Monday, September 27, 2004

yes yase.....yes indeed....

If it weren't for your brother, it could've been you could've been you. And you are a damn good writer. Wasted as a software engineer of course. And I am missing your scripts. People have changed, some of us in the US, some of us in India and !Bangalore (had to rub this bit of tech. notation), some of us are in different companies, some of us have seen relationships take different hues, and some of us, have done nothing.....maybe they have learnt some more Perl. But the point is, people have changed and that calls for a script. Do write one, please.

Richie, the whole idea behind this problem was to prove that the the blackbox algorithm is NP-Complete. And I was trying to prove that if you could solve the blackbox in polynomial time, you could solve the K-blackbox in polynomial time (my puzzle was to find this specific transformation), and the K-blackbox polynomial time eventually helps in solving Vertex Cover in polynomial time. And VC is known to be NP-complete. And so, the blackbox problem is NP-complete.

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