usually(=99% of the time) dont happen overnite...
The other 1% is a mixture of genius + luck (right thing at the right time)

In an organization, people respect whizkids only
after the whizkid's invention has brought royalty and money...
Once royalty happens , then it is cool.....
The whizkid can bring his creativity into light....
Unleash it etc...But we gotta keep trying.

But in research....the spirit of research is curiousity and to-know...

Just see a non descript email which was written by the
creator of linux(linus) in Usenet in 1991...
Hello everybody out there using minix -

I'm doing a (free) operating system (just a hobby, won't be big and
professional like gnu) for 386(486) AT clones. This has been brewing
since april, and is starting to get ready. I'd like any feedback on
things people like/dislike in minix, as my OS resembles it somewhat
(same physical layout of the file-system (due to practical reasons)
among other things).

I've currently ported bash(1.08) and gcc(1.40), and things seem to work.
This implies that I'll get something practical within a few months, and
I'd like to know what features most people would want. Any suggestions
are welcome, but I won't promise I'll implement them :-)

Linus (

PS. Yes - it's free of any minix code, and it has a multi-threaded fs.
It is NOT protable (uses 386 task switching etc), and it probably never
will support anything other than AT-harddisks, as that's all I have :-(.


Thursday, September 16, 2004


self respect, swaabhimana, chala, ego.....ivella yelli?? where did they all disappear? I agree on correct mails, politically correct that is, and mis-communication, communication etc....but lick-ass ???

you gotta kick-ass maga......don't you feel that the whole communication based management theories that people with a little bit of power shell out to folks under them is all based on lack of talentz....or maybe lack of great be precise.......or maybe money, I am not sure.....

would anyone question Richie? (DMR, I mean, not Jag :)) .... maybe if he said "screw yourself" to some head honcho in some Fortune 10 company, it might matter......but would they get offended about his using pronouns? or would they rather look for some meaning in what he is trying to say before branding him "lacks communication skills".......

point is....its all about talentz.....and skillz....and about developing yourself so that what you can do, not many can do.......if there are many who can do what I can......what good am I???...... I would have to resort to communication skills to stay afloat......

have probablity and statistics mid-sem exams in 30 minutes.....have to do some last minute random preperations......if what I prepare now comes by chance...... :))))

Good Will Hunting

is a good suggestion for Kummis problem ..
life alli yelladruallu yellaru pantralla ..
( teju , richie might disagree .. )
and yaaru waste alla .. compsci is not the only talent .. ant istottige
gottagira beku yellargu andkondiddini .. u learn it form infy ..
u shud be politically good, i shud have studied polictical science .. and joined infy.. need to ass lick well ..
write mails which are so stupid .. there shud be no room for deduction or inference ..

GD - mails xxx abt a program
xxx replies GD abt the same program
GD again replies to xxx..
this time istead of saying out the program name i use 'this program' ..

and ............... tan..ta...dan ..

it becomes a 'mis-communication from onsite' , which results in 'effort loss' and will 'impacts deadlines' which inturns results in 'losing customer credibility' and now we have to 'work hard' to make it up.. probalby i wud hve 'written communication skills' as my next training ..:))

this was a month ago ..

write dumb mails use superlative adjectives, then have lotsa thanks, please, kind, appreciate, never use conjunctions and never ever use PRONOUNS.


The pscychiatrist

First things first....
The intelligent guy should forget that he is intelligent.
He should accept treatment and he should give up
okay, so he will try to cure me attitude and follow mutely what the psychologist does.

Kummi :- See Good Will Hunting.


not in

gr8 mood..feeling bad abt couple of things...nothing seems to be going right..but then..if everything is fun in life..or so say some nuts...
anyways there is nothing i can do abt will try to forget that..
was thinking abt this hypothitical situation a counsellor/psychiatrist may face..consider this..u are a counsellor.. an "intelligent" person approaches u with some prob...he has come on his own.. meaning he knows he has a prob..let us say some mental block abt u have to help him come out of this..the prob here is that he knows he has a prob...and he also knows that u r going to convince he will not get convinced..and he is going to feel that what ever you say is just to convince him and it is not real..which may worsen his how will u handle this??


Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Pulp Fiction

is very stylised movie...

I loved it because I watched it with sub-titles.
Yeah the songs and the background music also are
very circumstantial.

