Thursday, September 30, 2004

I am scarily convinced....

The future for software engineers is bleak...
The future of software engineering is FREE software.

FREE's evrywhere.....
Right from a graphics card driver to a display system....
Right from an operating system to a 3D game....
Everything is downloadable....
There is no trouble...

The dotcoms are replaced by dotorgs...
We live in a world where everybody is given solutions
to the other guy.This is gonna be history.
No more business solutions.
Only web communities and web forums.

I dunno where exactly money will go ...Who will get money
May be support (technical support) is gonna stay and some
Mainframes....Because we live in a free world.Unfortunately
ONLY software is free.

Speaking of solutions, Bangaloreans have given an entirely new
dimension to the word solution.
I saw these solutions today while driving to office:-

Vinayaka Transport solutions
These guys offer transport solutions to the guys who offer business solutions.

Lakshmi Beverage solutions
These guys offer beverage solutions to the guys who offer business solutions.

And soon we will have grocery solutions, underwear and bra solutions,
spiritual consultancies, fresh vegetable quality metrics (CMM certified),
and Bhel Puri solutions in Bangalore.By the way, I have stopped eating Bhel
puri because of depression and all the other things in the world.
It's been two months and I have proved myself that even I have willpower.

Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur with his company name ending with
the string "solution".
My current advice to that entrepreneur :-

Who's gonna buy your godammn solution when you have
have hackers writing everything conceivable and putting it up on
their websites?

So I am thinking what is the next best thing to do.
Software solutions will go down the frothy drain like an
old smelly solution from a retarded chemist's lab.

There is no second thought about it.

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