Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Kutchax mooood

I just now lost the purpose of what I am gonna do today.
SO i have decided I have to get the purpose back
and start working.But it is not gonna be easy.
It is a long day and If you donno what next....well gaawd help ya.

It is 10:45 and it is really boring
after a heavy coding workout yesterday at the office.

So i was just trying to amuse myself with some new downloads
I can get over the net.Firefox the newer version is released
along with thunderbird and all the nerdy people are very excited.
They have a reason 2 B excited.Let me tell you IE is nowhere
near Firefox the newer version.And "sage" (http://mozdev.org/sage) the
RSS reader rocks! Never knew RSS was so cooL.Especially for
sites that try to give news like rediff and indiatimes.
Seriously guys, try it out...My personal recommendation.
RSS is just too much...Just text and nothing else...Real quick browsing.

Firefox is slim and fast and a no nonsense browser and it is free.

And the chaps who wrote have kept the source code with almost
all the documentation.So I am happy that because HUMANITY is improving.
Everything is gonna be FRREEEEE.

You have the freedom to speech,freedom to see the code ,
freedom to make changes to the code ,
freedom to f*rt loudly during a conference call ,
freedom to listen and download music , freedom to eat apples,
and freedom to peep anything from anywhere and so on.

I am thinking of starting an organisation like GNU which aims on
given FREE DOWNLOADABLE, LEGAL music to people.Especially upcoming
bands will love it.Just give 1 or 2 free songs on the net from an
album.And Mind you by free i mean Free as in freedom not free as in free beer.

I am a little confused over here about freedom but I think as
human generations improve we will not become scientfic,
we will become spiritual!

God is the guide to madness and your rotten brain and
your putrid thoughts and everything else.

Yawwn bye guys miss you all...
I saw taxi driver the movie...It is very artsy....
But direction is spectacular and the plot is convoluted.

Other than that , nothing else...

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