The movie makes sense if you see the whole movie.
The best part is trying to get the events chronologically.

I basically loved the hillarious dialogues after
watching three times....

But Teju is having a great time !
wow mannn! amazing....

I think I am gonna bring a CD burner to Bombay when I come there...
I plan to go to Mumbai in December vacation

More on this later....

By the way,

Where is kummi and richie_jag

We will meet this weekend betans what say ?

my curr fav shoka geethe

ye bataa de muje jindagee
pyaar kee raah ke humasafar, kis tarah ban gaye ajanabee
ye bataa de muje jindagee
fool kyo saare murajaa gaye, kis liye buj gayee chandhani

kal jo baahon mein thee, aaur nigaahon mein thee
ab wo gamree kahaa kho gayee
naa wo andaaz hai, naa wo aawaaz hai
ab wo namree kahaa kho gayee

bewafaa tum nahee, bewafaa hum nahee
fir wo jazbaat kyo so gaye
pyaar tum ko bhee hai, pyaar hum ko bhee hai
faasale fir ye kyo ho gaye

there are a lot of spelling mistakes in this..but this is the best one i could find on the net..listen to it..its from "saath saath"..and sung by jagjit singh and chitra singh.. pity chitra doesnt sing now..


pulp fiction sucks....

Saw the movie till Vincent and Mia come back to Mia's apartment and he is in the loo....and she is dancing.....and I am f*ckin bored......this movie sucks.....How did it ever make it to IMDB top 20....and more so, Sudeep's top 5 ?!?!?!??!

missing the movie mania

just watched spartan and miracle .
dint like spartan much...damn ..i have given up recognising val kilmer... :D
doors, batman, top gun , saint.. he has too many faces .. f**k him ..

miracle is good.. inspriing.. as compared to any hollywood flick ..
but good to c its nothing abt war ..vietnam.. gulf .. korea.. though there is russia involved its on a different platform gives u a feel .... ppl mgmt is so very importatn..move over from computers ..
and there is 'dream on' from aerosmith atlast .. too good ..

am in trng now ..there is no real value add ..
had a lousy party yday, lousy as in, events and arguments ..( infy has answers for ODA salary cut )

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Kutchax mooood

I just now lost the purpose of what I am gonna do today.
SO i have decided I have to get the purpose back
and start working.But it is not gonna be easy.
It is a long day and If you donno what next....well gaawd help ya.

It is 10:45 and it is really boring
after a heavy coding workout yesterday at the office.

So i was just trying to amuse myself with some new downloads
I can get over the net.Firefox the newer version is released
along with thunderbird and all the nerdy people are very excited.
They have a reason 2 B excited.Let me tell you IE is nowhere
near Firefox the newer version.And "sage" ( the
RSS reader rocks! Never knew RSS was so cooL.Especially for
sites that try to give news like rediff and indiatimes.
Seriously guys, try it out...My personal recommendation.
RSS is just too much...Just text and nothing else...Real quick browsing.

Firefox is slim and fast and a no nonsense browser and it is free.

And the chaps who wrote have kept the source code with almost
all the documentation.So I am happy that because HUMANITY is improving.
Everything is gonna be FRREEEEE.

You have the freedom to speech,freedom to see the code ,
freedom to make changes to the code ,
freedom to f*rt loudly during a conference call ,
freedom to listen and download music , freedom to eat apples,
and freedom to peep anything from anywhere and so on.

I am thinking of starting an organisation like GNU which aims on
given FREE DOWNLOADABLE, LEGAL music to people.Especially upcoming
bands will love it.Just give 1 or 2 free songs on the net from an
album.And Mind you by free i mean Free as in freedom not free as in free beer.

I am a little confused over here about freedom but I think as
human generations improve we will not become scientfic,
we will become spiritual!

God is the guide to madness and your rotten brain and
your putrid thoughts and everything else.

Yawwn bye guys miss you all...
I saw taxi driver the movie...It is very artsy....
But direction is spectacular and the plot is convoluted.

Other than that , nothing else...

kill bill

Saw volume 1 and 2 back to back and you ain't kidding baby, that movie and I had unfinished business alright. Tarantino makes movies for those who have watched tens of thousands of movies - or so someone said. I agree first QT movie confirms that memorable quote of yours.....

