Thursday, September 16, 2004

Good Will Hunting

is a good suggestion for Kummis problem ..
life alli yelladruallu yellaru pantralla ..
( teju , richie might disagree .. )
and yaaru waste alla .. compsci is not the only talent .. ant istottige
gottagira beku yellargu andkondiddini .. u learn it form infy ..
u shud be politically good, i shud have studied polictical science .. and joined infy.. need to ass lick well ..
write mails which are so stupid .. there shud be no room for deduction or inference ..

GD - mails xxx abt a program
xxx replies GD abt the same program
GD again replies to xxx..
this time istead of saying out the program name i use 'this program' ..

and ............... tan..ta...dan ..

it becomes a 'mis-communication from onsite' , which results in 'effort loss' and will 'impacts deadlines' which inturns results in 'losing customer credibility' and now we have to 'work hard' to make it up.. probalby i wud hve 'written communication skills' as my next training ..:))

this was a month ago ..

write dumb mails use superlative adjectives, then have lotsa thanks, please, kind, appreciate, never use conjunctions and never ever use PRONOUNS.


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