Monday, September 13, 2004

Las Vegas!


Las vegas ge hogi show girls na nodu andre ,
jolly jolly magic show nodakke hodyallo chappars of india....
Child ...technicallly neenu paapu....

Illi bangalore ge baa...Townhall nalli PC Sorcar magic show ide...
Nan cousin prateek jote ide...

Anyways great!
Send or Upload photos of Las Vegas!
Whats the problem!!!


This guy is cool but sometimes he causes accidents.
I heard that in some TV show he was performing a trick,
and there was some accident on the stage and his trousers
caught fire ....So he carries a scar on his bum.
This is unconfirmed...I forgot some O'Connor's TV Show
It comes on AXN ....

If I were there , I wud have asked him that....but then
you never know....kantri nan maga ...dangerous

So next time when he calls you on the stage,
BE CAREFUL!!! :-)))

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