Next on my list.....already on my hard-disk....

- One flew over the cuckoo's nest
- Pulp Fiction
- Seven Samurai
- Dead Man Walking
- Rear Window
- North by Nothwest

can't find Usual Suspects, Amelie and Leon here on the network....very surprising....Btw, I am done with

- Indiana Jones trilogy
- Kill Bill Volumes

and quite a few more.....

Moviefest continues at IIT bombay.......and mid-sem exams are going on in-between.....and coming to that, got screwed in Algorithms, and will surely get screwed in not working on any of my seminar or other stuff......haven't paid my mess bill.....have two library books with me that are already a week overdue.....haven't submitted my bank details to the TA office.....have no clean clothes to wear.....

on the good side, I have been going to Hiranandani every day for the last three days....bought Lolita.....havent eaten in the mess for the last 3 days......feeling totally good about myself.....whistling the Indiana Jones theme......a la Akshai RS.

- Dadiya


thanks for the warning ..
what if i ahd got burn scars on my bum ..
oh my godd .. a huge risks ..

matte innen samachara .?? show girls borr aagolva ?? ;-)


My makefile is working !!!!!
Yo man !! I am happy.....


Monday, September 13, 2004

Las Vegas!


Las vegas ge hogi show girls na nodu andre ,
jolly jolly magic show nodakke hodyallo chappars of india....
Child ...technicallly neenu paapu....

Illi bangalore ge baa...Townhall nalli PC Sorcar magic show ide...
Nan cousin prateek jote ide...

Anyways great!
Send or Upload photos of Las Vegas!
Whats the problem!!!


This guy is cool but sometimes he causes accidents.
I heard that in some TV show he was performing a trick,
and there was some accident on the stage and his trousers
caught fire ....So he carries a scar on his bum.
This is unconfirmed...I forgot some O'Connor's TV Show
It comes on AXN ....

If I were there , I wud have asked him that....but then
you never know....kantri nan maga ...dangerous

So next time when he calls you on the stage,
BE CAREFUL!!! :-)))

Friday, September 10, 2004

la vegas

was into vegas city .. like an ordinary tourist the innumerable ..
and i have taken a oath.. 'to be back' .. terminator types ..
vegas part 2 .. shud be as good and better as, terminator 2 compared to its sequel .. alli tanka grand canyon explore madona anta ..

samsara ..

btw been to david copperfield show.. i was on stage with david copperfield for an act .. ( in short .. was made a bakhra ..:)) ) .
he is amazing ..uses a lot of science ..dont have an answer for so many of his moves .. very difficult ..
great entertainer .. great sense of humor ..

the last act ..13 ppl vanish from the stage .. and appear behind the hall with in < 10 seconds .. one of the desi girls was part of it ..asked her.. she was there till the second she heard 'vanish' .. so the whole transition took in 10 seconds max .. 13 ppl .. 30-50 mts distance ..and < 10 s .. i know 100 mts record is 9.78 ..

chappar nanna maga david copperfield .. andkonde..
matte sigona ..
cia ..

Thursday, September 09, 2004


From now on , I have decided I will have the cowboy attitiude

I am an @$$

I just realized that it is simply irresistable for members of opp. sex!
You will have women lining up naked in front of your cubicle naked,
with a rose between their teeth.

So what exactly is the cowboy attitude?Let's look into that.

1) EGO.Impenetrable ego.Ego generally means "dont talk".
Give up your "sense of humor" attitude.
Let's leave humor to Dingri Nagaraj and Tennis Krishna.

2) Inexhaustible cigars.

3) Laconic.If somebody asks you anything irrelevant,
blow his nuts off with your AK47.If he asks something
relevant just say "yep" or "nope".

4) Entry into the office.This is very important.How you enter
into the office should be like HAYWARDS 5000 ad.Everybody knows
that the cowboy is here but nobody says "hello! good morning!".
If you say that the style screws up.
You should shoot darts into the concentric circles of
bulls-eye EXACTLY into the center.Everybody will be surprised.
Even OLYMPIC silver medalist Major.i_dunno_his_name should be surprised.

5) When you talk women should gasp.AUDIBLE 100dB gasps.
Just like a post-orgasm gasp.

6) Then do something unpredictable.Start dancing like Prabhudeva in Kaadalan or
just keep shooting all the inferiors on this planet.

