Thursday, September 09, 2004


From now on , I have decided I will have the cowboy attitiude

I am an @$$

I just realized that it is simply irresistable for members of opp. sex!
You will have women lining up naked in front of your cubicle naked,
with a rose between their teeth.

So what exactly is the cowboy attitude?Let's look into that.

1) EGO.Impenetrable ego.Ego generally means "dont talk".
Give up your "sense of humor" attitude.
Let's leave humor to Dingri Nagaraj and Tennis Krishna.

2) Inexhaustible cigars.

3) Laconic.If somebody asks you anything irrelevant,
blow his nuts off with your AK47.If he asks something
relevant just say "yep" or "nope".

4) Entry into the office.This is very important.How you enter
into the office should be like HAYWARDS 5000 ad.Everybody knows
that the cowboy is here but nobody says "hello! good morning!".
If you say that the style screws up.
You should shoot darts into the concentric circles of
bulls-eye EXACTLY into the center.Everybody will be surprised.
Even OLYMPIC silver medalist Major.i_dunno_his_name should be surprised.

5) When you talk women should gasp.AUDIBLE 100dB gasps.
Just like a post-orgasm gasp.

6) Then do something unpredictable.Start dancing like Prabhudeva in Kaadalan or
just keep shooting all the inferiors on this planet.

But first things first. GROW a BEARD.
Ban gillete and after shave lotion.Infact you can put aftershave lotion on your beard.
Ofcourse after you drink curds or energy drinks like Maltova the milk sticks on the beard,
but then who cares...WIPE IT OFF!

Most of the famous men are bearded....

Remember :- Jesus , Aurobindo, Richard Stallman , Lincoln , Guru Nanak,
Sri Sri Ravishankar , Stanley Kubrick , Steven Spielberg , James Cameron ,
Osama , Tagore , Raghavendra Swamiji , Da Vinci , The caveman who invented the wheel....

I am grwoing a beard.

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