Wednesday, September 01, 2004


richie has frnds in hyd!!! and he actually goes to hyd to meet them!!!!!!! prapanchadhali yen naditha idhe antha???

i was reading a book by r.k.narayan salt & sawdust has a (new??) concept called table talk..its kinda blogging in book..he writes short essays abt anything and (almost)everything... maja banthu..

adhu bitu jeevana thumbha neerasa vagi naditha idhe...(richie ..ratri walk ali 'neerasa' andre yenu antha heLuve) to give a presentation on autconf and associated tools..and i hate to do that..cos i know ppl will be as bored as i wld be if i was made to sit in such presentation...but yen madake agathe..samsara...will get back preparing slides..


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