Thursday, September 16, 2004

not in

gr8 mood..feeling bad abt couple of things...nothing seems to be going right..but then..if everything is fun in life..or so say some nuts...
anyways there is nothing i can do abt will try to forget that..
was thinking abt this hypothitical situation a counsellor/psychiatrist may face..consider this..u are a counsellor.. an "intelligent" person approaches u with some prob...he has come on his own.. meaning he knows he has a prob..let us say some mental block abt u have to help him come out of this..the prob here is that he knows he has a prob...and he also knows that u r going to convince he will not get convinced..and he is going to feel that what ever you say is just to convince him and it is not real..which may worsen his how will u handle this??


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