Wednesday, September 15, 2004

my curr fav shoka geethe

ye bataa de muje jindagee
pyaar kee raah ke humasafar, kis tarah ban gaye ajanabee
ye bataa de muje jindagee
fool kyo saare murajaa gaye, kis liye buj gayee chandhani

kal jo baahon mein thee, aaur nigaahon mein thee
ab wo gamree kahaa kho gayee
naa wo andaaz hai, naa wo aawaaz hai
ab wo namree kahaa kho gayee

bewafaa tum nahee, bewafaa hum nahee
fir wo jazbaat kyo so gaye
pyaar tum ko bhee hai, pyaar hum ko bhee hai
faasale fir ye kyo ho gaye

there are a lot of spelling mistakes in this..but this is the best one i could find on the net..listen to it..its from "saath saath"..and sung by jagjit singh and chitra singh.. pity chitra doesnt sing now..


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