Thursday, September 30, 2004

Rs 1.5 cr gold crown for Lord Venkateswara

can you imagine this ./??? in a country where atleast 10 times the mentioned figure do not have anything to eat / drink / stay ..
we give the dieties such richness .. Well God is lucky isnt he ??

Dont the seers have anything better to do ??????????
I hate the concept of religion due to stupidity like this.. and more stupidities like jehad, fatwas ...

religion doesnt care about humanity ..

I am pissed off big timeeeeeee .......
Well so many religions do not have idol worshipping .. thank God ( did i say god .. 25 years am living with him ) they would spend only on buildings ..

chalo guys ..

signing off in uppi style ..- I am God, God is Great. ..
God help these morons in the world ..You do not need GOLD . DO u ??

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