Wednesday, September 01, 2004

mixed feelings

day started terribly at office .. someone accused me of not communicating properly .. so whole morning went on thinking i dont fit into this organisation .. i really dont fit in here .
but i need to spend so many days/months in this i made up my mind prove somethign owrk beyond limits etc etc ..
by afternoon the team at onsite were pretty supportive to me ..
so that eased of a lil thinking ...
now its evening am damn damn cool ..
found a solution to a problem ( rather copied andkolli ):))

need to concentrate on CAT next year ... clear aagale beku sink aagle beku .
papanna get ready to get ready ..hhahah

well richie ..hyd is really surprisng good for u .. and us too ..we have a reson to go to hyd ;-)

kummi.. eega gottayta what to confs, ppts and meetings do to a person anta ..
enjoyyy hahahha

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