But first things first. GROW a BEARD.
Ban gillete and after shave lotion.Infact you can put aftershave lotion on your beard.
Ofcourse after you drink curds or energy drinks like Maltova the milk sticks on the beard,
but then who cares...WIPE IT OFF!

Most of the famous men are bearded....

Remember :- Jesus , Aurobindo, Richard Stallman , Lincoln , Guru Nanak,
Sri Sri Ravishankar , Stanley Kubrick , Steven Spielberg , James Cameron ,
Osama , Tagore , Raghavendra Swamiji , Da Vinci , The caveman who invented the wheel....

I am grwoing a beard.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

make what?

How can make be difficult... or irritating......with its quirky tab rules, with its really really almost cryptically short syntax, with its awesome error messages, its the best thing to use in this world.....and somewhere, people keep claiming that it makes your life easy.......what say you Papanna? are you doing good with make?

Btw, its not that hard to work with make, you just need to get used to with everything else in the UNIX world....can you guys believe that I have been working on a LINUX desktop for more than a month now, and I dont loathe it as much as I used to at Yahoo!.

Speaking of Yahoo!, S & S are getting married this Sunday, in Ganjam Mantapa of all the places.....Am feeling quite sad and nostalgic about it all......Of all the people, I got to know both of them, worked at Yahoo!, got deeply deeply involved with you-know-who etc etc.....feelings galore.......anyways, samsara andmele....ond nenapu baratte, ond nenapu hogatte....... It seems incredibly strange that lives have indeed changed, of all of us.......since dec-2001....and we all have grown a little more, explored a little more and done a little more in life......for better or for feels feels bad....... I wonder what might have happened if things hadn't changed so drastically back then.....


The Web isnt complete

without a search engine like GOOGLE.
We can DEBUG errors using google...
God bless Larry Page and the russian guy

Tuesday, September 07, 2004



Monkeys are funny because they are not humans.
If they were humans, then they would not be so
funny because humans write GNUMakefiles.
I have become NUMB because of this makefile.....
I hate makefiles...and I am in NO MOOD
to repair this dumb shitty error
makefiles are a BLOODY @$#@%^#%^@76@$%^$%^@$#%^4%^

I get some senseless error messages ugh!

Rejecting impossible implicit prerequisite `../../../build/share/makefiles/kvm/VM.gmk.s'.

The very word Reject has sent me into feelings........
I hate the word reject....But somehow it always follows me....
Girls rejecting,applications getting rejected...

Check this one out.....I had a good laugh.....

Monday, September 06, 2004

Looks like

it is countable , however not countably infinite.

Because if x is the cardinality of a countably infinte set,
methinks that x^2 is the cardinality of richie's set.
However as x->INFINITY we say that x =x^2 then we have
that richie's set is countably infinite.

PS :- I was totally "d-uh???" abt countably infinite sets.
I googled up the defn. of countably infinite and I am
barking based on this site.....
bye guys....
Lotta wrk 2B done.

liu rules

took a sample agre paper, got about 40 out of 80 questions rt..
will take teju's advise , and read up a bit more on graphs/trees...
try this question out : set of pairs of natural no: countably infinite or uncountably
puliyogare is good for health '.'
zeeds.. got the same admonishment, that my people skills aren't good :(
nija bere.. so eega back to bhagavatham, vedanta, mathematical essays, liu..
-tom recluse


as always...abt life in gen..
donno where am i headed...but does that matter??thinking abt that would lead to another will avoid that..but isnt this escapism??hmmm... will skip that too ...

ivathu oorige yella raja...blore ali iro cuddle up and read some nice novel..and have some hot, good food(habbadha oota)..but tragedy..nanage raja illa...

last week presentation kodalila..i wasnt totaly adhana postpone madisidhe... eega adhu bare idhe...aiyoooo..

Sunday, September 05, 2004


Kurt Cobain T-Shirt rocks mannn...
still trying to find out where the hell in
bangalore it is available....

