Tuesday, September 28, 2004


japanese MANGA?
The name is very funny.
(this is ONLY for Richie)
manga means monkey :-)

I used to enjoy Japanese Hentai.Hentai is japanese cartoon p0rn.
But I soon realised that there is more to life than Hentai ,
so i didnt pursue my interests as far as Hentai was concerned.

I tried watching p0rn after a gap of 10 months.
It hasnt changed at all :-(.It yucked.
So I watched a program on the Piaroa tribe of the Amazon River
who hunt the Giant Tarantula spiders.Man! Amazon forests are something
beyond description.The rain and the greenery-Unbelievable.
I am sure the nights there are going to be terrible.Crickets
creaking away to glory..........
The tarantulas are as big as lemons and their legs are pretty big.
They shoot hairs at their target which can itch and cause pain.
These people get the female pregnant tarantulas and open the
arachnid's abdomen and make an omlette out of the 3000 odd eggs
and make fire using caveman techniques and eat it.

Another interesting tribals are these guys.
These guys dont know how to count....I dont know if it is a biscuit
or something.


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