Monday, September 20, 2004


Actually I am planning to buy a digital camera so as to
populate this blog with some real pictures.
And also record the precious moments that happen everyday.

I dont intend to become a professional photographer,
but just snap away anything and everything to glory.

After all, a picture is worth 128K words(1 word = 2 bytes?).

So I just found out a very good site called
Since I am an illiterate as far as digital cameras are
concerned, experienced photographers say that Canon and Nikon
are the good cameras.

Found out the difference between Optical zoom and digital zoom.
Digital zoom is just replication of pixels whereas in optical
zoom, where are talking about the focal length of the camera lens.

One of the digi cams affordable(entry level) is Canon A80 it seems.
And the cost is around 25K.I need to check up on this.

Anybody here know any shops where we can buy original digi cams?

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