Anyway had a laidback weekend(sunday).
It's raining like hell in bangalore.
The roads have been exposed and all the sharp stones
which are the "skeleton" of bangalore roads are back on the surface again.
They can puncture any CEAT's STEEL RADIAL or even steel tyres.
Nobody wants to drive a car with 4 flat tyres.
So all our great drivers are "extra" careful....
The best part abt our drivers is that every1 (including myself)
thinks that he is the best driver.EVERYONE IS ABOVE AVERAGE DRIVER.
You can ask anybody...he'll tell that he is a good driver.
Even the guy who is learning with a big L-Board on his car is
convinced BEYOND DOUBT that he is a SUPERIOR driver.
Forget the godammn drivers....They'll drive me crazy.

As usual, I was contemplating abt life and future.
But then I saw a movie which maybe every1 has
seen before....."MunnaBhai MBBS".
Want to write a review on it ....
However I have to write a godammn GNUMakefile and all that.
I am really bad in writing makefiles.

Other than that life is full of lousy weekends...and good work.
Bye guys....lotta work 2B done :-(

Saturday, September 04, 2004


Got the Kurt Cobain face t-shirt Papanna, remember the days when you were looking for this one in National Market....well, if not anything else, it gets people to stare at me.....and wonder who the guy on/in the t-shirt is...

bowled some ten-pin, got a few bedsheets, bunked probability, submitted a gnu-make assignment, finally have made NP-completeness official reading material (hehe, Richie and Kummi, lopers)........watched finding nemo, philadelphia, bowling for columbine, forrest gump, a few more misc. episodes of FRIENDS, have started cracking really poor PJs here, have let down the GD-Teju diet..... (and you, lkb? you still going low-carbo?).......

aste.....things are going on......mid-sem exams next week.....

Paapanna, I am sure Richie will also tell you; I can vouch for it, think a couple of hundred times about it.........puliyogare is not that good for don't see the Richie connection??? :-)))

lkb GD.....yenla, communication skills unkodide.... yen kathe? you are developing all the right managerial skills......good for one should be: how to comb your hair into two points....... :-))).....saili bidu moms......dont let small things make you go into introspective moods......aint worth it......ask Sudeep, he knows (about) this theory......



I am back from madurai after attending a wedding !

2 days of banyan-leaf lunch has brought more VIVE and
interest in my food habits....

Superior food and great appetite....Aha! Relished everything.
I surprised myself and ate like a mad STRAY DOG

It was an Iyengar's wedding.....
The female population of the puliyogare clan amazed me.
They were really good.
They had this "dont mess with me" tag :-(
Actually I wanted to mess with them but..........sumne yaake?

Due to my super-duper footwear (aloha hawai chappals),I preferred to observe...
They have a "swing" custom.
I observed that the guy and the gal are seated on a swing and
they start oscillating while the maamis sing songs.
Also the angle of the swing theta ,is directly proportional to
the guy's/gal's enthu and inversely proportional to
the feeling "Please lemme get off this swing...what i am doing swinging here"

Finally I drunk CHILLED BADAM MILK after a long time and gave my
blessings and came home today morn (saturday morn)....

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

mixed feelings

day started terribly at office .. someone accused me of not communicating properly .. so whole morning went on thinking i dont fit into this organisation .. i really dont fit in here .
but i need to spend so many days/months in this i made up my mind prove somethign owrk beyond limits etc etc ..
by afternoon the team at onsite were pretty supportive to me ..
so that eased of a lil thinking ...
now its evening am damn damn cool ..
found a solution to a problem ( rather copied andkolli ):))

need to concentrate on CAT next year ... clear aagale beku sink aagle beku .
papanna get ready to get ready ..hhahah

well richie ..hyd is really surprisng good for u .. and us too ..we have a reson to go to hyd ;-)

kummi.. eega gottayta what to confs, ppts and meetings do to a person anta ..
enjoyyy hahahha


richie has frnds in hyd!!! and he actually goes to hyd to meet them!!!!!!! prapanchadhali yen naditha idhe antha???

i was reading a book by r.k.narayan salt & sawdust has a (new??) concept called table talk..its kinda blogging in book..he writes short essays abt anything and (almost)everything... maja banthu..

adhu bitu jeevana thumbha neerasa vagi naditha idhe...(richie ..ratri walk ali 'neerasa' andre yenu antha heLuve) to give a presentation on autconf and associated tools..and i hate to do that..cos i know ppl will be as bored as i wld be if i was made to sit in such presentation...but yen madake agathe..samsara...will get back preparing slides..